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  • 10/23/14--16:16: Re: New Sniper rifles
  • Here are the Sniper Rifles, not sure why you couldn't mention the names-



      • Lynx- Most Likely Semi-Auto- The Lynx, or GM6 as referred to within the game files, is a high-power, bullpup sniper rifle that appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts and Advanced Warfare. It is used in the Helo Scout pointstreak in Ghosts.
      • MORS- "Bolt action railgun. Best in class handling.". The MORS is a single-shot sniper rifle with an extremely powerful round, capable of taking down an enemy in one shot. Despite its nature, the MORS is capable of a high fire rate, making for a somewhat efficient weapon in close quarters.
      • NA-45- No info on this that I could find.
      • Atlas 20mm- No Info yet

    The stand wouldn't make it Bolt Action (Single shot) or Semi-Automatic.

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    Love to join you guys, looks like an amazing clan.

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    I've found it a little frustrating when the game looks at my stats, decides to fill the other team with full parties of camp for streaks type players, and gives me donuts for teammates. Even when the other team has players with lower stats, I still often get 35-45 TDM kill games and still lose - expecting my teammates to get 6 or 7 kills each isn't asking for much is it? That's the most frustrating part; having to do the work of 4+ players and still getting no W.


    But players with worse stats getting some sort of damage power up to help them win? Nah, it's never happened. Death streaks were bad enough; fortunately it's never gone further than that lol

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    Too true. #2 is one of the best rules of all.

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    I can attest to that. Giving props also just makes the game more positive.

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  • 10/23/14--16:31: Re: Rate your CoD
  • Black Ops was the first Call of Duty game I purchased.

    Black Ops

    Days Played- 35

    Concept/Balance/Design- Great

    Functionality/Connection/Stability- Fair

    Score- 9/10



    Days Played- 39

    Concept/Balance/Design- Fair

    Functionality/Connection/Stability- Good

    Score- 6/10


    Black Ops 2

    Days Played- 30

    Concept/Balance/Design- Great

    Functionality/Connection/Stability- Poor

    Score- 7.5/10



    Days Played- 28

    Concept/Balance/Design- Terrible

    Functionality/Connection/Stability- Good

    Score- 3.5/10

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    Yep. Just wait a week and then use your 360 controller again. Its trash....


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    I am really wanting to learn how to play origins. Anyone wanna play and assist me? My gamer tag for the 360 is Squareblouse

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    Add Me On PS3 if you want to join my sniper clan were we try to hit clips and trickshot

    My Psn is xGod420

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    nuttin2say I ended up shutting my PC down. after an hour, I am back on and game loaded and moved past the original problem. Now steam servers are down for maintenance. Maybe this was, what was, causing the problem. Thanks for your input all the same.

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    Hi xSeaaR,


    Really sorry to be the bearer of bad news bro, but I'm afraid that Elite was shutdown a few months ago. Here's the link for more details: http://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Call-of-Duty-Elite-Shutdown-FAQ /


    Kind regards.

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    I Come Back Online All My Medals For Multiplayer Are Gone I Still Got My Prestige And Rank Then Few Hours Later Im Permanently Banned From Both Zombies And Multiplayer At least Let Me Play Zombies I Didn't Even Do Anything


    I Served My 14Day Ban Why Am I Banned And Is This Just Account Or Console As Well

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    Three doors open

    One down, game over?

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    Hey xxPIKA_MOLExx!


    Thanks for taking the time to post on our support forums! We've gone ahead and created a support case for you over at support.activision.com. Please log in and go to My Support > My cases and we will be happy to assist you there.


    Thank you!




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    Aced gaming is now Spry Gaming!


    Greetings fellow Call of Duty fans!


    I come to you today with an offer. That offer is to join a group of adult, above average Call of Duty players that play Ghosts and will be 100% focused on Advanced Warfare. A focused team of individuals looking to dominate. We are [Spry] Gaming.




    We are sponsored by Battle Beaver Customs!


    Battle Beaver Customs - Increase Your Gaming Potential


    We are in MLG!


    [Spry] Gaming is a diverse group of aged and mature adults who came together because of dissatisfaction. That dissatisfaction laid in the failure of other adult based clans to fulfill on their promises of fairness and structure. We are always looking to expand upon our group of like-minded, adult players to provide an enjoyable experience with groups of folks. Why else are we playing online?


    Our team is focused on all competitive aspects of Call of Duty. We have a strong presence in Clan Wars and the MLG scene.


    Now comes the part where we promise no drama. Let's be real...as long as real life people play games, there will be drama. However, the goal is to minimize and handle it as effectively and fairly as possible. [Spry] Gaming has a simple rank structure conducive of providing a fun and enjoyable experience. Many of us have families and real life jobs, so we prefer as little drama as possible. We promise.


    So, what are the requirements? Glad you asked!


    1) you must be mature and 18 years of age or over (no exceptions)


    2) you must be dedicated to Call of Duty And playing objectives (especially clan wars)


    3) K/D and W/L matter to an extent, but there is currently no set requirement - albeit, we ask for it to be positive


    4) be an XBox One player with the ability to communicate


    5) you must register on our site and agree to follow the code of conduct


    If all of that sounds good, please send a message to one of the following folks to run some matches. Out main focus for recruiting is Clan Wars, but feel free to reach out to us for any reason.




    ReKsii sG


    See you in game!



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    Tired of playing against full parties while your side is at the mercy of random, horrible teammates? Are you sick of being in lobbies and on teams with people you constantly have to mute because they want to use their headset for everything but the objective?  If you can play well regardless of the lobby you are in, join some of us who had enough of that and let's BOSS on these scrubs together.


    The Circle of Bosses has been an established clan since CoD 4, with experienced members in leadership who have played every game in the series.  We max out both individual player and clan level/badges/awards every game, often resetting stats and doing friendly competitions among ourselves.  We have lives and careers, and won't require you to schedule time out of your life to play a game.  Our viewpoint is simple: this is a game and it's your free time - you should play when and how you want.  We won't ask you to sign up for some garbage 3rd party website, forum, or anything else like that - If you want all that social media nonsense, our clan probably isn't for you.  This is why our recruiting criteria is so narrow - we seek talented gamers who don't want a a part time job but still want to play with good parties and win games.



    Overall clan stats:  KDR: 1.5  ;  WIN %: 60%  ;  Members: 15+  ;  Member Age: 18+


    Currently we are only recruiting HARDCORE tdm/kc players for PS4 ONLY!!!


    Our minimum requirements are as follows:

    Hardcore:  50% win %, 1.5+ KDR

    Softcore:  60% win %, 2.0+ KDR


    Must be better than these numbers for consideration. Request a tryout if you feel you are better than your kd/win% dictate.


    IMPORTANT NOTE: We have dominated clan wars the last three games, and are growing bored with them.  Therefore, we will NOT require members to participate in clan wars in advanced warfare.  We are just looking for good parties and to win games.


    If you are interested in joining, message PSN: CoB_Easy or apply in-app. Please include what country/time zone you play in

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    played one earlier, dunno if I opened 4 doors yet or only 3, but I was able to go down twice.

    edit: will test it when i can, but someone will prob beat me to it/know for sure ;-)

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  • 10/24/14--16:25: New extinction clan
  • Are you tired of playing solo in extinction? Well no need anymore as we have created an all new extinction clan!!


    if anyone would like to join add my psn Nataliew28 or the name of the clan is Extinction clan2


    we are looking for any types of players but will need to be active and have a ps4 as it is the platform we are on.


    GIve it a try it will be fun!

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