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    or you can just message me

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    Hi there, i had the same Problem with Hood Sickle and later on with Dreamcatcher.


    The latest Wii-Update fixed it for me. The next Levels worked just fine after updating the console Software.


    Perhaps you wanna give it a try.

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    Everyone with an immature mind just chuckled... including me.

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    Why play SnD if it boils down to this nonsense then?


    Why SnD is kind of a flawed mode at this point.

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  • 10/15/14--12:06: Recruiting for my Clan
  • Yes I know we are over 12 months late on looking for members! I am a slightly below par player K/D 0.84 but love playing online. We would like to offer a friendly Clan option for players no matter your K/D score who play MW3, BO, BO2, Ghosts (and the upcoming Advance Warfare). The infrastructure is in place for a good Clan, all we are missing is members! Message me on xboxlive 'monnow' or here for more details. A mircophone is preferred but not essential!

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    The mDLC ones might look cooler, but I will rock the ones I unlock proudly, as they will actually mean something to me.

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    WNSA wrote:


    Exo Mute will only last a fraction of a round in SnD so players are obviously much more likely to hear footsteps over the course of a match. Why move if you're going to give away your position to someone you can't see?


    Honestly... I don't think it change SnD very much. BJ to where you want to start being sneaky using blast suppressor... crouch walk in... use EM when you are ready for the final push and plant.

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  • 10/15/14--12:31: Re: Sick of quickscopers.
  • Take Aim Assist off of Snipers. They have to either get lucky with a hip fire, or scope in, Acquire their target, and get a shot off.


    Simple. No Lock on tricks or anything that takes thinking out of the game.

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    Confirmed by who?

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    I See a lot of people are having their kingdoms reset.  Anyone have any luck getting them back? 

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  • 10/15/14--12:42: Article 1
  • Hello ell1977,


    Thanks for taking the time to post in our support forums.


    Please keep in mind that retailers can vary in terms of what editions they have on hold. We do suggest you keep checking back with your local retailers, and continue to check out: http://www.callofduty.com/advancedwarfare/dayzero


    Our apoloiges,


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    Level 45 player with 110 Skylanders, most of the Companions and Greeble Island two hours ago, now I'm back to Level 1 with Spyro.

    I have only just created an Activision Account but my data kept on getting saved so surely it must be somewhere?



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    Question.. where would you like to see the series go?


    Interested in your take as a kind of "insider".

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    im 19 im good at all call of duty's and i have a mic if u would like to recruit me message me on xbox 360 my gamertag is DHG CAP0NE

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  • 10/16/14--12:32: Re: BRAND NEW DEVS/GAME....
  • Kindly, please use the search function. There are some really great discussions on this.


    But I want New Stuff for my New game. Hoping the Pipeline Remake is the only Re-skinned/Re-imagined map we get. This Developer has never run lead on a Series, so they don't really have a grab bag of old maps to select from.


    If I am SH, I am not going to put ANY old maps in my DLC (Concession for Pipeline. The Nod to COD4 might just bring in some of the old fans that have strayed from the series over the years as a Pre-Order tactic). This is MY game. Thus, as a New Lead Developer, I'm going to want to show the CoD community what I am capable of. Create some amazing content and create "classics" for my next game in the series. I am not going to want to rehash someone elses' work, rather I want to show off my developer chops and really make some excellent material.

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    I have had this issue in the past... have you tried:


    • Unplug the power from the console
    • Wait 30 seconds
    • Plug the power back in


    It sounds crazy... but that is essentially a soft reset of your system that clears the cache.

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  • 10/16/14--12:35: Re: Sick of quickscopers.
  • nicedrewishfela wrote:


    I never had any issues with killing snipers in BO2.

    Neither have I.  I think that the only people that are complaining are the ones who cannot out play them.  It really isn't that hard.

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    Watch the overview video first!



    About us:

    - HybridNerdzGaming is an active, competitive, organized, and fun gaming community

    - We are a tightly knit Level 25 clan with around 20 members and a 2.05 average K/D ratio

    - We have earned full Body Count and War Cry Armor


    - Our clan is sponsored by Cinch Gaming, NoScope Gaming Glasses, & BattleBeaverCustoms and we are partnered with MX2Gaming & iOwnClan

    - We have multiple competitive teams who play MLG Gamebattles and UMG matches

    - We are looking for long term members only! Please only apply if you plan on sticking with us for a long time. If your application is accepted, you will need to be given a tryout before you can officially join the roster

    - We will be competing in Clan Wars, GameBattles, and League Play in Advanced Warfare





    To be eligible for this clan you must:

    1)Be an active player,meaning that youplay at least3 days a week

    2)Have over a 1.5 K/D ratio and over a1.5 W/L. Basically, you need to be able to carry your own weight.

    3) Be at least 17 years old (No exceptions)

    4)Have a mic and play with other clan members!


    5) Join our clan website and actually use it (see below for the link to the website)

      - You must use the website at least a few times a week (preferably more) to be in our clan

      - The clan website is a great way to communicate with other clan members and find people to play with (all you have to do is post in the main chat box)

    6) Complete our tryout phase

    7) Finally, have fun!




    If you are interested in joining, submit an application form on our clan website. If/when your application is approved, please introduce yourself to the rest of the clan in the main chat-box

    If you are interested in being on one of our competitive teams, please let us know where you are located in your application (east coast, west coast, etc)


    You can also check us out on Twitter (we have over 2000 followers and growing fast) - @HybridNerdz


    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message me on Xbox Live or through our clan website.

    My gamertag: Hybrd Lightning






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    nicedrewishfela wrote:


    Question.. where would you like to see the series go?


    Interested in your take as a kind of "insider".

    I'm content with it's current path. I really like all of the current "eras" that have been spun up. I like Ghost's different future a lot actually.

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