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    Habe mein altes Spiel Call of Duty 2 wieder rausgeholt und wollte mit Kollegen zocken. Aber ich kann im MP nicht spielen, Fehlermeldung " Code wird benutzt,versuchen sie es später" !!!


    Der Orginal Code funktioniert nicht mehr, brauche dringend einen Neuen.



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  • 10/16/14--12:39: Re: Looking for a band PS3
  • Yeah, we can band together if you want.


    My username is Lukiosa, dont ask me why i've chosen it, i was young

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  • 10/16/14--12:41: Re: Sick of quickscopers.
  • If anything, I found BO2 to be the easiest to beat Snipers. There were very few, if any (Can't think of 1 off the top of my head) Sniper nests that were difficult to flank or breach... previous titles had some buttoned up areas that were a boon for snipers.


    Second, BO2 was perhaps the best game in the series at allowing players to take really good attack angles. Once you learn where people like to camp or snipe from, you could strafe around corners or "slice the pie" around corners and easily get an angle on the enemy. As for people getting QS'd... I'd advise them against running at Snipers... they should use their brain and flank or use cover.

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  • 10/16/14--12:48: Re: The begining of the end
  • OK OK, the small 3 lane map, futuristic weapons, Halo leaning crowd has spoken. Ghosts was not popular and COD will most likely never go back to a large map, strategy based game like Ghosts again, I get it.  My problem is what FPS to play now?


    I tried Borderlands, interesting for awhile, but too cartoonish, weapons silly.  Rage was OK, but I want to get bad guys not go on quests. I tried various issues of  BattleField, and maybe I have played too many hrs of COD but BF feels clunky to me and I just could never get the feel of the game. Bought Sniper Elite 111, it was like playing a game made 7 yrs ago!.. gave it to my grandson., he is aloud to play off line with the gore turned off.


    Seems after taking breaks from COD and playing some racing games, or even some old Guitar Hero, I always come back to play COD, so I probably will get the new COD in Nov. even though the trailers didn't do much for me, hopefully the campaign will be good and it will have split screen for 1 on1 off line private matches.

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  • 10/16/14--12:50: Re: counting down everyday
  • Good to see some positivity on these boards.


    I would say, it's good to be excited but always have the expectation that it's not going to be perfect. I think too many go into games with their idea of what is going to make the game great, and as a result can't enjoy what the game gives them. I think this has helped me enjoy each title, even though they are all so different in their execution.

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  • 10/16/14--12:53: Re: counting down everyday

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    I have this issue also.

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  • 10/16/14--12:55: Re: Sick of quickscopers.
  • If anything, I found BO2 to be the easiest to beat Snipers. There were very few, if any (Can't think of 1 off the top of my head) Sniper nests that were difficult to flank or breach... previous titles had some buttoned up areas that were a boon for snipers.


    Unlike BO, MW2, and MW3, snipers really didn't have those long hallways, alleys, and sniper towers like in previous games.  Most of the lines of sight where quite short in BO2, and most maps were AR dominant.


    Fighting against snipers, especially quickscopers, takes smarts.  You cannot just use force to kill them like many other weapon classes.  You need to use strategies like flanking, rushing, camping, etc.  You cannot expect to run out of a room where you know snipers are aiming at or going to come through.  Let's take Raid for example.  Snipers loved sitting on the sides and the middle of the map, quickscopers like pushing up the sides and middle of the map.  You cannot just run straight into the open in these areas and expect to kill every sniper or quickscoper.  It may work a couple of times, but more often then not, the sniper will kill you.  The strategy comes into effect when trying to figure a way how to break their focus or line of attack, like in competitive matches.  You need to figure out which side is the weakest and push slowly or rush to cover to make progress to a side.  Then flipping a spawn can also change make the sniper be at a disadvantage by having their backs turned to you.


    The problem with most players that complain is that they want to be rewarded with kills without having to put in much effort, so when they die they complain because they fail to step up their game and try that much harder to win a gunfight.  They think that just shooting in a general direction will get kills but having to be pinpoint accurate especially against snipers is a must.

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    Thank you JTerk555 for your answer.


    In fact, our problem is that he just can't access those ''modes''. There's a little padlock on the two modes; squad VS squad and squad wargame. We can't ''click'' on it on his PS3 session, but on mine, we can, there's no padlock!

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  • 10/16/14--12:56: Re: Unbann please MW3
  • Then in truth, why did you state in your OP that YOUR sorry for cheating and that YOU wont do it again if someone else hacked your account? truth dude, stop with the lies.

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    Yes, but if this is iOS in all likelihood the data is gone unfortunately. This happened to me before, they gave me gems to start over.

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  • 10/16/14--13:01: Re: Reset to Lvl. 1
  • Scheisse habe das gleiche Problem auch ab 15.10.14. so ein kack. null Hilfe hier.

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    I NEVER use dead silence. I have 150 hours, 54% win ration and 2.14 K/D. I do however use Incog. That's WAY more helpful that dead silence. What are you smoking?

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    Tired of playing against full parties while your side is at the mercy of random, horrible teammates? Are you sick of being in lobbies and on teams with people you constantly have to mute because they want to use their headset for everything but the objective?  If you can play well regardless of the lobby you are in, join some of us who had enough of that and let's BOSS on these scrubs together.


    The Circle of Bosses has been an established clan since CoD 4, with experienced members in leadership who have played every game in the series.  We max out both individual player and clan level/badges/awards every game, often resetting stats and doing friendly competitions among ourselves.  We have lives and careers, and won't require you to schedule time out of your life to play a game.  Our viewpoint is simple: this is a game and it's your free time - you should play when and how you want.  We won't ask you to sign up for some garbage 3rd party website, forum, or anything else like that - If you want all that social media nonsense, our clan probably isn't for you.  This is why our recruiting criteria is so narrow - we seek talented gamers who don't want a a part time job but still want to play with good parties and win games.



    Overall clan stats:  KDR: 1.5  ;  WIN %: 60%  ;  Members: 15+  ;  Member Age: 18+


    Currently we are only recruiting HARDCORE tdm/kc players for PS4 ONLY!!!


    Our minimum requirements are as follows:

    Hardcore:  50% win %, 1.5+ KDR

    Softcore:  60% win %, 2.0+ KDR


    Must be better than these numbers for consideration. Request a tryout if you feel you are better than your kd/win% dictate.


    IMPORTANT NOTE: We have dominated clan wars the last three games, and are growing bored with them.  Therefore, we will NOT require members to participate in clan wars in advanced warfare.  We are just looking for good parties and to win games.


    If you are interested in joining, message PSN: CoB_Easy or apply in-app. Please include what country/time zone you play in

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    I was playing this morning and got banned also. Have no clue as to why. Been playing here since Day or Defeat came out with no problems. Don't know what has happened. Never, ever cheated in any way.

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    Greetings fellow Call of Duty fans!


    I come to you today with an offer. That offer is to join a group of adult, above average Call of Duty players in an active community that play Ghosts and will be 100% focused on Advanced Warfare. A focused team of individuals looking to dominate. We are [Aced] Gaming.




    We are sponsored by Battle Beaver Customs!


    [Aced] Gaming is currently a small group of aged and mature adults who came together because of dissatisfaction. That dissatisfaction laid in the failure of other adult based clans to fulfill on their promises of fairness and structure. Thus, we are now looking to expand upon our group of like-minded, adult players to provide an enjoyable experience with groups of folks. Why else are we playing online?


    We have participated in 3 clan wars since forming a few weeks back. We have dominated all with the last being a more than 500 point lead in Platinum Division.


    Now comes the part where we promise no drama. Let's be real...as long as real life people play games, there will be drama. However, the goal is to minimize and handle it as effectively and fairly as possible. [Aced] Gaming has a simple rank structure conducive of providing a fun and enjoyable experience. Many of us have families and real life jobs, so we prefer as little drama as possible. We promise.


    So, what are the requirements? Glad you asked!


    1) you must be mature and 18 years of age or over (no exceptions)


    2) you must be dedicated to Call of Duty (especially clan wars)


    3) K/D and W/L matter to an extent, but there is currently no set requirement - albeit, we ask for it to be positive


    4) be an XBox One player


    5) you must register on our site and agree to follow the code of conduct


    If all of that sounds good, please send a message to one of the following folks to run some matches:








    See you in game!



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    Hello guys i am starting a new clan called DONz_    you will have to make an new account and name it DONz_ anything until we have 6 members we will pick the leader and the co leaders by having 1v1.  add me my psn is Ba3x_ScopezZ

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    Foxhound-Pro wrote:


    Yppecaye_the_Dogged wrote:

    The good ol' age argument that this forum love so much so....I hope whoever put the last one together does so again in the near future to dispel the "everything I disagree with or dislike is going to be attributed to the younger generation" arguments.


    A nice dig but it failed to consider my very next sentence is the same paragraph to which you responded.  Here it is...


    But that doesn't mean they can't innovate and create something that would rekindle the old schoolers' interest and attract the younger with their overall preference for flash and speed at the same time.


    In effect, the sentence is saying the preference for futurism can be reconciled with old school basics. This is hardly attributing everything I disagree with or dislike to the younger generation.


    The sentence still attributes the departure from "old school basics" to "futurism" and the "younger crowd" though in my opinion.

    The discussion. as a whole, moves from, and this is paraphrasing of course, "maybe they think that we like glitter / mechs / tech, those that don't want it are voting with their wallets" to "I think they do as more younger people are purchasing the game than older people" and ends with "but yeah, they could create a game that appeals to both."

    For me, this still inherently says something to the effect of "the changes that I want to see are prohibited by the majority of the fanbase which is underage." That's a key part of the "age argument" that I so adamantly disagree with. Perhaps I'm interpreting this exchange wrong and I, again, apologize if it seems like I singled you out. It's just that I saw the inklings of it forming and I decided to call it out. My execution could have been a lot better, but at least we're at a point where our posts are sparking actual discussion and thought.


    So here's the grand question I have now: What are these "old school basics?"

    There is a departure from "old school basics to "futurism."


    I think one of the reasons you (and others and reasonably so) find the "younger crowd" perception by others to be so illogical is because they are talking about underage players.  "Blame it all on the kids because all they do is cater to them." 


    This is not my view, however. when it comes to the specific issue of potential future WWII themed titles. The demographic I'm referring to here is 10-20 somethings  as compared to 20-30 somethings.  I made an assessment, which I still think is quite logical, of the likelihood of having WaWII in 2015 based on whether WaWII would be more attractive than, say, BOIII.  I will still say that the 10-20 somethings crowd will prefer BOIII.  Put it another way, there will be more 10-20 somethings preferring BOIII than there will be 20-30 somethings preferring WaWII.  (Whether the 10-20 somethings will enjoy WaWII, if there is one, is another issue.) 


    Hence, my opinion above.  It's really just as simple as that.  Uncomplicated.  It's utterly different from saying underage preferences dominate decision making.  (I look at "underage" in the context of Cod as 12-13 or younger, kids who shouldn't be playing the game in the first place.)  


    If I gave the impression here that I was taking the "blame the kids" view, it wasn't my intent and I don't think I did. 


    "Back to basics" means to me, for example and among other things:  real weapons, ground game, realistic and believable physical movements.  Things that aren't basics:  fluorescent camos, exo mech.  I don't claim my definition to be absolute truths.  Others might have their own take, of course.

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    Hard for anyone to claim that super jumping and cloaking is "Back to Basics" for a Military themed FPS.


    Those have long been staples of Sci Fi and Future shooters.

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    Yppecaye_the_Dogged wrote:


    Didn't know this was a thread about HC v. Core, much less need a vid to supplement it.


    But, it's true, there is a pretty solid consensus that number of playlists affect overall vibrancy.

    2 more game modes e.g. two moshpits like I suggested would not break the HC playlist. It did work fine in MW2 which gave us well over 6 game modes. I and others only are asking for one or two more options, preferably moshpits like I suggested.


    This isn't a debate core v HC I did ask theblindsniper to comment on why he think HC should be removed and he gave his reasons and because it has nothing to do with the current debate I'm not going to comment on his reasoning.

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