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  • 10/01/14--21:16: Re: HeroHQ Survivors
  • Hawk - oh I'm considering it all right!  I hadn't heard that they were re-releasing the Frozen characters.  The figures from 1.0 are all compatible so that doesn't make too much sense unless they are adding a play set (which i think a lot of people were disappointed that is wasn't included the first time).  My big problem is I don't know if I could stop at just the starter pack.  There are a lot of other cool characters, but it adds up quickly!

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    I dont know if anyone saw this website on public events but it seems useful.





    If anyone who posts here is not in a group / clan look for CONTRA FIRE < we do 360's while taking out Devil Archon's night and day.

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    i have to download a compatible pack on cod ghosts and if i dont i cant play anything on cod but whenever i download it says that i havent downloaded it.

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  • 10/01/14--21:23: Re: SHIELD TV series
  • I think they are on par with the good episodes from last season and it seems like there's some nice potential for fun storylines this season.  You're missing some good episodes if you haven't seen the second half of S1.  That's where they started improving! (I'd say around the time Sif guest starred)  I was pretty impressed with the effects they had for Absorbing Man and he turned out to be a pretty decent villain to kick off the season.

    They didn't really hint at Simmons being a traitor or a spy in season 1 so it was surprising to see her with Hydra in the preview of next week's show.  I'm curious how they will explain how that all worked out.


    It's a bummer that the audience for the show is kind of shrinking.  They season premiere had numbers about equal to the end of last season but episode 2 was a series low.  Hopefully that was just a fluke.

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    Funny that you talkabout dedicated servers, then say "get destiny". Like destiny PvP isn't the most laggy game released this year.


    Shotgun shotgun shotgun super... jump to the other side of the map..... die to a melee from the first guy you killed.

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  • 10/01/14--21:37: Re: HeroHQ Survivors
  • So, has anyone been watching the Gotham show on Fox?  I know we're mostly all about Marvel stuff here, but I figured I'd check.  I've watched the first couple episodes, and it's entertaining enough so far, though I don't really think it's anything special so far. 


    @Jad: I gotta agree with Hawk.  Disney Infinity is pretty cool.  I don't think I've gotten into it as much as him, since he's been doing way more level-creating stuff, but there really is a lot of variety in what you can do.  There's the playset story modes, creating your own levels, playing levels made by other people, and the starter pack comes with a couple extra game modes, too, like a tower defense one.  It's pretty cool stuff, and the starter pack characters are pretty fun.  I've spent most of my time playing Widow, but Iron Man and Thor are pretty cool, too. 


    @Hawk: Haha, I figured you'd be excited when I saw an article about Bobbi having a good chance to be in a movie eventually.  Everything Palicki has said about Bobbi has seemed pretty cool and makes it sound like there's a lot in store for her, though the other news there is not so exciting.  I don't see Bobbi as being some kind of seductive spy, either.  Really hoping that's not going to turn out as bad as it sounds, since Bobbi is just the wrong character for that kind of story, and it's weird that a big showrunner would say something like that if he knew anything about the character. 


    Yeah, Bridgewater played pretty awesome.  I was excited when we drafted him, since I thought he was the best QB in the draft but fell to the end of the first round.  It's too bad he messed up his ankle in the last game, though, since he might not be playing this week. 


    Yeah, you'd think Fury would know something, but it's tough to tell since he's so secretive about things that even the people watching the movie don't always know what he knows! 


    Yeah, Chris Cox was pretty much the perfect Hawkeye, especially with the awesome writing he got in EMH.  Baker doesn't get anywhere near as good of writing in Avengers Assemble, that's for sure, though it'd be tough to top Chris Cox's job anyway.  That whole cast was pretty much perfect.  I can't think of one voice actor who didn't absolutely nail their role.  Cap's voice actor has that awesome old-fashioned quality, Thor sounds appropriately regal and Asgardian, Wasp is just awesome.  Seriously, every voice actor in that show was awesome in their role. 

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    Boobs. Gimme boobs.


    Nah in all seriousness I would like to see dynamic weather/changing time also - that would really give maps a fresh feel.

    Apart from that perhaps a couple of larger game-modes like Ground War, party games (sticks and stones, gun game etc), and voting systems for community modes/playlists.

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  • 10/01/14--21:49: Re: SHIELD TV series
  • This was a pretty cool episode.  Lance got to be awesomely devious, showing his loyalty is to his friends instead of anything big like SHIELD. Though I kinda wish they wouldn't have gone the classic love angle with it and just focused on it being about his friendship with his former mercenary pals.  I like the idea of these totally unloyal mercenaries being super loyal to each other instead of making it about love.  It really made the other guy who died seem so unnecessary, too, since it felt like everyone forgot about him five minutes into the episode.  They were just talking about Hartley the whole time.  Lance was still pretty cool, though, as a really fun character without so much loyalty to Coulson and his big Director of SHIELD thing.  But, I always like mercenaries. 


    It was also interesting to see how Mac was way more direct with Fitz, and it finally gave Fitz someone to talk to besides himself, so hopefully he starts to turn things around a bit now.  It was also pretty cool to see how they brought Raina back in, with her and the person who pretty clearly seems to be Skye's dad being a third party in this war between SHIELD and Hydra.  They can really throw a wrench into the situation there.


    But the stuff about Simmons should be pretty interesting.  I wouldn't think Coulson would want to send her undercover to Hydra, since she's not exactly supposed to be good with those kinds of things.  But I'm not sure they'd spoil the big surprise of her being Hydra in the teasers if it wasn't meant to throw us off, you know?  Season 1 didn't necessarily do too much to hint at her being Hydra, though there was one scene near the end with Fitz asking Simmons about Hydra and if she would've ever considered joining Hydra.  She told him she wouldn't and all that, but there were already internet rumors going around about how she could be Hydra and her being so awful at lying could be part of her act as she's been undercover the whole time.  So, it's not totally out of nowhere for her to be part of Hydra. 

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    Yeah nothing like killing 3 people then dying from the first dude.

    Or on the flip side melee some guy and then die, 3 seconds later get the kill.

    Those Postmortem bounties are a breeze... 

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    Couldn't get game to open, so had to uninstall and reinstall. After reinstall everything is gone, my son will be crushed. Is there anything I can do? He was nearing level 39, had 41 skylanders, 700+ gems and almost 23,000,000 gold. Please help. Didn't have an Activate account so I am kind of thinking I am screwed. Which totally stinks.

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    Don't leave me out there Kemosabe. I also liked drew's reply to your nonsense post. I call an ace an ace and see you playing the victim card as well. And no I was not PM'd to jump on this train, when I see crap... I call it crap.

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    im from the uk and 24

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    gotsomestars wrote:


    How did you get to 28 without an exotic? Fully upgraded?

    I have legendary and exotic armour, but my weapons are all rare's, i'm lacking firepower. I'm going to have to save up my crucible marks and just buy a legendary auto and sniper rifle. Or if I have enough coins buy an exotic weapon from the seaweed guy.

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  • 10/02/14--21:24: Re: HeroHQ Survivors
  • @Iron - Hey, I'm the one that's supposed to make the archery related threats here!  Haha, I don't really care for Ollie though and what they did to Black Canary makes me sad.


    @Jad - Haha, tell me about it.  I'm not even interested in the Spidey and Guardians, but I'm strongly considering getting their playsets after I pick up Cap.  Can't wait for em to do an X-Men set and hopefully more Avenger characters!


    @Rogue - I haven't been following Gotham at all.  No real reason why, I suppose, just hasn't gotten my attention like Constantine.


    Well, even though they're adding her to the show, it doesn't mean they're Mockingbird experts.  Or it could be chalked up to the whole different interpretation deal.  Hopefully, the showrunner just phrased it a poor way and it's not as bad as it sounds.  Did you see that they released the summary for episode five today!  "Coulson's team is up against the beautiful and deadly Bobbi Morse -- the head of security for Hydra."  So, yeah, that doesn't tell us anything we didn't know weeks ago, haha.  I guess Bobbi being a good guy will be played as a "twist" that Coulson's team will find out during the episode.  So, Bobbi will have to be either working on her own or possibly with Fury.  Hopefully we can get more pics soon!  I doubt they'll show Bobbi as Mockingbird, but it'll still be fun to see her!  I'm already predicting a Bobbi vs May fist fight to go down..


    I'm sure you're wishing even more that Bridgewater was able to play tonight.  I didn't catch the game, but lookin at the score it seems like the Vikings had an awful time.  And this must be third Thursday game this year to be a blowout.  I wonder when the NFL will get the clue it's not good for the game.


    I know, such a shame we never got more of it.  AA is supposed to get better writing for season two, but it's got a long way to go to reach EMH's awesomeness.  I haven't gotten around to checking out what new clips they've released though.  Have you checked em out?

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    As someone who has already managed to completely destroy the rubber on my new PS4 controller's left stick (maybe this describes my playstyle, the build quality of the DS4 or both), I can't see how that's enjoyable either; it must be though, according to how common that scenario is in most game modes, let alone TDM


    It's always fun when you're struggling against a 0.6KD non-mover, simply because he has the god mode thermal M27 and is laying down or stood in a headglitch. GG to those guys.


    I used to love Kill Confirmed until it starting filling up with corner campers that have no interest in the objective - only padding their KD. I used to love Dom until virtually every lobby comprised of thumbless teammates camping just their spawn flag until we get trapped, and enemy teams full of seemingly just full parties that try to trap for cheap KEMs, or simply high scores when using IMSes and Sentry Guns place on our spawn points. I used to enjoy Cranked until it fully died...

    At least TDM is purely about kills, so I can usually influence the end result more, rather than having to push back the enemy team AND complete a separate objective. Though it's funny I say that, funny story: I played a TDM on Prison Break earlier today and I hadn't been having any luck with my Honey Badger KEM class, so I pulled out a loud/gripped Remmy class that included Ready Up and Quickdraw as well as Stalker, hoping I could react faster to the dudes just chilling crouched around every corner. It was just another time limit game...but then I noticed my personal score. 50-7. With a specialist class. My team finished the game with 65 kills and I had a full team...I think I died a little inside. I got a little shock seeing my score as I'd only ever passed 50 kills in TDM with assault streaks before, but otherwise do you think I enjoyed that game?! Feck no.

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    Ya I'm in the same boat on my titan.

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    I've done that, I first tried deleting the dlc and then clearing my cache 3 times, then I turned off my xbox, waited a minute, then turned it back on, reinstalled dlc and then tried to get it to work with no luck. Then I did those same steps with the actual downloaded game which of coarse took hours to redownload but it ended in the same result nothing. And sadly I can't contact Activision directly or by phone because they do not offer support for this game apparently. I tried looking for direct support on the site and on the phone but notta. If this were call of duty:ghosts I'd be swimming in the support but for this game not so much!! And microsoft didn't do jack, sure they told me various troubleshooting steps to take but after a point they were like contact Activision, nothing else we can do!! So here I am!!

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  • 10/02/14--21:35: Article 11
  • Hey there SniperLengend101,


    Sorry to hear that this happened to your account. As per the Security & Enforcement policy found here: http://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Call-of-Duty-Ghosts-Online-Code -of-Conduct/?q=Call+of+Duty%3A+Ghosts+Security+&l=en_US&c=Game_Title%3AAll&fs=Se arch&pn=1 We are unable to reverse bans.


    However, we do ask that you check the status of your account  here: http://support.activision.com/rankreset


    As stated discussions regarding bans are not permitted in the forums. Due to that, this post will be locked.




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    What? I was taking the forum dinosaur for a walk.......... what did you say??


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