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    I only play HC and can find a game within a few minutes. Mostly foreign plays (I'm in the UK). There are very few players online compared to a few months ago. Gamemode selection can make it harder i guess.


    I'm not into Destiny - gimme guns and grunts over lasers and aliens!!! Got money for games just no games worth buying for th X1 in my opinion.

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    I Joined a free for all game that I presume now that it was hacked/moded and when I left the game because I noticed it was dodgy I had been demoted from level 52 9th prestige to just level 52   I alos have -1.3billion squad points that goes down by 20 every game I play. Please help!!!

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    I also copied the guide in the CM forums.

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    I also copied the guide in the CM forums.

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  • 09/25/14--04:08: clan recruitment
  • [ps3] hey guys n gals  my clan is FTL (for the lulz) and we are looking

    For all kinds of players, headset is a must message me on psn.@ DaRk-SoldieR09

    And I will get back to you we will also be playing on bo and Bo2

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    When I try to log into the app its telling me that "Internal error processing user ########: Client error.Unauthorized.ExpiredProviderToken". Any idea what this is? I've tried resetting my password, still the same error.

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    Please check out:  Re: New Clan Recruiting

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  • 09/25/14--04:24: Re: New Clan Recruiting
  • Just wanted to give the thread a bump.


    I also wanted to add a comment.

    If you are wanting to join please let me know in a message when you send a friend request.

    Also, as a added bit, sending a message "Let me join"  does not make for a good first impression to be added.

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  • 09/26/14--03:18: How do i create a clan?
  • How do i create a clan?

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    Would reply but too buy playing AW again ( will update my I have played thread when I get tomorrow)


    * This post donated by free by the keep primates educated coalition

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  • 09/26/14--03:32: Re: How do i create a clan?
  • Help me pls

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  • 09/26/14--03:46: Re:
  • Pretty much the same answer that they have given each of the times that it has been brought up ,,,, yes there was a noticeable improvement with some of the cs ,,, and then you mark your own answer correct here instead of allowing the op to do it. Shouldn't you have given the opportunity for the op to mark your answer as correct ? 

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    Hello, I am NrG_Insomnia the founder of NrG. We are a clan in COD that uses pretty much anything but we are mainly based around snipers.

    Only requirements are:

    - KD must me 0.80 or higher

    - Mic not needed but is easier to communicate

    - 12 years or older

    - Able to make a new account



    Contact either me or co owner through skype or PSN.

    Owner's Skype: leobacha__

    Co Owner's Skype: Josh_goldfish

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    Yes there can be made compatible loadout or fastest loadout strongest loadout but eventually best is to be found and yet it does not exist

    I agree with you that there is no reason or idea for all team to keep armor and they do it cause they dont want to go down. But if you are mentioning it on the point of my loadout then as you see I have mentioned "/" which also means to be "or" and this was to make a compatible class.

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    I would like to know if the game destiny will be coming out for the pc

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    Dude why im I repeating it these are just loadouts and eventually for sure the team does not require them all at once I just mentioned it was good and I mentioned my loadout I keep not the team I keep so it does not matter who is in the team and the team I said can still survive.

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    J'ai un soucis avec la clés usb qui n'ai plus reconnue par ma wii est il possible de s'en procurer une autres????

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    Dude u are quite same as me I do all this stuff everytime. Well here are mine;

    1. Whenever I get barrier hive money I have to drop stuff down.

    2. I have to shoot the Rhinos who only fight if shot.

    3. I have to turn on last hives trap.

    4. I have to turn on 2nd areas traps.

    5. I have to drop if im full on cash.

    6. I have to use skill points no matter where.

    7. I have to get 4 players before a match.

    8. If i learn a Easyer egg or glitch I have to try it

    Cant think of anyother now

    Lets see what others got.

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    That is soooooooooo true bro

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    Well i do keep shooting in chopper but I do activate skills such as medic upgrade etc

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