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  • 09/22/14--00:44: Peeps Leaving Game !
  • Why oh Why are people consistently leaving this game when they get killed acouple of times.


    So many times it comes up....... Timed Out !!   So and So disconnected due to transmission era !


    What a crock of crap I don't understand why people are so worried about Kill Death or Win loss rations.


    Seen some really good one like 345 win Streak, Kill death above 5 but oh when you hunt them down and kill them all of a sudden they get a Transmission error

    Dussh Bags !!   Who you kidding.


    But over all the Games gone and Waiting for next one to come along.

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  • 09/22/14--00:46: Re: No games found
  • Ok thanks for the info , but how do you delete the map packs ?

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    Freshly refaced from Call of Duty Elite, Huzzah been going strong since the 13th of November in the year 2012 of our lord.  We are seeking competitve and loyal players who can play multiple gamemodes when called upon. The skill bar is set with the following minimum standards:

    1. Kill/Death Ratio of 1.5 or higher
    2. Teamwork: Competitive and objective no matter how difficult the opponents
    3. Listening to Orders: commands may be given under pressured circumstances
    4. Adaptability: If one class isn't working try another; Stay frosty
    5. Have Fun: No one likes hear their team rage (Aces07)
    6. Team Time: Show up for clan meetings announced through playstation app/twitter(@HuzzahGaming); When Clar Wars roll around, we expect FULL PARTICIPATION during war until we have won.
    7. Mics are required.
    8. perferably be from the U.S. (this helps with timing for clan wars)
    9. 17+ years of age because that is the requirement to purchase the game legally
    10. *Not Required* Likes playing esports.

    If accepted into the clan, the following is unacceptable:

    1. Fighting/trolling the team you are playing with
    2. dashboarding
    3. giving up even if we are about to be defeated

    Lastly, We are ranked 27th in Diamond Division and our clan level is 25. We also have a clan for UK players (Huzzah UK) and for the more causal players (Huzzah2). Send a message on psn or tweet @HuzzahGaming if you think you have what it takes. We can't wait for you to become apart of our team!


         Veni, vidi, vici


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    Exactly this. I can confirm it for you at least, since we've had plenty of games and you always try the challenges.

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    I've been doing a little test again tonight. I have been sitting in an empty pre lobby for over 45 minutes. I kid you not when I say that under no circunstances will the game let me play KC unless it's in the Nemisis lobby. This is absolutely inexcusable. All I did was give these crooks $15.00 for DLC that makes it litterly impossible to play KC.

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  • 09/22/14--01:20: Re: Tranzit orbs .
  • Those orbs have always been there after completing either side. Only two show up on Maxis' side no matter how many you do. The orbs of real concern appear on the street lights in Town and on the tower in the cornfield.

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    When I heard about the Heavy Shield (before the revealed screenshot), I thought to myself, "What point does the EXO shield serve now?"


    Also, I pray there's no portable radar.



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    After being burned by Ghosts and the fact not a word has been said about the PC version that's a big, fat no on pre-ordering. I suspect just about every PC gamer out there feels the same.

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    ClintBarton wrote:


    I think Bungie decided to make the story episodic rather than unload it all at once. My guess is they decided to do this to prevent people from overwhelmed. Every month we'll get an extension that will add a significant amount to what's going on.


    .....which all comes at a cost of course. We all know that Activision aren't going to sell extensions at no charge. Soon you could be spending quite a bit of money just to experience the complete story which is a worrying state for open world games in the near future. I'm just hoping "The Division" doesn't get the same treatment.


    I don't disagree with Shadowelite55 views at all about the storyline in Destiny. It was certainly underwhelming and for players who aren't into doing the same missions at various difficulties, the missions will become repetitive. The game itself isn't bad but I think it is fair to say that there are a number of aspects (mentioned above) that did disappoint a number of players.


    Luckily, I don't mind grinding and farming aspect of Destiny and that the game is filling my gaming needs until October/November/December as the next three months or so are my most anticipated games.

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  • 09/22/14--04:42: Join XGN Today
  • XGN is a gaming organization that provides avid and casual gamers alike the opportunity to improve either their gaming experience in general or aid in improving their skills;thus in turn enhancing their results. Xiled Gaming Network, Offers a unique community enviroment and knowledge to excel and promote full gaming potential.XGN is composed of gamers on several games and gametypes.

    XGN is recruiting mature members.We are not interested in Big headed gamers who think they are to pro to have fun.We are looking for down to earth people who are willing to commit to a real team and community.

    XGN has a ranking structure,in clan tournaments,team meetings and practices
    nights.We also have pride in our ourselves and our members! So if you think you have what it takes to become a part of something real, and start your true gaming adventures by joining Xiled Gaming Network Today!

    you must have a working mic and be 16 years of age

    Message XGN Vegemite on xbox 360, if you would like to join

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    I don't expect I'll get a response. It's ironic really. I'm asking on a media they do use why they don't use an other form of media and they're not replying on the media they do use to tell me why they don't use the other media

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    Not possible. PS3 players can't even see when PS4 players are online.

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    Hi, i had a call of duty ghost earlier. I played it 1 month but key is deleted. I think it was a illegal key. Anyway i took my money back from seller. Now i have a gold edition of call of duty ghost but i cannot enter my account. Is there a ban stuation? Please help me. Thank you.

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  • 09/23/14--00:55: Re: Who Is Buying The Game?
  • Yup - I pre-ordered (after changing my mind) mainly because whilst COD has been having some severe setbacks (Ghosts) I like what I see with AW. Mostly as it seems to have most of the characteristics I enjoy (don't yet know about BJoosting) and hopefully have a more "fun" feel to it.

    If there is a Micro-DLC focus I will be annoyed as IMO it ruins COD - same with any sort of major KD focus.


    Hopefully there is a larger playerbase on Next Gen which will help with the "fun" factor as it should help out considerably with matchmaking. I don't expect a massive amount at launch but later on after Christmas.

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    Huh never noticed that - PS4 can see if PS3 are though.

    You sure ?

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    Thanks for the heads up - It's only because I broke my wrist and 3 fingers that I considered it - can't grip the controller at the moment due to plaster cast. How come Scuf controllers don't fall into that category? it is an unfair advantage to the X1 in my opinion that is

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    thank you for the comment, I sent him a tweet.

    I also logged it on FB yesterday and all I got was a ref back to a tweet that the servers did indeed fell over.


    my question is did they fell over or where they hacked???

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    Fair enough.  But the elephant is still in the room...


    Initial release of Ghosts, the game obviously had some lag issues but it was manageable.  Then literally like F-ing Magic <.<;  The game became almost completely unplayable after the April 9th Update.  So something must have been done to the matchmaking in that update that is seriously spoiling the pot.  You don't have to take my word for it either, you can probably ask anyone you so desire and they will probably nearly all say the game got considerably more laggy after that update.  The chances of this being coincidence range on impossibility.  I simply would like to know that w/e was done to Ghosts will never be done/attempted again.  Will the Dev's or someone of proven affiliation respond? Never, they likely don't care unless someone somehow organizes a global boycott (Ha, good luck).


    I know you guys probably get very sick, tired and frustrated of people saying "Lag Comp this"  or "Host that"  but the fact is,  if literally almost everyone is saying something is off, something must be off.  For some reason, it effected BO2 and Ghosts the most, no clue why.  Maybe the game developers haven't updated their matchmaking code in awhile with the games are getting more and more advanced? With more data flow to deal with but still using an outdated Net-Code?

    Some folks are quick to say that the time to kill is much lower than in previous CODs but I'm having trouble seeing how that could be true when the guns are actually a fair bit weaker and slower than previous CODs.  Hell, the LMGs used to be 2-3 hit kill minimum and have been drastically scaled back in Ghosts and we're still getting "Elbow-Glitched"  or I should say, killed the instant we see an enemy's elbow.  SMGs were much faster in MW3 and you still never died as fast as now.  Other folks would say the hit detection is higher  but I literally just played a few games on MW, MW2 and MW3 and had no problems with hit detection at all...  Every shot I took... hit... lol  So unless they made it so your bullets have a pseudo homing effect, I don't know how they'd go about fixing something that wasn't broken to begin with? O.o;

    Side note:  MW is seriously glitched out now <.<;  Glitching out of maps, on top of buildings, into the gas tanks of the trucks.. its bananas..

    A List of Gun Charts from all COD can be found on the Den Kirson Forums.  All of which are pulled from the game's .dat files and are 100% accurate.


    Something's going on here, and it cant be covered in the standard "its just lag"  when no other online shooter is having this problem to the same degree as Ghosts.  I only briefly played Battlefield 4, so I can't speak on it's lag issues or lack thereof and I have no interest in Destiny.  I did play a fair bit of Titan Fall which is similar in play style to COD and probably all of us have played Halo.


    Halo Series

    No detectable lag related issues.  The "WTF" moments in the Halo series usually come along when someone drops a grenade at their feet or pulls an energy sword out of nowhere at the last moment or someone is simply surprised,  but very rarely has there been any "B.S." moments in that series.


    Titan Fall

    No detectable issues with Titan Fall, but Titan Fall went above and beyond to secure good servers so if any laggy moments happened, I was unable to notice.  The game has similar play style and kill times as COD (as long as you aren't using a silencer) andthe game's developing company, Respawn Entertainment, doesn't have anywhere near as much experience as Activision so how on earth were they able to release a game with little to no lag issues on DAY ONE when COD has been getting worse and worse over the span of the last three years???  The point I'm getting at is that this problem, with all of Activision's money and resources can very easily be fixed.  Actually I wont use the word "Fixed" as it's impossible to completely remove latency, I will say "Very Greatly Improve".


    As for my pings...   Umm.. unless you have a "Trustworthy" site or way to check my ping, you can't possibly say my ping tests have no relevance and lets look into why.

    1) Those Scores are excellent:

        There are very few connections you'll find stronger than that without paying a very large amount of money each month.

    2) Because my internet is as "Fast" as it is, I should have NO PROBLEMS connecting to any host/host server EVER.  The only way I should experience any heavy ping/connection issues is if I'm connected to a host/host server that's literally in another country.

    3) That was the exact point of me showing my local ping vs my ping all the way on the other coast in L.A. lol.  So if you know a more reliable way to check my ping with CoD servers, please, pray tell.


    I think the main reason people suspect foul play is that Activision is under no obligation what so ever to tell the player base anything at all about what they do/intend on doing with matchmaking.  That and its so easy to implement a code section designed to hinder strong connections or stronger players that its hard not to be suspicious.  It's a fair possibility that the matchmaking's net code is designed to bolster people with weaker signals or even weaker stats simply to get as many players hooked on the game as possible.  And the scary part is that a simple xml code like...

    <if Player7 Streak Greater than = "10">

        <Action type = "CounterSpawn"  Distance set = "12 units behind" Target ="Player7"/>


    extremely rough xml example of a counterspawn setting.  A real code will obviously be more complex (or maybe not)

    and then there's the very strongl suspicion of w/e causes us to lag whenever we are near certain players and it could very simply be a random packet loss system or a Coin Toss put into play.  The Game may very well have a randomality in place that intercepts all gunfights, very easily causing the B.S. moments we experience.  It could be something as very simple as...


    <if Player7 status ="Gunfight" target = "Player3"> (Gunfight meaning both are shooting at eachother)

        <Action type = "Dice Roll" Parameters = "0, 1, 2">

             <if Parameters = "2">

                  <Action type = Packet Loss +25% Target = "Player3"/> (Almost guarantees that Player 3 loses the fight)


             <if Parameters = "1">

                  <Action type = Packet Loss +25% Target = "Player7"/> (Almost guarantees that Player 7 loses the fight)


             <if Parameters = "0">

                  <Action type = "None" /> (No outside influence is granted and the more skilled player will win)





    I give credit to BDobbinsFTW from his youtube video for this idea:

    "Will Advanced Warfare Multiplayer LAG ON PURPOSE? COD Advanced Warfare Lag Compensation Info"

    The man simply explains basically what I did in this long post but in better detail.


    My apologies for not simply posting the link itself but it seems every post made with a link attached is held under moderation for an uncertain period of time.  Please take a moment to search for and watch this video as it thoroughly explains that this franchise should not be lagging the way it has been


    Please excuse my poor coding skills as I only dabble. Many of us very strongly believe that something very foul is at play.  I think it safe to assume I speak for everyone when I say that we all only want the B.S. to stop.  I think we'll all begrudgingly love Advanced Warfare one way or another but the B.S. should be removed from existence completely. 


    And to quote mister BDobbinsFTW,

    "The best way to influence large companies into making decisions that benefit the PEOPLE is to ask the uncomfortable questions where everyone can see them"

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