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    Hey im a aussie sniper (**** off american and you butthole internet) and im looking for a decent clan with youtube and atleast 2-3 videos on their youtube so i can see quality! im pretty good  and hit atleast 3-4 good clips a week. <3 to all

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    So what if my clan is multi platform?

    It can continue ad such?

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    You didn't answer my questions?

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  • 09/23/14--01:45: Re: Cant access profile!
  • hi,


    i have the same problem. since 2 days! can't choose any country. becauuse of that i cant login to change something in my profile!!!

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    Well there goes my idea for an unauthorized Kim Kardashian killstreak to be put into the game.

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    I only watch YouTube videos from double secret inside informants that require top level clearance. That way I know it's true because the youtuber said it was.

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    Where is that info at? I looked at the forums and posters said they loved the game (which you don't really see here). Still playing "fine" for them.

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    Thanks stankismet!

    You should stick to posting other peoples pictures. You don't look foolish doing that.

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  • 09/24/14--00:54: Re: Help me make the jump.
  • This may not interest you but recently I swapped my DS4 thumb sticks for some X1 controller thumb sticks. I think it makes the DS4 a lot better. The controls are a lot tighter. It's easy enough to do as well(took me about 10 minutes).

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    i sent you a message

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    Resets are final. You should have or will receive an email stating why you were reset.

    Nothing anyone here can do to help you and they are not a topic of forum discussion.


    In case this was somehow an accident, you can try this link: Activision Support



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  • 09/24/14--01:51: Re: Impossible challenges
  • Noooo dont make them fix it Lol Thats a plus while taking out the ancestor when you get any other challenge besides that one really, those 30 seconds are crucial to make sure that ancestor is taken out before the heavy armored punks come.


    Honestly, thats what I love about score runs, the suspense building up before starting up the generator/drill. Hoping for a good challenge and the disappointment you feel when you get horrible ones at crucial gens. That just makes the search for that 'perfect game' alot more desirable. If everything was achievable then it wouldnt be no challenge as Im sure you got everything down to a T, but to answer your question...that challenge and the no seeker damage ones are the "impossible" ones for me. Its always great to get those at any other place besides there, like the trap challenge in POC - works great in second area but not so great in the third.


    For the kill 10 in 30 seconds what we've been doing is not throwing down a flare right away, soon as we see that challenge only, that way they rush us soon as they spawn and they dont have that creeping up animation they do when the flare is out. Have a grenade turret ready to go by the fire trap to shoot anything dropping down. When youre running a throw away game, throw down feral before the gens so you can see the spawns and make sure youre by there to get them, you wont have no more issues with that.


    For the no seeker damage; I think we've only gotten that one in the parking lot gens, what works best is if you drop a sentry on the door next to the disruptor schematic to make them blow up there and one next to the column in front of the tesla trap. That way if the trap doesnt kill them then they'll drop down and go straight to the sentry. Of course, keep feral on the whole time and jump before they blow up that way if youre lucky enough you wont take no damage.


    I like to think thats where all the scores are being decided, on that parking lot ancestor, so dont be scared to use up plenty of resources for that gen to be able to handle any challenge with as much protection as you can for both the gen and the relic runner.

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  • 09/24/14--02:06: HB1 EXTINCION CLAN??
  • Hy im looking for xbox one extincion clan ,or extn maniacs, im good player ,got all upgrades.hardcore solo Exodus world nr7

    Playing every day min 4hrs

    Add mee my nic -Vidmaaa

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    Like I said, engineers are really a bunch of kill whores since NO ONE uses that class to repair the gen faster. Can't say the same about WS since theyre actually earning those kills and not just hitting a button. You turn a (Tesla) trap on in Exodus and VOILA 20+ kills from traps per gen/door/drill.


    The solution is obvious and simple, TRAP KILLS DON'T COUNT AS KILLS. Granted, this would make some challenges actually challenging but it would avoid anybody crying about turning the traps on. Actually make Engineers +3 upgrade useful and have it be the only class to make money back but the kills won't count. No medic or weapon specialist nor engineer hit a trap JUST for money, nobody does it for solely that reason.


    I really doubt anybody will ever run Engineer again if it gets patched but I wouldn't hold my breath. This is more of a personal problem than a game malfunction. If theres no engineers in the lobby then theres no issues.


    In my opinion, the game is alot more funner with the traps off anyway. Makes regular games feel a lil like hardcore and you can actually see who has that gun skill and who doesn't.

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    Crucible is all you got? Pathetic.

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    How many dedi's they got? Where they at? How many players on players consoles right now? How many at launch?

    As stated before, you know nothing armchair fanboy.

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    If you have nagging questions of your own, you might consider starting your own topic rather than hijacking someone else's thread. But you already knew that because you've proved yourself on these forums. Proved that your what is content for another thread.

    A clue to a game running on some players $400 game console and not a proffesional dedicated server is the crappy connection you get and the large volume of WTF moments. Also it's a haven for lag switchers.

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    Now compare that to the threads about lag on ghosts and you just look like an idiot, again.

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    FavoriteApe3680 wrote:


    Crucible is all you got? Pathetic.

    Wait, what?

    You make comments about how much better destiny multiplayer plays than call of duty. I show you proof of your lie. And THIS is what you say? Wow.. your stupidity knows no bounds.


    Careful, you've got a little foot stuck in your teeth.

    Some people can at least troll well when they are wrong. You can do neither.

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  • 09/24/14--02:57: Suche Clan !!!
  • Hey ich spiele cod black ops 2 auf der 360 und suche ein aktiven, deutschsprachigen und netten Clan.

    Ich spiele das Game erst seid einen Monat auf xbox 360 dafür aber jahrelang auf ps3 also Skill habe ich schon

    Schreibt mir einfach.

    bis dahin immer schon weiter zocken!

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