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    If you are already at 350 teeth I would just stick with and get csa.  It seems much less daunting grinding to 200 than it does to 500 so why not get the more expensive one out of the way.  It also makes solo a breeze making those addition teeth that much easier to acquire.

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    Black List Souls



    We are a level 15 clan..finish 2nd and 3rd so far in wars. but due to inactivity of other clan memebers.

    we are active during clan wars atleast 4 out of the 5 days.

    we dont ask for much but only to play during wars.

    we are a solid group of guys that like to play and heckle the other team to through them off balance.

    Must have kd of 1.00+ and atleast 1 day of play time and a working mic


    Commander: slipperytoad87

    Lt Commander: GamerLogicz

    Lt. Commander: Truth_RFG


    if your are interested feel free to send us a message with thr subject being clan invite or apply on cod app to black list souls for us to check ya out..no try required as long as u meet the requirments..

    happy gaming

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    I have been having the same problem except its been a little more intense with me. it started off kinda slow and as a couple off weeks went by i kept on signing me out of live and disconnecting me from my current game session. Also sometimes when i try to connect to a zombies game...for example buried...i wait for it to connect then it kinda glitches out and stops connecting so i try to back out and i freezes on me so i have to restart my console its so annoying because i cant even play anymore. I have been having to play multiplayer which is fine with me until this problem started to happen with this game mode as well....did u fix it on your console? if u did how???

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    @Wow I had a blood dk.  A pally. And a bear. (Although I never raided with the bear). And I had a shaman and a tree healer.


    @ destiny

    I think I'll enjoy the titan and warlock the most.

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    I was just curious if any who played the prerelease version at the game conventions tested out the scavenger perk and could better comment on what it does. Obviously, according to the description, it gives back bullets to your primary and secondary guns along with an increased starting supply of ammo. My curiosity on the matter is how it works with relation to explosives.  Does it restore, grenades and launcher ammo as well like it did in black ops 2, or is it strictly bullets like ghosts.  Also, does it increase the starting ammo if you take the lock on rocket launcher? 

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  • 09/07/14--12:34: iTs ApOC
  • sup bro's and broette's.  Check out my Youtube channel I just started.  Giveaway at 100 subs!  Help me build it!  Thanks for your time!  -ApOc : /



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    message me when you want to play GT: Floppers699

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    I was playing in squads when a message appeared, saying, I have been kicked from the sever.

    And, that an error occurred. Hence, the above error #. 

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    gotsomestars wrote:


    Thank you for clarifying. For some reason I remember testing it in the beta and I could only play story mode. But maybe I'm confusing it with something else.


    No worries, brother...

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  • 09/08/14--12:19: Re: New game mode idea
  • Nobody is ripping off Titanfall. I think that perception needs to just go away.

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    Hello Crash0veride.


    I got your point about this but we can no longer change or appeal if you are getting a ban message.


    What exactly the message are you getting? Put it here please. Thanks.


    Kind regards.

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  • 09/08/14--12:22: Re: RIP Cod
  • Actually being a long time player of the series. Advanced Warfare looks much better than Ghost's and Black ops 2. So i will hold my judgement until i have it in my hands/


    As for titanfall. There are no issues with that game. I think it plays flawlessly. Only issue the last month and a half is lack of player base. It is forcing non ideal matches just to get a game going. it is to bad that the game died off because it truly is the better shooter when you look at it from a TTK, Hit detection, connection standpoint. Titanfall was the closest thing to past COD than COD was the last few years.

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    nicedrewishfela wrote:


    This mechanic really could make or break this game... it is that significant of a change.

    Quite.  The exo will speed up the game.  Make the maps smaller.  Except for the campers, buildings and structures won't slow down exo'ers.  I my opinion, this will render map skills less relevant. 

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  • 09/08/14--12:24: Re: COD POLLS
  • I just don't see this working. The game being out is where they get their numbers and feedback from.

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    Go on, this should be entertaining.

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    Hello RAY_OR_NICK.


    What is the exact message are you getting? Were you able to play the game before?


    I was able to connect online fine recently without any issue. Maybe that is on your connection.


    Make sure that you are using wired connection. Port forwarding and power cycling the system might help you.


    Try these steps too.


    1. Turn off the console through the controller.


    2. Un-plug the power brick from the console for 1 minute.


    3. Then plug it back and turn on the console.


    Hope that helps.


    Kind regards

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    3 hours and 33 minutes

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    Gotdam I'm glad I'm not from Tomball. I didn't say who said it first you diptard. I said it reminded me of the Jeff Foxworthy skit ...



    Now scroll back up and put your t-shirt on.

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    Hello UCD_281642482266fmaOpSGAdsAVQ.


    Were you able to play the game before and what message are you getting when trying to load the game?


    Make sure that your gamertag is link into your Call of Duty account.


    If yes, try rebooting your console and then sign out and back in.


    Kind regards.

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    Lol stop rubbing it in! I've been watching vids non stop. But the more I see the titan dash the more I realise I won't be doing much PvP.

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