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    I don't see why people get butthurt over something that was never likely to happen. We've never had pre-loading on Xbox before and it was only just announced that it'll come to a few games at Gamescom.

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    There's also the trend of players who complain, berate, threaten, yell at other players over the very weapon or attachment used:


    --I used the Millimeter Scanner in BO2 on a Vector with Smoke Grenades to capture and defend flags in domination --- called garbage for using a sight to see through walls


    --I used a grenade launcher with Danger Close to clear domination flags, drop zones, or someone behind cover --- I'm a noob


    --I used a Ballistic Knife in conjunction with Concussion Grenades to take out people at choke points or flank routes or behind cover --- I'm now classified as a female dog


    It's pathetic that counters exist, yet they are not utilized when they should and players point fingers at anything but themselves to blame for a simple death or a death that completely changed the tide of the match.


    If you're playing on Stonehaven and you want to counter the snipers, get a class with Incog, Quickdraw, and a Marksman Rifle. Choose the SVU with a silencer since it's always a 2 shot kill if not a 1 shot headshot at close range.

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  • 08/23/14--10:17: Re: join huzza
  • hey throw a h at the end of huzza, thanks

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  • 08/23/14--10:17: Re: Help me make the jump.
  • I find mine works better if I put on an American accent


    Never had issues with mine just turning on.

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    I was sceptical about it before i played the beta, but now i am sold on it.  Its been a long time since i was this eager to play a new game.

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  • 08/23/14--10:19: Re: Help me make the jump.
  • Yea, "Xbox record that" is a good one. Sometimes I get too excited and it doesn't understand the command so I have to snap the DVR, record the last 3mins and then cut it down.

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  • 08/23/14--10:19: Re: Another Playlist Update
  • Just wandering, how many teeth do you get for casual?

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    By the way some xbox owners are carrying on you would think its the end of civilization as we know it just because this time around PS users are getting preferential treatment

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  • 08/23/14--10:20: Re: Random thoughts thread
  • My wife does yoga and believe me when i watch her something else goes snap....

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  • 08/23/14--10:22: Re: this gif's for you

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    check your psn i sent u a message

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    i cant find any match on ghost on xbox one, my NAT is OPEN and i cant find nothing,it says "No game found", it started happening after the last ghost and system update, I reboot my xbox and i was able to find matches just for a few hours, then i couldn't anymore, sometimes i think my account is blocked, i dont know... anyone knows what's this ? Please somebody help me!

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    I agree. They obviously need to transition it somehow to the next gen but as for this year being the last year for all platforms, i cant see that being the case. Main reason being is because the majority of players wont go out and spend over $400 on a console just because of 1 or 2 games that are next gen only. That is why the line up is so important and why BOTH PS and XB failed to deliver the incentive during the past 2 E3s. Without a proper line up of games for either system, there is no incentive to buy the next gen, therefore the phasing out wont start until they DO have a proper line up and the games nearing release.

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    hey yo quiero unirme mi IDD es AdriixX02 soy bueno jugando y competitivo! Saludos espero que me aceptes!


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    Me and a friend want to do the mob of the dead easter egg if your a iinterested add me unbound_eagle23 must have a mic and know most steps and must be good or decent

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    recruitment games today!!

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    There's always someone who isn't happy.

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    COD Ghosts extinction TEETH farming on PoC 12 to 21 teeth at a time

          <<<<use link below>>>>

    COD Ghosts extinction TEETH farming on PoC 12 to 21 teeth at a time - YouTube


    and also comment if you like farming or just having fun not caring about teeth..


    i agree on both sides because both have good reasons


    --- please check out the video if you would like to that would be awesome


    everyone have a good day

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