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    I play Squads exclusively. I had given up with COD tiltes until Squads arrived because I simply refuse to play in multi-player with all the assorted fan boys, cheaters, coders and the other various lunatics you find there.


    Prestige levels are about points - so good or bad as a player eventually everyone can end up at prestige 10.


    But in Squads, even though I am on prestige 7 after two months of playing I have won precisely no reticles, gun camo's, uniforms, etc etc That makes no sense.


    I do not want either my prestige levels nor anything else to count in ordinary multi-player, because I do not go in there. I do want it to count where I play, in on-line Squads.


    It makes zero sense that I can prestige but not gain anything else. If there is a reason for this then I'd have to say it is a damned silly reason whatever it is. If it is an oversight fine, but either way, can this issue please be rectified.

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  • 08/07/14--09:43: This will the 1st game...
  • since COD 2 that i haven't pre-ordered and have no interest in buying period... I have pre-ordered 2 copies of every games beginning with COD 3. both me and my son have just lost interest in the series except for zombies....


    y'all enjoy and have fun with this game, i'm gone fishing!!!

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    It F****d does not work!In any way, quite and I hammered in the total.And swung in an extinction.

    Do you present as f**** awesome it is difficult to pass a map with 5 active relicts?Dy you make?Evidently that no (

    I do not know from their web-site of nothing did not work.Can versions different, can it is not, I do not know did not understand.

    And instead of that to catch hackers on servers, they banned on records on strange web-sites, certainly so easier.Instead of that to catch on process.All know that they swing with Cheat Engine, this process probably can cath с, but however I know because I am a not programmer and not moder.And the last question, how yet not banned you if you there were too?Does not find strange?

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    A support case was created for you and you should be contacted shortly by a Customer Support Representative, if you haven't been already. You can view and update your case at the Activision Support website. After logging in, go to "My Support" then "My Cases".




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  • 08/07/14--09:44: Re: PS4 update out now
  • Many past updates got off to a shaky start.  Lets hope this one works itself out like most past ones have.

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    Another thing for the wish list before the next installment of clans . As many of us are aware of how the roster lock works it still throws some into confusion that haven't read the rules or tried to follow them as they changed while they ( beachhead ) were trying to figure out what they thought worked and didn't work. I agree with the current roster lock system and I prefer it, but moving forward would you like to see as each clan member scored their first win for that cw have their name highlighted or some sort of marking next to it to show that they have filled one of the roster lock slots ?

    If beachhead has anything to do with clans in aw just wanted to get another part of the wish list out there.   Additional thoughts and ideas welcome.

    ITems not numbered in order of importance . Also note some are influenced from previous posts, and fellow forum members as you can see from the replies


    1) highlight members that are roster locked


    2) future version of the app to allow access from console and PC


    3) allow a bench system ( an area for inactive clan members in each clan so that you don't have to kick them each week )


    4) allow clan leader to authorize specific control rights to clan members


    5)clan tag on weapon - I always enjoyed this one


    6)power to remove and track clan invites that have been previously sent


    7)an easy way to track participation


    8)a solid schedule


    9)a one stop source for information


    10)easy access trophy showcase -- enjoyed this one as well


    11)please take note on this emblems are just about pointless-- by the time they are offered most clans have already created their emblems so have a better reward for achievement system in place


    12)have a better leveling system in place as well , clans should not be able to be max level in the first three months


    13)keep mixing up the game modes - this was a plus for clan wars something for everyone and make some get out of there comfort zone if they want to win


    14)allow a form of leveling up for those that play zombies, aliens , hordes , or whatever the alternative mode is. Have had a blast playing these modes.


    15)access to player and applicant stats -similar to the way elite had it with leaderboards included


    16)a place for clan applicants to leave a statement


    17)a place marker for when that clan hit max level for their size bracket - a way to recognize those that get there first diamond on clan tag for the first 25 star on clan tag for the next 25 something along those lines or even more detailed.


    18)I don't know if this is possible but something for the veteran clans showing how long they have been a clan and hit max level in each installment of clans ( reminder it is a wish list )


    19)a number on a persons application to show how many clans they have been in, helps identify clan hoppers


    20)change the opt out of clans wars option to an opt in for all divisions --might help a little with the lack of competition


    21)ability to "report clan" with sub options of name, emblem, cheating, and boosting.

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    If that's alot to you then I can imagine when you got 1000 teeth.

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    answering this question would be game suicide!!! good luck with that...

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  • 08/07/14--09:45: Re: xbox 360 clan help??
  • join my party WISP Turtlez

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    Tools to ensure best performance:

    Television with high refresh rate - 120 to 240 hz

    Digital input/output

    Wired controller

    Performance modem/router

    20 megabit upload Internet service

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  • 08/07/14--09:47: Re: xbox 360 clan help??
  • do u have a mike

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    Some good additions here many just add clarity to some that have been posted I may when I get on a PC put those with the corresponding in the main post ... Thanks for the addittional input to both 04c4a9f32c9190015480b3830827c7ca And 863b41d798391e0b257a000f3b043798 Once the forum upgrade works that would say knightowl and lifesong

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    are u online

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    I think that its possibly to do with the fact you can now scavenge an ark if you have the master scavenger upgrade and it cannot go on the honey badger. That is the only reason I can see them removing it from the maps and replacing with guns that can.

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    Hello DelutedSoul,


    You're more than welcome to join The Velocity.


    We have around 30 members, that are active.


    We are also in Platinum Division.


    If you're interested in joining, please have a look:


    .::The Velocity::. .::Recruiting::.. .::PS3::. .::Sponsored::.

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    The monitor don't allow to choice the refresh rate. I think it uses the refresh rate defined by the game/software

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  • 08/07/14--09:54: Re: waw remake
  • thats one reason why we end up paying 50 bucks for dlc re-rendered old maps...

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    .::The Velocity::. .::Recruiting::.. .::PS3::. .::Sponsored::.


    Have a look at The Velocity. You may be interested.

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    in the screen of the laptop it's ok..  My laptop it's a gaming one.. it runs the game at max definitions ok.. only happens this in the asus monitor...

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