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    HC SnD is the only good variant in any COD.

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    XCgD will let you in the clan if you can make and edit XCgDs videos and or make us an website you will get our gold clan tag will be able to play with us and be in the clan and have alot of fun we will also of course let you have your videos too. we would highly apriciate it if you can do this for us and you will be highly ranked in our clan or more info message get_pwned123 on psn

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    I hate spawn campers in SND.  It seems like they don't know how to play the game in a valuable way.  They rather just sit and wait for you to come into their spawn instead of hunting you down and killing you.


    This problem will never going away.

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  • 07/30/13--22:21: Re: Ghost Camo for pc
  • Nope.

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    There is a slight chance it could have been a glitch.  I saw a video yesterday where a guy got unlimited scorestreaks (EVERYONE got them, enemy and friendly.)  Check a few of their other videos.  If they still have those streaks with unlimited ammo, then yes, they are hacking.  But like I said, it could have been a server glitch, and they only got the unlimited ammo from that one round.

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    Are you interested in competitive CoD?

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    It is okay.  Not as much fun as it used to be.

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    i wouldn't mind harder challenges, as long as they remove ones that are just annoying

    i think the no perks/no attachments challenges were more obnoxious than difficult


    as far as weapon challenges hurting the game - i don't think so in a sense

    the no perks/no attachments and similar challenges just succeed at making the player gimp himself, and in return to a certain degree, his team, whereas challenges such as get x amount of headshots and the like come naturally, just requiring time and effort

    i wouldn't mind those challenges for something else or at the beginning, but it seems a bit backwards that you put all of this effort leveling up the gun, and then they just tell you to go back to step one


    without any optional carrot-on-stick challenges at all, people would lose interest and the game would die a lot, lot faster

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    Well there's should's and there's will's -- even the Intel HD 4000 or for that matter any current iGPU won't run Multiplayer. Solution buy a discrete GPU...

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    I did then you replied to me.  Maybe you should go back through the posts.


    The one guy wrote, "Activision might accidentally kill COD themselves by publishing Destiny for Bungie."


    So I posted "How."  Then I wrote, "I don't see Destiny outselling COD."


    Then you butted in with your comments probably without even reading what was said, or even understanding what you read.


    Thanks for making yourself look like a fool.

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    If you like iced tea well you are definatly gonna love our clan, SicT. That statement was probably more corny then popcorn, but what ever. So me and my friend have started a clan we hope will be A) Competative B) Highly active C) A massive force on any battlefield. D) Multi-Platform E)Multi-Title. (You may see recruitment pitches on other game fourms. However, if we can get people from each platform (I myself am PC, Malu is PS3)) then they can be sub leaders. We will have a website up soon.

    What does your clan name even mean?: Our clan name is something along the lines of Shadowy Assassins. or Assassins of the shadows.

    Isnt it nerdy to use latin in your name?: Your call, and to be honest i could care less. I think its awesome and sounds original.

    Can i be one of the sub leaders for the other consoles?: You can if you meet the requirements down below.

    Can i join the clan?: Yes but there are two categorys and one is only joinable if you meet the requirements. However the first will get you to the second more info later.

    Why is there no website?: This is apperantly a big thing to a lot of people, and that is okay. We have a steam community. it is http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SicTYOU MUST BE INVITED TO GET IN THAT GROUP Add me or post on my steam wall if you wish to join the clan we will go from there. Or request it here on these fourms.

    What do you mean a massive force on any battlefield?: I am talking about we are so good people rage and call us hackers, people see our tags and think "My goodness its SicT, be careful."

    Oh noes im not that good, my K/d is under 1.00! What can i do?: You can join our clan, but we will talk about it more in the "advance/new" section of this post.

    About: So you want to know about this clan. Well we started on warframe, belive it or not. Our leader will probably sit there and watch how you do and talk about it later. We are new, for now. We take what we do seriously.



    Advance/New Classes

    Alright so as i mention above there are two (2) catagories for our clan. The Advanced/Veterens and the New/Newbs. Now this is not discriminating skill although it may seem that way.

    Advance/Vets must:

    Have K/d above 1.50.

    Understand their playstyle well.

    Be able to figure out ways around obstacles.

    Be able to take a new player under their wing.

    Be able to take and follow orders.

    Attend some competions when we get into them.

    Be able to take control in a more sticky then mozzarella situation.

    Their tags are [SicT]

    Newbs must:

    Not get mad they are not in the Vets team.

    Must work towards being better.

    Must work as a team.

    Not troll.

    Their tags are [SicTn]

    All SicT members must:

    Be cooperative.

    Try and be positive.

    Aid other players wether in game situtation or if they are having some personal issues and need help.

    Not troll.


    Alright so if you are not that great or are a boss, you can still undergo weekly training. Which will include:

    -Map knowladge

    -Weapon knowladge

    -Weapon guides

    -Tactic guides

    -Perk guides

    -And other things.

    They will be posted in the calender on the community post. If you wish to attend please comment on the calender for that day thank you.

    All training types will be posted so you know which of the above it will be.

    Notes on your leader

    Stuff. :3



    Sub-Leader Requirements:

    You must:

    Be able to contact me, Ninja/Shinobi on STEAM. /id/SteamShinobi.

    Be willing to attempt and recruit players.

    Train the new players in becoming better players, not worrying about "That is nooby."

    Never approach a situation with "Well he is a newb he beat me like blah blah blah."

    Always find new ways to overcome a good situtation.

    Have good leadership.

    Be cooperative.

    Not get mad at your men for everything, we can read minds of opponents, but we can't read a mad persons mind. Tell us or we dont know to be careful.

    Understand your leader is crazy.



    Anyways comment below tell me what you think, we accept all types of players even trickers and feeders for those snipers. We do have a youtube channel, but we are waiting for members to make a clan-tage.

    Comment below if you wish to join with your steam id/ name & picture. OR add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/SteamShinobi/

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    I think we're saying the same thing here except your whole "24 possible combinations and 18 of them are wrong" thing.  I don't get that.  With a four player team, it only takes a maximum of four attempts to figure out what the correct order is. 

    And I already know how to do it.  I've done it a bunch of times.  I just think the way you're explaining it can be confusing to the nubiles.

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    wanna combine clans???

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    I sent you  Friend request. Lets try and get a few matches in this week to see if you like what we are about.

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    It include all internet, not just the game. As long as your anonymous, there's no blowback on you or in the case of this game, no one to tell their mommy that they said bad words. Until everyone is held responsible for what they do on the internet, this will continue. Just accept it or avoid it, there's nothing else you can do.

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    alright be on in 20

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    Thats higher than anyones ive ever seen - im 996 and im high. No wonder you dont lag - damm american isp - no wonder we dont stand a chance

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    Whats you clan called? how old are you?

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    I tend to be fine UK time until maybe 7pm, when the hosts start to go to US players, when my ping is like 400, as opposed to 50 on european host - then I lag like mad, EVERY night Always been the same, just never as bad as this game.

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    Upload/download speed would only affect you if you're on a super slow almost dial up connection or if you share your internet with a bunch of people.

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