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  • 07/28/13--06:08: League Players WANTED
  • Searching some skilled guys to play league play with , cause im tired of the leavers and nabs in the team.

    U need headset/skype Add me iNsaNeCrowNed PS3

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  • 07/28/13--06:08: Re: i cant edit my clan tag
  • If it doesn't say success, what doe it say? Keep in mind, there are over 60,000 clans that have been created on the PS3, not sure about XBOX but it has to be just as high. 4 letters is all you get which means most are taken. Keep trying other letters.

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    Hey man if I click on the link it says page not found and the same when I did it againt another 5 times. I will shortly introduce myself already.


    I'm Sietse Vliegen and I'm 14 years old and live in the Netherlands but I speak proper english. I am playing cod for 3 years now and I'm getting better whole the time, I now have a kd of 1.37 and a score per minute around 500. I play different gamemodes like hardpoint(where I currently am 17000 of the world), domination, kill confirmed, ctf, tdm. I'm very active and play a lot call of duty.


    Sietse Vliegen

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  • 07/28/13--06:10: Re: Another shotgun thread
  • My Exact Stats When i achieved my Shotties.http://i1346.photobucket.com/albums/p697/115zombieslayer115/shottiesstats_zpsd2b37b93.jpg

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    Hi everyone!

    T4G5 are currently recruiting new members. At the moment we have 7 Members, 5 Dutch and 2 English

    We are level 10 with golden clan tags and anyone is welcome to join the clan if:


    • We arent try hards but everyone in our clan has a KD of 1.20 and up so if you have a KD of 0.85 and up you can join.
    • MUST have a headset. We are quite competitive so a headset is crucial. also we like to have a laugh and of course we cant have one if you dont have a headset.
    • You must be able to speak good english so we can discuss tactics.
    • NOT hack if your a hacker dont join so it saves me time from kicking you.
    • you have to be 11 - 20 years old


    We have a youtube account and soon we are getting a HD Game Capture for some nice montages and stuff. pastedGraphic.pdf


    Please spread the word and help us get big


    Apply to the clan at: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/6154677


    And add me on PSN FIRST! :LD-BeaTz-LD


    We are also very active being online everyday

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    When running solo definately hctdm and hckc. Play the same when with a group but include hcdom, like it was stated above too many play Dom like its tdm. Only play core now for clan challenges that don't have the hc mode, and it is a great reminder of why I prefer hc. On mw3 I preferred core, so sorta looking foreward to ghost to see what mode works for me there.

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    Ah I see. You can't be arsed using the counter so it should be nerfed instead?

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    I agree with the ban. Your brother, sister, uncle, the gas station attendant, etc. it still your account and you are responsible.

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    I just chuck an EMP then a c4 at you. done.

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    If you’re looking for a gaming community for respectful, mature gamers and the chance to win prizes whilst gaming then Renegade Elite is for you.

    Renegade Elite is a Playstation 3 and PC clan formed in October 2012, we are building a community of respectful, determined and mature gamers and we currently support PS3 - Black Ops 2, PS3 – Battlefield 3, PS3 - FIFA 13 and the PC version of Minecraft. As our community grows we will expand further and we will also be a PlayStation 4 when released meaning we will support an even wider range of games for our members in the future.

    Renegade Elite on Black Ops 2

    Our Black Ops 2 Division has been a part of the Black Ops 2 community since the day the game has been released so we know our way round Black Ops 2 and no what it takes to win games as a team whilst still having fun.


    We host our own competitions and/or tournaments for our clan members, where on some occasions a members may win a prize for coming first.

    We play as a team on all our games so we go for the objective, we basically expect everyone to help one another to win the game and because of this although we are playing just to have some fun online we get better and better each day and will know how to handle situations that other clans won’t be able to.


    We are soon to be a Level 50 clan as we are currently Level 47 but we don’t force our members to take part instead we have set up miniature competitions for those who wish to take part so they could win a prize for the hard work they put into events.

    What else do we have to offer?

    Youtube channels of some of our gamers, B-I-G-DEVIL links all the clan members who make youtube videos onto his channel.


    A Facebook and Twitter Page for quick clan updates and for members of the public or clan to use to contact REEL easily.


    We will host even more of our own tournaments and competitions from time to time on the games we support where on some occasions members could win a prize.

    Requirements to join:

    - You must have a working mic

    - You must stay involved with the clan. Communication is key in a clan but we understand from time to time you won't be able to game, so we place you in a guest group until you are ready to get gaming again. Those who don't inform us and ignore our messages for so long we remove.


    So how do you join REEL?

    To join Renegade Elite you must first visit and register an account on http://www.renegadeeliteclan.org/ (remember to activate account via your e-mail)

    Then you need submit an application on http://www.renegadeeliteclan.org for the game you wish to join us on. (Your application will be completed within 24 hours)

    If you have any questions about Renegade Elite please reply to this message or contact B-I-G-DEVIL



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    Don't bother playing SND in pubs, league SND at most is as far as I go.


    SND pubs is all about checking all your corners yet still getting knifed in the back by onlyusemeblade fanboys hiding in extremely obscure spots on the map.

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    I have one thing to tell you.



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    A game is completely different then how something happens in real life.  In real life you wouldn't be running strait into an objective that had no purpose other than to win a game.  In real life you wouldn't respawn 20 times because you died.  In real life you can shoot a sniper while moving without ADSing and hit a target.

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  • 07/30/13--22:19: Ghost Camo for pc
  • will pc be getting ghost camo for pre-ordering Ghost

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    I am looking for a quickscope clan on ps3, I am willing to try out at any time.

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  • 07/30/13--22:18: Re: Emblem stealing...
  • Actually believe or not lol i bought the game and one of the main reasons was because of the emblem editor and being able to display your unique emblem. Whatever it is that you create. That's also one of the things that made this horrible game sell, and it will keep selling. And i am not buying Ghosts it it doesn't have emblems i ain't buying it. That's how much i love emblems you see, and seeing that there is a glitch it really upsets me. Maybe you don't give a crap because you don't how to create emblems your not an artist but a bunch of people care so yeah. Beside the other problems won't be fixed they never get fixed it's been like this always in other Call of Dutys.

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