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    Invite me too.  I am very active.

    XB360 GT - x Im Legendary

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    Im still interested, but I'm still looking for clans, but you're clan is definitely an option. I'll get back to you soon

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    Thank you anyway, I appreciate it.

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  • 06/22/14--16:55: Re: Download error!!!
  • Hello,



    A support case was created for you and you should be contacted shortly by a Customer Support Representative, if you haven't been already. You can view and update your case at the Activision Support website. After logging in, go to "My Support" then "My Cases".





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    QQuite like your idea and I watched the same film recently and thought it was pretty good

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    Level 24 clan, Warrior Nation (WNx), now recruiting for 360! We accept gamers at all skill levels, all we ask is teamwork, participation, no cheating and no drama! We have a great group of guys (and a few gals) who are dedicated and invested in the game. We have recently lost some players due to real life priorities and looking to recruit some fresh faces.  We have an elite clan that participates in Clan Wars Platinum Divison. We feel that with some new members we could easily get to Diamond since we've been so close. We also are looking to start up a competitive team and maybe a casual clan as well. We are about to hit level 25 which means red clan tags and all the perks. Check us out at www.warriornation.net and/or message me on xbox for details (gamer tag: MrsRebelCop).

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  • 06/22/14--17:00: Re: Headset doesnt work!
  • I have the same problem as well, and it doesn't only happen on Ghosts. I think it is just a bug as my headset works perfectly fine most of the time.

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    Ps4 send me a friend request need people to play with that has a mic i dont care if u suck my psn is TSumm420 either add me or message me thx.

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    Lord velius use to be my gamer tag but people were annoying me with their harraament after they realized I was a girl.. so I changed it my gt is cD Lady Velius. And i am the main clan leader, CD sublime fairy is the Co leader, you may ask me or her any questions you'd like. We are an open book.

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    Im trying to see my clan wars stuff on cod ghosts app? And it doesn't show my level or anything? Did I get reset if I did why I'm legit???Administrator

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  • 06/22/14--17:08: Re: season pass redeem issue
  • The PS3 to PS4 upgrade has expired now, But you said you bought the season pass for the PS4, maybe take it back to where you bought it & double check it's the right code for the PS4 version, if it's the right code make sure you download the right content , sometimes you have to download both not sure why ,(1 content won't install) but there is a recommended option I was told about by my mates online,(to save Gigs) . I would try this as well as post this question in the support area ,as many members here are really up to play with this kinda problem . Don't spend more $$$$ on another season pass before you try these options as well as ring up PSN  support here's the link http://en.support.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/app/contact_us/session/L3RpbWUvMT QwMzQ4MTk2NS9zaWQvSGVrc011WGw%3D

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  • 06/22/14--17:10: I need people to play with!!
  • Ps4 send me a friend request need people to play with that has a mic i dont care if u suck my psn is TSumm420 either add me or message me thx.

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  • 06/22/14--17:11: Re: HACKS
  • No, I don't think your research is complete. There are people with jail broken ps3's that hack your account for you, for money. They're called hacked lobbies. You pay them to mess with your stats, give you mods like wallhacks and aimbot and whatever else there is. All you gotta do is YouTube "hackers exposed", this one guy said he made a couple thousand hacking players profiles!!! He priced it at $40 so you can do the math out of how many people pay to do this, and this is just one admitting to it, there are more that do this with jail broken ps3's.


    So the hacking is really out of control. All there is to it. And its easier then what your research posted.

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    Can anybody answer my question? This very terrible tech support from my point of view ?

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    Im running out of options. Prestige 9, rank 49 and my game keeps crashing! it has gotten progressively worse from playing a full round to playing 10 seconds before the whole console freezes up. ill list some of the specs.


    PS3 SLIM CECH-2001A

    Hard copy of COD Ghosts, disc has some ware but no deep scratches, clean.

    I use a wired connection to the router, Comcast high speed internet with BOOST.

    Last patch I downloaded is 1.17, I believe.

    Last in-store item purchased was unicorn gun camo pack.

    Ive never had any problems with connection OR freezing until this patch was installed.

    NAT is always OPEN.


    Some info on what is happening..

    I will start a match in hardcore TDM like I always do, some seconds into the match after running around a few steps the console freezes, the screen is frozen and will remain so until I eject the disc and the system restarts. ive had no error messages pop up, just a solid freeze.


    At first I thought it may be getting too hot, felt the back, it was warm. so I opened up the top and ran it for more ventilation. Running cool, it still froze. Ive researched MANY forums about people who have this issue, most have gone unanswered, or answered with more questions. The runaround... That said, I have tried what some have suggested. Deleting game data, game profiles, going into the boot menu and using both options 3 and 4. Ive tried playing without any of my store bought addons downloaded, also with them reinstalled. It will still freeze. Ive gone to drastic measures voiding warranty and deep cleaning the dust out of the system and cleaning the laser manually. No fix.

    Skyrim is just as big of a game as ghosts and that runs just fine. My hardrive isn't full, I only have 2 games, Ghosts and Skyrim. Always taken great care of my system and my discs. No known damage.


    Most people who have this problem will say they are so tired of ghosts problems and threaten to quit ps3 for a different console. They say Ghosts is the worst release in this series ever. I DISAGREE. Ghosts is an amazing game. Everything slowed down, more relaxed and definitely more strategic play. I love this game.
    With all of this said, the release of this latest patch has rendered my favorite pastime unplayable. I believe whatever was in this patch had an effect on my console that makes my copy useless. Fantastic game, overall. I just need a little help from the devs this time. I know I have a really old ps3, maybe this problem is the wakeup call to the next gen console. I wish I could afford a new ps4 but ive got my family that comes first.  Great job Sony, I heard you stole the spotlight at E3 2014!

    Please help, woud love to max prestige 1 of the COD releases, got the closest with this one.



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  • 06/23/14--17:11: Re: Discussions ?
  • Are you Morgan Freeman? Kathleen Turner? A reincarnated Orson Welles perhaps?


    What's your angle?

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    I got in a modded lobby in Mw2 once and got 30 thousand points for one kill. I left the game by pulling the plug. Turning off the power immediately will prevent any "infection" from getting to you.


    I feel for you but I was only worried for about a week. So I wouldnt worry about it, the chance of you getting reset or banned is really slim if you tried to avoid it.


    Just NEVER accept a game invite from a total stranger for example, they can tell if you communicated with the cheater / hacker. Or if you voluntarily joined a game with them so NEVER do that.


    Otherwise you should be OK if what you said is truthful 100 percent.

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    The Velocity

    [Sponsored by Cinch Gaming Controllers]



    Welcome to The Velocity! We are happy to know you would like to be a member in our clan! Before you apply we would like to let you know that we like to provide our members with a comfortable atmosphere and we hope you will enjoy your time here at The Velocity. We will treat you with respect, and we expect it back. We ask for mature and honest players. We do not accept players who hack or cheat. We also want to help players improve their skills while having fun.


    Thank you very much.

    When creating your account on our site, please use the same username as your PSN-ID/Gamertag to avoid any confusion, thanks.




    [VEL] The Velocity is currently recruiting, and we would accept anyone with a decent K/D. The clan is recruiting on all platforms, we are a new clan and we are progressing as we go on. We do not tolerate any misbehaviour. Actions may be taken against the troublemakers. We will treat you with respect, and we expect it back.


    Thank you.

    Please leave your PSN-ID/Gamertag here, and your K/D. I will then send you an invite. Once you leave your information here, you'll have to send me friends request to me if you're on PSN.

    My PSN ID: Celeriity-






    - You must be able to follow orders from the Commander and Lt. Commander.


    - Must have a minimum K/D of 0.70


    - Must be active


    - Have respect for clan members


    - Team Player


    - Speaking English



    Cinch Gaming Controllers


    Discount on all their products using the code: THEVELOCITY

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    Hello all,

    Devastation Krew is a fairly seasoned clan with members residing in the United States and Canada, looking to build up our numbers and friends with SERIOUS players ONLY. Age is not a factor to us bUT we do prefer that you act mature during serious times.Any Platform welcome, but PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 are preferred of course..


    If interested contact one of the following members on PlayStation.

    PlayStation 3 LT Commanders






    Or simply go onto the COD:Ghosts game app for your phone/Tablet and apply for our clan Devastation Krew

    We currently have

    17 Members onPlayStation 3


    Feel free to ask any questions that you may have




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