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    On psn, you view their profile. XBL should have something similar.

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  • 04/01/14--22:56: Re: Remakes of Old Maps
  • Dome was a good map there's been better, why revamp this map? I think in the end their maps are just getting to crowed with rubble an trash and other silly props,

    You said ' they are depressing as all hell and make it harder to spot enemy players.'  lol that some funny sh1t , hey I guess we gotta give em some credit ,they do put a lot of time in trying to make or at least a good scenario for us players to battle

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    if you have quicker reaction time and greater situational awareness getting knifed is not going to be much of a concern for you these threads are just rage influenced posts after somebody just died when they thought they shouldnt have i mean do i get annoyed when somebody panic spams vaguely in my direction with an mtar? yes i certainly do but then i'm not asking for a nerf(isn't it funny how nobody clamors for nerfs on the mtar, remington, hb, or any other popular smg or ar?) the knife is just fine..nerf the knife and it becomes virtually obsolete everyone's complaining has already near wrecked sniping in this game..and i am new to sniping but it's very clear you are at a great disadvantage at just about every range sniping in this game..i am enjoying the challenge of learning to snipe in such a difficult manner though do yourself a favor though. setup a knife class and play that for a couple days hell a couple matches..lets see how your k/d starts to look and let me know how much of an advantage the knife has over guns in this game. btw the shootout knife option..dont even tell me you arent all going to complain about the animation being too long and being left out in the open defenseless after the melee and how knifing is now broken and they should bring it back to something faster but in the end..the best nerf for anything in this game is you getting better..and by the way i am not very good and wont pretend to be, im new to fps in general. as i've continued to play and develop my playstyle though i've found alot of things that used to annoy me dont annoy me so much.

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    Hey Clayton.

    If your in Aus let me know your PSN gamer tag and I will add you.

    Our clan doesn't play with international players due to lag and timezones etc.

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  • 04/01/14--22:57: Re: HeroHQ Survivors
  • @Iron - Yup, it was a pretty intense episode!  I really liked those little flashbacks to when everything was happy and safe with Herschel first convincing Rick to put down his gun to take up farming.  The way they went back and forth between peaceful Rick and Rick snapping on the Claimed gang was fun, seeing how much he had changed.  Man, that scene was crazy though.  I don't think anyone can really blame Rick for the way he reacted with the way the big guy was threatening Carl.  I really liked the moments between Carl and Michonne afterwards too.  Like how she was holding him after he got away from his attacker and sleeping with his head on her lap.  The Terminus people were certainly pretty creepy, haha.  Beth's fate is certainly looking pretty grim about now.  It's hard to tell how long ago she was kidnapped, but Daryl was with the Claimed gang for at least a few nights.  The end scene in the shipping crate was an exciting set up for season five.  The biggest surprise that no one died in this episode, haha.


    @Rogue - Which is why I never said that, haha.  I said that just because someone does poorly on tests doesn't mean that they aren't smart.  You can get straight A's on all the text book exams, but completely whiff on the practical application.  Or you can do okay on the exams, but are amazing at the practical application.  Things aren't black and white where good at testing = good at real application   Some of the wisest, hardworking people I know are ones that sucked in school.  I have a friend that dropped out of high school, but they've been a volunteer first aider for at least four years, been a skating instructor for ten, and have been doing pretty well in trade's school.  With a resume like that you can't say that they dropped out because they're just a slacker that didn't try hard enough or are stupid.  A conventional school setting just isn't something they're good at.  If you just focus on that you'd be hugely underselling their skills and intelligence.  Meanwhile, I know someone else who's gotten in trouble for skipping so much class, would chat on his phone instead of pay attention to the teacher, and would put off studying to do play video games, yet still scored pretty well after some quick cram sessions.  Good for him for scoring well, but its kinda hard to say he's a hardworker when he has those kinds of habits.  And those kind of habits will piss off people if ya bring em over to your job.  He's a nice guy and is pretty smart, but it can be annoying to see someone saunter in several hours late while you've been there working your ass off.  These aint hypothetical situations, these are just two real examples of people I'm friends with and I got plenty more.  Hell, I slept through half of high school and still got on the high honor roll with a couple of fancy certificates, haha.  I got good grades, but I'm not sure I woulda hired me if I was an employer.


    Did you see they just added Human Torch!  He looks pretty sweet


    Damn, those hedgehogs ruin everything!


    Haha, awesome!  I knew it wouldn't take ya long.  Is there really that many sidequests in FFX?  I remember there's plenty of blitz ball stuff and recruiting you can do, though not sure if that really falls under a sidequest.  It's great that you enjoyed it so much!  How much different is the battle system from FF X?  I know you have a much smaller party, but don't know a ton about it.  I don't think I ever played it since I wasn't into FF X.  I have a vague memory of Yuna acting like a pop star though, haha.

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  • 04/01/14--23:01: Re: Remakes of Old Maps
  • Yeah there are better maps depending on the players opinion but Dome was awesome for CQB and just overall a nice refreshing map.

    They do try but they also have to realise that all the clutter and grey washed maps is just breaking up a visual experience.

    Other COD installments have had shitty depressing maps too but not as the majority.

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  • 04/01/14--23:02: Brothers of Zion
  • Hello there! Fellow gamers! We are brothers of Zion a miniscule startup clan looking to recruit players of all types! We are mainly active late at night but anytime you're ready we are, we are here for the fun but get very serious very fast, we are located out of the US, and mainly looking for above age of 15 but we can work with anything so what do you say? Will you continue to be dominated by clans in a random matchup or will you stand on the shoulders of giants here, and become our brothers or sisters of Zion. Drop it here or add and message me on Xbox live ZeR0fReEk

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    SO i cant join this clan wars yet?

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    Give the following link a read.

    Achieving Open NAT - port numbers included. Ghosts V2

    One clear problem I can see is that you are using both PF and DMZ at the same time --> big no no.

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    The clan V3ngeful gaming is recruiting active members for the Xbox one and Xbox 360.We have a fun side and a competitive side so anyone is welcome. We have a great community and Fan base. We have two sponsors and we get huge discounts by using our code. Our first sponsor is "Just If I Died", they are a clothing line. Thats where we get our team gear from. Second sponsor is VooDoo Controllers. We also have a Website, forum, and facebook page. If anyone is interested let me know.


    Vice President of V3ngeful gaming


    V3ngeful Gaming | Facebook


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  • 04/02/14--22:47: Devastation
  • Just started the download for the dlc. Looks good from the trailers I've seen.



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    Aim of post:


    The aim of this post is to be an information hub. A quick reference tool to help out in the Support section.  It is not a comprehensive guide.  Reading this post alone will require some knowledge of using both platform and router settings . For more detailed understanding and guides please use the Additional Resources provided at the bottom .


    Please do not use this thread as a personal Support thread. If you are having trouble create a question in the Ghosts Support section. To obtain best results please include the following information :

    • ·         Platform (PS3, PS4, Wii, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC)
    • ·     Do you have more than one platform connected to your internet?
    • ·         How is your platform and router connected? (Wireless or Ethernet cable)
    • ·         Current port configuration method, if known (uPnp, Port Forward, DMZ)
    • ·     What does your in-game NAT type say (Strict, Moderate, or Open), and if applicable to your platform - what does your platform's NAT type say?




    Connection Overview


    NAT stands for Network Address Translation. Simply put, NAT is a technology that provides each device within your home network with a separate Internet Protocol (IP) address. An outside computer (think Ghosts server) sends and receives information with the IP address provided to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). From here your router acts like a local post office, sending the information to and from the device within your network. What we want is for our local post office to be efficient by sending information directly between your desired IP address and the outside computer.


    Objective: To obtain Open NAT








    With an OPEN NAT type, you’re able to chat with other people, as well as join and host multiplayer games with people who have any NAT type on their network.

    With a MODERATE NAT type, you’re able to chat and play multiplayer games with some people; however, you might not be able to hear or play with others, and normally you won’t be chosen as the host of a match.

    With a STRICT NAT type, you’re only able to chat and play multiplayer games with people who have an OPEN NAT type. You can’t be chosen as the host of a match.

    Source -Xbox One Multiplayer Help | Can’t Hear Friends on Xbox Live | Can’t Join Multiplayer Game with Xbox One - Xbox.com  (same principle for all platforms)




    Basic understanding of your Internet connection.



    WAN / LAN


    WAN stands for Wide Area Network and it is just that – a network that stretches over a large distance. For the sake of simplicity the largest WAN is the Internet.


    LAN stands for Local Area Network. It is the connection of devices/platforms in a localised area such as your home, office building, college, etc.

    Your LAN collects/sends data with the Internet via your modem. A router is used to send information to your various devices / platforms. Your LAN devices talk to each other via Ethernet cables, Wireless signals, etc.


    Dynamic / Static IP

    Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns you with a WAN IP address. This allows your LAN network to communicate with the Internet. In the vast majority of home internet connections your ISP assigns you a dynamic WAN IP address. As the name suggest, it changes every time the lease is renewed.  The lease can be changed every time you restart your modem/router. A static (doesn't change) WAN IP address can be supplied to you by your ISP. However, this costs extra and is most commonly used by customers who wish to run their own internet server. What a gamer is interested in is the nature of their LAN IP addresses. 


    By default a router usually assigns dynamic IP addresses to each device within the home network. This situation is no good if you wish to use port forwarding or use the DMZ function of your router. Once a dynamic IP address changes it will render any port forwarding or DMZ functionality you have assigned to a platform useless.  So what do you do? You create a Static IP address, within your LAN, for your platform. A static IP will maintain the configuration between your platform and router.


    A static IP can be created manually. Please use the Additional Resources at the bottom of the page for instructions.

    A lot of routers now days have a DHCP reservation function in which you can specify the lease duration. If enabled the DHCP will automatically assign IP addresses to all the devices within your LAN. This is user friendly; however make sure that the lease time for the routers DHCP is set to “forever” to make it Static.




    Port Configuration methods:


    To give the best chance of connectivity between your platform and the game we need to open up the necessary ports in your router. This allows for the game data to transfer smoothly. Not only does this help you to connect with other gamers, it helps other gamers connect with you.


    The following is a basic understanding of router port configuration methods.



    Universal Plug and Play is an automatic port configuration of your router. In essence, your router talks with your platform / game to work out which ports need to be opened or triggered.  It can work very well, although sometimes it does not pick up all the ports you need.  By far the easiest method of port configuration.


    Port Forwarding

    Manual configuration of your router. You are telling your router which ports need to be opened for a specific IP address.



    The Demilitarized zone (DMZ) of your router opens up all ports to the IP address specified – except for those that have been port forwarded.  Using the DMZ of your router should be considered a last resort, as it exposes the specified device to the internet.




    Setting up your router’s port configuration -- follow these steps:



    Step 1:

    • Set up a Static IP for your platform (either through your routers DHCP or manually)

    Step 2:

    • Enable uPnp on your router (default setting on most routers is enabled).
    • Restart your router and platform. If you achieve Open Nat – job done. If not – continue.


    Step 3:

    • Port Forwarding.  At this point disable uPnp.
    • Enter the applicable port forward numbers into your router – assigning them to your platforms Static IP.  Press Apply.
    • Restart your router and platform. If you achieve Open Nat – Job done. If not - continue.


    Step  4:

    • DMZ. Disable port forwards to your platform. Go into your router and place the Static IP of your platform into the DMZ. Press Apply
    • Restart your router and platform.




    Notes / Reminders:

    • Always remember to power cycle routers and platforms after changes are applied.
    • If you use the DHCP reservation of your router make sure that the lease is set to “forever”.
    • uPnp is the easiest method, manual Port Forwarding requires you to get to know your router, using the DMZ of your router should be considered a last resort.
        • Information I have read from "tech gurus" state that for best gaming results manual Port Forwarding is preferred.
    • Do not place an IP address into the DMZ of the router while also having Ports Forwarded to that same address.
    • Having two consoles operating on the same home network will cause competition for ports  -  common symptoms are being able to access multiplayer on one, while the other cannot connect. Make sure you give each console a separate Static IP.
        • First method: Use uPnp. 
        • Second method: Some routers are able to have Port Triggering setup - consult your manual. 
        • Third method: Use Port Forwarding for one console,,, place the other console into the DMZ.
    • Using uPnp and Port Forwarding together may cause conflict. If you are experiencing unstable NAT using both then you should disable uPnp. Please note by disabling uPnp you may encounter difficulty using PC services such as Skype. Easy fix - just re-enable uPnp for when you need it.




    Port Numbers required for platform and Ghosts (Port Forwarding)



    Every platform has specific ports needed for the communication of data. In addition to this game developers may use extra ports for communication specific to the game itself.



    Xbox 360

    • TCP:     80
    • UDP :   88
    • TCP and UDP:  53, 1863, 3074, 3075 (Ghosts)


    Xbox One

    • TCP:     80
    • UDP:    88, 500, 3544, 4500
    • TCP and UDP:  53, 3074, 3075, 3076 (Ghosts)


    PlayStation Network

    • TCP:     80, 443, 465, 983, 10071-10080
    • UDP:    3478-3479, 3658,
    • TCP and UDP:  5223, 10070, 3074, 3075 (Ghosts port)



    • TCP:     80, 443, 1935, 3480
    • UDP:   
    • TCP and UDP:  3478-3479, 3074, 3075 (Ghosts port)



    • TCP:     27031-27050
    • UDP:    3478, 4379-4380, 27000-27013
    • TCP and UDP:  27014-27030


    Steam Ghosts

    • TCP:     28910
    • UDP:    5165, 27900-27901
    • TCP and UDP:  1116-1150



    edit note: I have added the port 3076 to the Xbox One list.


    Additional Resources:


    Setting a Static IP


    How to Setup a Static IP Address in XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Game Consoles - PortForward.com

    A link to creating a static IP.  Just select your platform and follow. Also provides understanding of Dynamic vs Static IP. (For Xbox One and PS4 users – the principles are the same as old-gen consoles, just different interfaces)



    Port Forwarding


    Free Help Forwarding Ports - PortForward.com

    If you are in need of a walkthrough concerning assigning PF to your specific router – click this link. Also contains port lists for every game under the sun.



    Advanced tweaking


    The Elagaphant - Charlie INTEL Blog: Call of Duty Ghosts – Black Ops 2 – Modern Warfare 3

    A great guide to understanding online gaming connection. Does cover more advanced subjects such as MTU and DNS – but is relatively noob friendly.





    Xbox One Multiplayer Help | Can’t Hear Friends on Xbox Live | Can’t Join Multiplayer Game with Xbox One - Xbox.com

    For Xbox One users – a troubleshooting guide.


    Xbox Live NAT Error Solution | Can’t Host or Join Multiplayer Game - Xbox.com

    For Xbox 360 users – a troubleshooting guide.

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    I removed the DMZ. Still the same issue

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    WHats your clan level and division?

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  • 04/02/14--22:51: Re: Cod Ghost Wii U DLC
  • I've been keeping tabs on this for the past few days.


    That first point you made about Nintendo licensing makes sense, but in order for developers and publishers to agree to that, the developers and publishers must be paid, no? If they are paid so much to license/distribute their game, then some sort of contract must be in place, and in eithercase the developer/publisher makes money off of the eShop release. Nintendo could make more, over longer periods of time, but the developer and publisher would still benefit as the sales expectations are what they're looking at, and if this is how it were to work, then Nintendo must pay an equal or greater sum of money in order to gain this opportunity. The Wii U's position does not allow for a situation where Nintendo can pay less to receive more. Therefore, in eithercase all parties still benefit, but Nintendo would benefit more over time, not directly after the release. And, without proper sales data of eShop games, it's difficult to tell for certain IF they actually make back the amount they pay.


    Licensing doesn't mean they own it. All of us here own a Call of Duty title, but we don't "own" it, we simply only have the license to use it. That is how software works. Rights to distribute are another thing. Nintendo could posses the rights to distribute a game, but they must buy the game from the publisher. In a sense, you could consider Nintendo a retailer. Like GameStop and all the rest, they still make a profit off of selling the games, therefore, Nintendo is simply doing the same. It's of no consequence that Nintendo is doing this. If Nintendo is the one pulling the strings, then you can assume that they do not wish to buy the rights for distribution, for the Call of Duty titles, to be released on eShop. With regards to Free Fall, that was a "free" map with the purchase of the game on the other platforms, therefore you don't have to assume they bought the rights to distribute it. It wouldn't make any sense. With regards to development on the CoDs, Treyarch is usually the one handling it. Porting over a game takes many months, and porting over an entire map should take a while too. Would their schedule allow the time to port over a map? Or even would they be allowed to?


    I don't believe it's one sided. No company is free from guilt, and no company should be treated as such. Which is why I usually find something wrong with Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo fanboys. One guy over a discussion about Arkham origin's DLC not coming to Wii U was calling out Warner Bros. I asked the person if they purchased the game, and they answered honestly: "No". That is one reason why I think fanboys are usually full of themselves (and this is not directed to you, but a point I would like to raise about companies). No company should be treated higher than the other. They want to make money, and us consumers are what provide it. In a sense, we are also apart of the companies because we work for firms, and out money then goes back into circulation to firms and services offered by our communities and governments.


    Because I don't own Ghosts, nor did I buy it, I don't believe I have the purpose to criticize the game. That is why anything I will note will be strictly on what I believe I should be able to reply to from having bought Black Ops 2 and past CoDs.




    "The question of this board was to determine why Wii U doesn't have DLC, which the community has more or less agreed upon is that the Publisher Activision doesn't see a profit in pursuing DLC support for Wii U, which is inaccurate (And this lie is all your fault Mr. McGee)"


    I thought we agreed, back in Black Ops 2, that the playerbase was too low to allow paid DLC. Free DLC or specialized for individual use is another story. Heck, wasn't the Assassin's Creed DLC mainly skins, missions and continued single player story? If that is so, then Black Ops 2's and Ghosts are contrary to that as they require players to make the purchase worthwhile (I think at least). The purchases were mainly multiplayer based, and without a significant playerbase it really is a no-wonder to assume it wasn't worth it.





    "If these companies see profit in supporting DLC on Nintendo systems, why doesn't Activision nor EA see profit? Since you apparently can confirm lack of DLC on the eShop without even looking (remember your very 1st reply to me on this board?) I'm curious what your explanation for Ubisoft and Square-Enix wasting money might be?"


    EA won't support the Wii U at all until it becomes more profitable (they say, but I'm a bit skeptical of that); Activision releases all their games for the console. Destiny might be the first title not on the Wii U, from Activision, to my knowledge. Nonetheless, it's simple: What pushes a video game console in terms of sales? Service? Games? word of mouth? All these things have a part in pushing sales, and games might as well be one of the top reasons. Support for games too. Ubisoft, Activision, and all the other publishers see that Nintendo needs to actually succeed for them to boost their profits. In the short run, taking a slight loss by providing games on the console may entice consumers to buy it. In the long run, they could profit off of the continuous support they have given. It could easily also be through contracts. Nintendo could have had game contracts with these companies, and therefore the games are suppose to come to the console in support of the contracts they had together.


    There isn't just one simple reason to these things. There can be many different reasons why something doesn't work out. For example, I managed to pick up $1700 worth of computer software by giving some money to charity. How does that work out? I got more software in monetary value than I donated, but i still donated... It's business. Despite the fact that i flunked out of Macro Economics, I did learn one important thing from that course: The majority of the time business is just business. Businesses want to make money and if they don't see long term benefits then there are none to them. Clearly, Activision and Ubisoft see long-term benefits, especially considering the CoD titles on Wii sold over 1M units each (except for MW3), and Ubisoft's Just Dance sold exceptional well on the Wii as well. Wii games also cost much less to make than PS3 and 360 games for quite a time, so they both must have profited of those game series quite well. They both had some success in the past, so what is to say they shouldn't continue? These are just examples. It's 1am, so excuse me if I screwed up my writing a bit.


    In terms of DLC, it was known that the Wii was even capable of some DLC in the later portion of its life, and of course the Wii U at the very beginning of its life (Assassin's Creed 3, and the promise of a more structured distribution center on Wii U). Heck, I think the before-game patches gave it away. Instead of waiting for a patch in-game, I would have to wait at the home screen for the patch to finish. I noticed this right away when trying ZombiU on launch.




    "Since Black Ops 2, Treyarch ports over the XBox360 version of Call of Duty using a templated control protocol which contains prescripted code allowing Non-Treyarch editions of CoD to have wii-mote support."


    I would think they made this around the time the Wii was released (around CoD3 and WaW). When you code stuff, and you have something working on one thing, you could be lazy and just copy and paste the code over, but if the code works it works. If it needs to be slightly tweaked to work then it just needs to be tweaked to work. If they need to tweak the code, then this supports the point that coding for Wii != Wii U.




    Also, in regard to your post about that "new" engine, here is what I have to say about that.


    "Next Gen Technology" - YouTube


    I think there was alot of misconception and misleading information out there, but that was the beginning, and this is now. This is many, many months after the game launched, and those who have played it, looked into it and the likes should understand. I'm pretty sure most people here already understood quite clearly that the engine they "made" was not created out of nothing, but tweaked, heavily modified, etc. Whatever you would like to call it from a previous engine. Infinity Ward just decided to call it new because it was so different from before it was modified? I don't really remember, but were the modifications made apparent or at least noted properly—As being significant? (besides the fish AI bit).

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    Gentlemen, the countdown for Devastation DLC has been completed and a big update has been installed (about 2 GB) but when I try to download the DLC from the store it gives an error message “an error has occurred”

    Is it released or not? Or it will be released upon PST time?

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    Well, I reached out to Beachhead. I gave them the link to this thread. The response:


    1. Mike; Falcon@Oz_MickMar 30


      @TreyBeachhead G'day mate. Would you mind giving this a read --> from the cod forums, cheers. community.activision.com/message/415165



      @Oz_Mick this is handled by activision customer support. There are many ways to reach them
      hhhmmmmmm. Thanks for letting me know that. So, Beachhead just tells folks to get Atvi Assist to fix such problems. Even though I saw another tweet where Trey Beachhead pretty much instantly fixed a guys "classified' problem. One word: frustrating.

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    Ok. I should have deduced you were on a PC with the mention of a Steam server. Wish I could help you but I'm a console guy. I will say that some of the PSN guys seem to be experiencing similar problems. Here you go - try sending a pm to ActivisionSupport ... that CS likes to answer questions.

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    Recruiting now! www.dom-clan.org - new website and new features!

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