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    With the exception of bad boy who's been around for a long time, I don't think any of these people even realize who matuzz is or even get his point of the thread. I completely get what your saying

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    "Im not saying that, MW2 took roughly 5 bullets to kill"


    Only three of the nine ARs took 5 shots to kill at their MINIMUM range. When you add stopping power then NONE of the AR took 5 shots to kill.


    The Remington takes 5 shots to kill at it's minimum range. Why do you keep posting things when you don't know what you are talking about!"

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    I haven't yet seen this hack in game but I do know some good gamers who use decent headsets and certain perks to their advantage, a few of these gamers spray around the corner at the sound of heavy foot steps not at the sight of their enemy, just a thought to bear in mind before screaming hacker... those perks are very good, if you are good with them. Spawn points aren't so easy to pick out in Ghosts as they're still messed up and sometimes you end up right in front of enemies or they're spawning right in front of you. In the other CoD's I think spawn points are pretty straight forward, as long as you are aware of where your own team is re-spawning and keep a close eye on your mini map. The most common thing I've seen is people with all the perks and I haven't seen that much recently, Launch night was the worst night for that, I found more hackers had crawled out of the woodwork that night than I thought possible, considering the game was only like two hours old for me by the time I got online and had my first few games.

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    i'm not silly to persist in revenge, i may try 2 or 3 times but if i fail then i leave it be, but it does not change the fact that this play style grinds the game down.
    fair enough a whole team making there way around the map with thermal..fine. But the majority of the team sitting in corners with thermal and the scope raised just waiting...its daft and kills the game.

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    rather than it being an option it should determine how long the game has been going for. they'd need a few things like statistics on avg. game times of each mode to accommodate whichever mode the player is in. so if a match is what would be considered "half way over" it should not let you in unless it was /join or /invite. it's only a small step to gratify that many more people who have complaints. but after seeing how it would play out, it leaves room for improvements and vast changes (if need-be) in order to solve an overall top 10 issue with CoD Ghosts.


    just how i see it. otherwise you can just wait the extra minute and a half to get booted for inactivity. although i have noticed that leaving a match lately hasn't moved my K/D. it was still only showing games finished in the last 5 games played, and still is like that. idk if it's the same for anyone else. someone said you wouldn't mind waiting an extra 5 min to get a fresh lobby... well im sure you can go through at least 2 games that you join mid-game out of 3.... that'd be 5 min, just a little more button pushing.

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  • 03/16/14--19:06: new born clan
  • new clan made 2 members kd 2.0 if u want to joun send msg to IJUSTCanTST0P

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    I sent you a friend request from beavercleaver35 mason

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  • 03/17/14--18:30: --------
  • -

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  • 03/17/14--19:18: Re: We need Spawns feedback!
  • besides the spawns what about the in game music o when u capture a flag o everytime u get a squad point o even when ENEMY HAVE ALPHA  voice ARE WAY TO LOUD please keep this in mind thanx

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    KSAA is now looking for players on Playstation 4 who may be interested in joining a goal oriented clan with an established leadership that works for the benefit of achieving wins in clan competition. We currently are level 22 and with 24 members we reside in the Platinum division with ambitions to move to the diamond division soon. What we are looking for in clan members is motivated individuals who are team and goal oriented players who are willing to work with other clan members to accomplish goals. Some minimum requirements for membership are:

    Kill Death ratio 1+

    win/loss ration 50% or greater

    ability to play during clan wars.


    As of current we are looking for Core players more geared to Cranked, Hunted, and Blitz although all applicants will be reviewed. Upon application for the clan there is a 1 week probationary period in which the recruit will have the chance to engage in game play with a minimum of 3 clan leaders during that time frame to allow for game play analysis and to evaluate compatibility with clan members. After completion of the probationary period a vote with be held with leadership and clan invitation will then be extended.


    If you are interested in a more adult organized style of clan game play please contact one of the bellow indivduals on PSN. Once the trial week is complete and you have been brought into the clan we have two mediums for communication, we have a website set up for forums of communication to your Lt. Commanders and also a facebook group and page to keep communications open. It would be required to be able to access these items for clan communication purposes.



    night_rules- commander

    lingering_death- lt

    lkknowledge- lt

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  • 03/17/14--19:22: 1.6 kd
  • gt: eze bliz loko



    reply the stats of your clan

    members, kd, rank, ect.

    dont just invite or ask me to join

    i have a mic




    kd will continue to rise

    i dont intend on making acc for websites just a clan to play with on cod ghost

    im very competitive

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  • 03/17/14--19:23: Re: Lag Problem?
  • Uhhh a lot of people are having issues after the last "patch" they did last week which is right around the time he said it started.  I for one am running wired connection port forwarded.  And yet after the last patch I have been dying extremely fast, I will be watching a door sound whoring someone shoot them as they walk through the door they keep walking forward and I drop dead without seeing them even look at me.  Yet I get about 6-7 hitmarkers in the process.  The game is having major issues even people that don't complain on the forums are saying they have had problems.

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    It was a poll - I want to play HC SnD..


    Not sure what you mean by adding to playlist? Look up in search menu ??? vote and that will be in main page again. , Not many members here actually play Hardcore so they didn't support the poll

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    The time to become an elite founder has long past ,,, that was back in the beginning of mw3 there were only a couple of ways , to buy the hardened edition of mw 3 or for a certain time frame buy the season pass. So if you were not a founder in mw3 , you were not a founder.

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    Clan 'Bonded By Blood' looking for new players on PS4,  fun and competitive clan, serious players wanted.  We are currently recruiting new members to strengthen our squad after our last clan war.

    Clan level 17

    Clan K/D 1.43

    Active members 39

    Platinum Division

    Gold Clan Tag

    Clan Leader; BigWonga82

    Lt Commanders; Karterking23



    Clan requirements


    Be active during clan wars (at least 2 hours a day),

    Have a mic, as this is how we communicate in game,

    Have the Call of Duty App



    If you feel that you meet these requirements please apply at Bonded By Blood on the Call of Duty App or send  a message to two of the following, BigWonga82, Karterking23, UkzGiant and Lootsbrah with your PSN and stats.

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    Clan Name: #RawTalentGaming

    Clan Tag: #Raw

    Clan Lvl: 1 (Brand New Clan!)



    What we are looking for:



    Lt. Commanders And Members!



    We play, but are not limited to Team Deathmatch, Cranked, Kill Confirmed and Domination on both core and hardcore!



    We would like to fill our rosters before the next clan war starts so our roster is locked in!



    PLEASE NOTE - The roster will lock 24 hours prior to the Clan Wars! Therefore any inactive members will be temporarily removed before the competition.. This is necessary in order to compete fairly during Clan Wars..





    For now we would like to keep limit 25 members for the time being ( However this may change depending what the future holds.. )



    There are a lot of great clans out there.. Our goal is to form a community of competitive players and Rank up



    What we will offer:

    Friendly & mature members willing to go out of their way to help people.

    Communication via Ghosts App

    Competitive Teams (Xbox)



    How to apply:

    Go to the Ghosts app on your smartphone or tablet.

    Search for: #RawTalentGaming or Friend Me On Xbox One GT:KingMaskk

    And Apply!

    YEP,  it's that simple!!




    Myself or another member will accept your request upon submission





    Mic preferred but not necessary

    Add KingMaskk (Founder)

    Not: Clan Tag will be changed Once we are established, We vote as a team..



    PLEASE NOTE: Immature individuals need not apply! Racism and Disrespect will not be tolerated!

    Website Link: Coming Soon

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    IIf your playing in diamond you will get the patches that the bronze through platinum divisions get.

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    Last few spots left, clan wars start Wednesday!

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