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    Anyone with common sense and who played the beta knew it was coming...


    In the beta... I play by myself? No lag.

    With a diverse party? Lag.


    It's the internet... all the yahoos who hink dedicated servers fix anything other than minimizing cheating and removing host migration set my teeth on edge.

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    Macc McBitter Pants.

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  • 03/11/14--17:34: Onslaught Download?
  • I upgraded my ps3 ghosts to ps4 so i can play it for ps3 and ps4. I haven't bought onslaught because i don't know how it works. I think season pass works on ps3 and ps4, but I'm not 100%.  Here's my questions.


    1. If i buy it on ps3, does it go to ps4?

    2. If i fileshare it off someone on ps3, can i put it on ps4?

    3. Can i fileshare the ps4 version off a ps4 player?

    4. If I buy it on my ps4, can all of my accounts use it on all ps4's that second account is on?


    Thanks and please answer my questions

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    Hi, We are currently recruiting players for our clan, in order to apply, you must


    1) Have a KD of at least 1.1

    2) Have a decent WL ratio

    3) Be a very active player especially during clan wars

    4) Be mature and play with other members

    5) No kids allowed

    6)Have a mic or plan on getting one

    We are also looking to have a lot of fun in winning clan wars, and are aiming in getting all of the equipment

    Also tell us what level you are and what is your total number of hours, and tell us also what you will contribute to the clan and the game modes you play


    The clan is called Money $hots

    You can apply via the clan war or add Mikeguliz


    Only Ps4


    Reply to this post if you are interested before applying

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    Hey guys it is XxBuck99HunterxX here and today we are looking for new players to join our great clan for ps3/ps4 systems. requirements to join- .9 kd active atleast 3 times a week and very encouraged to be involved in this. Just message me on playstation if your interested 30 + players lvl 15 clan sexy clan. owner- Maxzmo7. We are Platnum division and looking to move to diamond thanks and please message either of us. XxBuck99HunterxX or Maxzmo7.

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  • 03/11/14--17:35: Re: Lag question?
  • More likely that people are just more aware now of Knifers in Gun Game and are not letting it happen.

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    can you go to our private fb page https://www.facebook.com/groups/theclosersclan/ and get added

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    We're a Platinum level team, we won our last clan war and destroying this clan war. We currently have 50+ members and play a variety game types to suit everyone, K/D isn't a deal breaker as long you actually play during clan wars.

    If you're interested just send me a friend request or message to my xbox tag The Zombie EP


    So for all those seeking their first clan or looking to abandon ship from their inactive clan
    we're a group of vastly different people that come together to have a little fun
    So if you're in the market for a clan, and want to have fun while also winning then we're the clan for you.


    Info about the clan:

    - Name: MLG Infidels

    - Clan Tag: MGi

    - Motto: WIN

    - Level 15 Clan

    - Clan K/D Ratio: 1.12

    - 50 Clan Members strong Xbox players

    - Everyone is welcome as long they able to be mature


    Commander: The Zombie EP (Me)

    Lt. Commander: hiTails (Xbox360)

    Lt. Commander: ZeroRilix (PS4)

    Lt. Commander: iM XboxAddict77 (Xbox360)


    - No K/D required

    - Be of any skill

    - Invite friends or anyone you know that would like to be in a Great Clan

    - Play with other Clan Members

    - Play whenever you want but still try and be active

    - Stay loyal and please don't leave

    - Be friendly to each other

    - Participate in Clan Wars

    - Highly Recommended that you own the Call of Duty App

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    Thanks for the tip, atiredoldguy.

       I actually remember in one of my early level networking classes in college, we discussed this. The only thing I remember about the entire lesson: the teacher claimed to have done a tracert to a gov website, and said it ended up getting him in trouble. He was an absolute chronic liar, though, and it wasnt until I was taking a programming class a year later that I remembered, "yeah, I think we talked about that once..." Amazing how much stuff we forget is at our disposal to solve problems ourselves. Honestly, had you not mentioned it, I know that this never would have crossed my mind. Geesh, I'm wondering what other problems I have been pawning off in the past!

    BTW: these classes were back in 2000. Can not believe that was 14 years ago....

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    You might have "answered" your own comment. You think the players are better later in the evening but you also see more "cheats". Perhaps there is a link there. Just saying, not accusing.

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    Maybe you're just a little sleepy that late at night

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    On Die Rise? many places, sliquie and no hitting the box is the key, the spot depends on how many players are present.

    Best solo is by the holy room lol, a room with a hole in the floor, as you jump down from tramp room, turn left just stand in front of this door. There is some videos of this you can finish round 40 with 1 bullet but it will take some ammo to keep the floor wet.

    Best team spot i have done is by the M14 door, you need to keep it closed and stay on the escalator stares by the door and it will work like a trap, they all slide of the building.

    The easiest is in the buddah room, just sit on the top of a broken pole and shoot the floor. It is tricky to trigger a chain kill with a sliquie but once you know how it works, it is too easy just dont let the train build up so they spawn quicker.


    Buried... i dunno this map is a camping headshot galore just about anywhere, best team spot is by QR with SVU.

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  • 03/12/14--17:39: Re: whats your fave camo
  • Weaponized 115/ PaP camo from Origins


    Oh wait, wrong game

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    K/D = one thing


    Loss / Win is a separate thing.


    They are not combined.


    Unless you provide the actual graph of your stats its hard to explain mathematically what happened.

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    TEKKEN44 Clan  info


    We are friendly players that have a good time joking & winning but always gets serious when the game starts! Team play is are game & we all have a job in the Clan, we don't just play call of duty ghosts we are a Xbox360 Clan that play all sorts of games!! We are never rude to are Members we are family! We never leave games. We are not quitters or rage quitters. We play the game we stay when the battle gets Tough!

    ClanLeader: Kicktjenkins

    2ndCommanderLeader: UndoneRabbit0

    • Level: 20


    • Members: 8


    • Roles: Assault , Support , Defender , Mixed

    • Active: 48%


    • Motto: Brothers in arms


    • A Family Clan


    • Team Players


    • Fun Players


    • Rating: 37% * * *


    • Helps Members

    Note* if your new to the game we can train you!

    Looking for


    • Team Players

    • Devoted people


    • People that don't care about there K/D Ratio


    • People That Follows orders

    Read below for more info




    How to join


    Once ready you are going to go through some tests/questions on xbox360 in game when you are ready please contact the Clanleader Kicktjenkins on Xbox360 in game message him for the further tests/questions to see your self in action


    Last updated: March /12 /5:39 PM

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    Thanks for the post, now it know there is no point in playing multiplayer at all.

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    As someone who works for an ISP... I will tell you that if you have a combo Router/Modem from your ISP, GET RID OF IT.


    Ask them for a Modem. A plain and simple Modem. And then get yourself a quality Router and open the ports on it.


    The combos they send out are terrible.

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    Hello HKENN55 I am the leader of CGC, we do not participate in clan wars as it is sub-competition. But we play gamebattles, clan vs clan, and pub. We are on at night most of the time, less during the day because of work schedules.  If  you are interested please visit chaoticgreedcompetitive.enjin.com

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