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    Maybe IW was hoping that most of players who play Ghost weren't around for MW2 because Ignition is so blatantly similar to Scrapyard that the it wasn't even 10 seconds after starting my first match that I was having flashbacks.


    I mean holy dogshit the maps are so identical that they left a forklift in the same exact spot. The vehicle garage is laid out the exact same. the downed plane in the middle of the map! Sure they dressed it up a bit, but not very well. there' that giant ball in one corner of the map that's oddly similar to a water tower on Scrapyard that was in the same spot.


    Remember that truck that was on fire next to a generator located in the opposite corner of the water tower? Well there's the same configuration on Ignition, only the truck isn't on fire.


    Most obvious to me is the office building adjacent to the warehouse. The stairs of the office building are exactly in the same configuration as Scrapyard and same goes for the decrepit warehouse/hanger. There's a ladder on side and the other has stairs leading up to the catwalk. Can it get any more similar? Yes, it can. There's the same vantage points and window set up followed by something more coincidental, everything is laid out on the map in the same order. The giant ball (which to me looks more and more like a water tower) is next to the office building, the ramp leading into the garage is on the side of the warehouse/hanger thingy. It's all laid out the same.


    The reason I care so much about this is that I paid for this map. I mean why not have the common courtesy to give me the same map. it's insulting to try to sneak a poorly masked copy and paste job into the DLC. From now on, instead of trying to tell me that the DLC features 4 new maps just come out and say, "DLC feature 3 new maps and a nostalgia map". Far less of a slap in the face.


    You could at least take me out to dinner first...

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  • 03/10/14--17:16: worst call of duty yet?
  • i thought mw3 had that title on lock but ghosts has really stepped up their game. 


    there's the worst spawns to date by far

    pitiful killstreaks

    weird aiming with anything other than a sniper or lmg (serisously the mtar looks like it's 8 feet long)

    suddenly there's lag where there was none (this game one saving grace up until now)

    ginormous maps (which makes the awful spawns reall confusing)

    sound cutting in and out



    at least mw3 had good maps


    seriously did infinity ward have a meeting, look at what was popular in other titles and then choose the exact opposite?  i can be a girl?  whoopity doo.  it's 1st person.  i can't see it when i'm playing. 


    anybody else trade in their ps3 or xbox 360 to "upgrade" to this crap?


    also, sony hdcp...wtf? 

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    I'm ranting about Ignition. I'm not sure how Containment got mixed in but I fixed it.

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  • 03/10/14--17:17: New Clan Open to everyone
  • New clan DemCountryBoyz looking for members to join and play with. Open to all players. We play on PS4 as we just started out but looking to make a legit clan and play with like minded players who just like to have fun and game. Search for clan and apply or Add me BigTS0513 or 2nd in command TrooperNasty and we will send invite.

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    Equip the following:


    Riot Shield


    Any Secondary (Preferably something explosive)


    Extra Lethal


    Danger Close


    You're now a god.  Others will now emulate your class and spread like a disease.  Good job.



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    Several games in a row tonight I have been constantly spawn killed. In one game, I must have been spawn killed 8 or 9 times in a row, and it may have been more. Stonehaven, one of the biggest map in the game, spawned me at the castle just for the same person to kill me 3 times in a row. Just before that it kept spawning me there just to be picked off by someone sitting in the top corner where you can see down to the satellite dish. And everywhere else I spawned there was always someone there. And it was rinse and repeat on almost every game tonight. Why on earth can't this game spawn you away from people on these big maps? Its like since I've gone wired and pulled up a bit on my kdr the game decides enough is enough and punishes me for it. I've been pretty frustrated and angry about this game in the past, but tonight just took the piss. I've heard a few commentators on youtube videos say this and I agree, Activision should stop making fps games because they suck at it more than treyarch. And if none of these 3 developers can actually move forward with this new console instead of progressing with a balanced connection system, I suggest they all quit making fps games. Its like they don't want us to buy these games anymore by proving to us how much they suck at making them.

    Here's something for all the devs to think about, I've said it before, but I'll say it again,,,

    TEST, the definition of,,,


    A procedure intended to establish the quality, performance, or reliability of something, especially before it is taken into widespread use.


    Read this and learn before you dig your own graves. Everyone involved in the development of this game should be disgusted with themselves.


    Yeah I'm sure some people here are going to give me a hard time for this post, because everything works just fine for you. I wish just for one night you could experience what its like from my end.

    Rant over..

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    triple OG - OGx came 3rd in diamond, should have been second if our wins registered but apparently they don't.

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    CLASSIC GHOSTS character not showing up on ps4 please help

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    Reapplied on app.

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    I've noticed on ps3 that there are people who have the ripper and it hasn't been release yet. I'm wondering how they got it and if they have it why can't legit players have it (assuming if they're hackers)? And also when i watch the killcam and they have the ripper there is not huge evidence that they hacked i.e. it isn't gold, their not max prestige or not showing a prestige emblem, doesn't have wallhacks on, etc. It also wasn't an xp lobby or have superman jump i just don't understand how they have it and why legit players don't have it yet.

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    My clan is currently in the platinum division and we have won 2 clan wars. Some of my members want to try diamond division but i cant figure out how to enroll. Please, help!

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  • 03/11/14--17:24: Re: ps3 RAID recruitment
  • bump

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    this is the greatest idea I have ever seen since I tried to save time one morning by making a roll up cigarette and sprinkling instant coffee onto the tobacco 

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  • 03/11/14--17:26: Re: ps3 RAID recruitment
  • add me on psn ShotgunBully412

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  • 03/11/14--17:26: Re: Flip a coin
  • OK I understand. You used to pull a .6 now you don't. All I am saying is that a Cod pro would never have that K/D


    You can go back to making excuses for your bad play now.

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    CLASSIC GHOSTS character not showing up on ps4 please help

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    nicedrewishfela wrote:


    It's a good thing Titanfall is here to save us all!




    Wait, what?

    i know i shouldnt but i am lulzing so hard right now

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    Glad to hear you got things working. As far as why that error was appearing, it has to do with the way the game is programmed. The game's programming tells it to display a disc read error message with the file name it failed to read any time it encounters a file that it can't access properly. This same error message appears on all versions of the game, including digital versions, as a result. Thus, the reason you are getting the error is because the system can't read the file for some reason or another.


    The message could just as easily say "Unable to read file: Imagefile 64", which at least would make more sense when it pops up on digital versions of the game.

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    Hi, We are currently recruiting players for our clan, in order to apply, you must


    1) Have a KD of at least 1.1

    2) Have a decent WL ratio

    3) Be a very active player especially during clan wars

    4) Be mature and play with other members

    5) No kids allowed

    6)Have a mic or plan on getting one

    We are also looking to have a lot of fun in winning clan wars, and are aiming in getting all of the equipment

    Also tell us what level you are and what is your total number of hours, and tell us also what you will contribute to the clan and the game modes you play


    The clan is called Money $hots

    You can apply via the clan war or add Mikeguliz


    Only Ps4

    You can join us, we were part of an old clan but left because there were many inactive players, we are all very experienced players and are all active, we played many clan wars in the past and won many times, if you join us and play with us you can guarantee that we will unlock everything, check us out, we are trying to get to diamond division


    Reply to this post if you are interested before applying

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