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  • 03/01/14--12:45: Re: Elite
  • Thank for your answer.

    Everyone said for what is closed and if they open a new project about the team to black ops; black ops 2,Warfare 3.

    We are nothing now !?

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    Sorry I don't have an answer for you, but I'm having issues with my purchase of Onslaught as well. I writing cause I found it funny that someone from support answered a few questions I seen here concerning money/purchasing something, but they get shy when someone is having a major issue with the SH*T they're selling.


    Good Luck and I hope your issue has been taking care of by now.

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    what division is it

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    Hey StretchNYC,


    Please be aware that PSN is currently experiencing issues with the Onslaught map at the moment. More info here Call of Duty Onslaught Map Pack. Once the download issue is resolved, re-download the Onslaught DLC and let us know if you are still encountering this issue.



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    lol im on PS4... but u r the kind of player im looking 4, because im equal!! u should think about getting a PS4 lol

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    Platinum but we do qualify for diamond but not sure if we are moving to it

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    That 2 shot thing , its a connection issue i bet , did you even check killcam ? I guess not

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    UPDATE: Playing with the HoneyBadger and DS. Huge increase in better gameplay and success. Combined with slowing down my moving around the map - no matter how "big" the map is - helps me enjoy the game.


    Yea, I still experience crappy spawns and spikey lag. But, I've complained about that enough. Sorry, I know I've gone overboard sometimes. But, I am having more fun matches by slowing down and just being extra alert when I spawn.

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    this also works wonders for all the haters youve beaten into submission who rage quit the think its cute to spam you with 3000 invites to slow your system performance, which also happens to me on occasion. even from in game this works, youll just have to reconnect.

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  • 03/02/14--12:54: Re: CoD needs a tune up.
  • The reach system was the 1-50 Bungie even said so at one point. I was a reach beta tester, I seen all the complaints about it not being there. Hiding it was to cut down on the derankers and boosters and sellers for yes those were considered big problems of Halo 3 by Bungie.


    It was not active in any other list but the arena lists. And it did work, just did not give players their 50 to brag about anymore. Which is why many hated it.


    The reason why is because they cannot brag about it anymore, for that is all the 1-50 was about.. bragging and epeen.

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    Hey perspective clan members!

    We are looking for new members to join our clan (LTO) L3ss 7han 0rdinary.  We play many game variants and will be partipating in clan wars.  We are level 6 and are quickly growing. The only things you need to be eligible are:

    • Have a mic and speak English
    • Are not demeaning to clan members or other players
    • Are at least 16 or very mature
    • Have a KDR at or above .825

    If you are interested contact the commander LTO P3r50na or me OnboardWinter72 via XBOX LIVE.

    We are across many time zones so try to contact us about your general time zone.

                    Hope to see you on the LTO roster!


                        "Now You're a Sharpshooter?"

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  • 03/02/14--12:56: Re: Glitch in Whiteout
  • In fact make a public notice just before entering the main menu - Message of day,Players caught abusing right of conduct will be banned from this game entirely.


    I hate hackers/cheaters and those who boost

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    "The Maverick needs to be Nerfed big time. Why make a Assault rifle that powerful. It says Medium range but I guess there idea of medium range is across the map one to two shot kills.


    I like the gun but its way over powered. Might as well chuck the other rifles out the door and just use the Maverick because its the best Assault rifle in the game."

    Where exactly is the "constructive argument"? All I see is...well...complaining and bashing IW as if you know more than they do, the ones who actually developed it."Constructive argument" means you actually show in-depth data and/or discuss things more in-depth to back up why you believe it's OP. All you're doing is complaining based on what you perceive to see in-game which, as many here know, what you see may not necessarily be what is happening due to things like lag and whatnot.

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  • 03/02/14--12:57: Re: War Cry Update
  • no update.xbox,pc ps4 all have update ps3 not..like they said:by ps4 or xbox1

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  • 03/02/14--12:57: Re: Call of Duty Please Read
  • I know your intentions are good, but giving out the web site address of the hacks will lead to all the 12 year olds rushing off to get a hack and only make things worse.  I could be wrong though. 

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    Been this way for a while since they believe they cannot fail. So they don't care to communicate for when they do everyone hounds them, makes demands of them threatens them. So why bother until there is a real issue.. such as check is not in the mail anymore.

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  • 03/02/14--13:00: Tournaments
  • Does anyone wanna play a 2v2 SnD & 4v4 MLG variant tournament with me on March 7th and 8th? The entry is free and we will win prizes. The console is ps3. HMU if you wanna do it.

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    Msg me I sent the invite

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    It's never been IW's thing to place the DLC maps in main rotation right away, that's a 3Arc spiel - they always have their map packs in the main list either from drop day, or within the week following. IW has never done this in the past. They typically wait until the following map pack to integrate the one before it into the main list.. every map pack on MW 2 and 3 were that way.


    If memory serves me right, the fasted IW ever added them to main rotation was the day each map pack launched on the PS3 (a month later).. but that only happened a couple of times... that's why I didn't buy the Season Pass for MW3, none of its packs were in rotation until the following pack dropped for Xbox.


    When it comes to IW CoD's, early access to the map packs on Xbox has been basically pointless throughout the years.. at least with BO 1 & 2 when we got the Season Pass we actually could play the new maps on the main lobby lists that day.. and we had a DLC only lobby with the moshpits... that was nice. I think the longest we had to wait was for BO2's second map pack, it wasn't in main rotation for about 10 days, then just randomly we were seeing them start to pop up lol perhaps that was just my poor luck with lobbies.. I am the guy, after all, that for the first 5 hours of Black Ops 1 was forced to play Havana non-stop.. it would either always get voted, always come up on the random/wild card, or sometimes the lobby semi-glitched and Havana would be on both the Next and Last list.. we'd all vote random, Havana... LMAO I got real intimate with that map by the end of my first day on that game...so yeah, maybe for those ten days I just had crap luck

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  • 03/02/14--13:01: Re: Map for Extinction
  • Do me a favour Bobby, try and post in your thread about BO2..

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