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  • 02/27/14--12:04: Re: OGC Recruiting
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    Our clan name is Crossfire! with the clan tag of C5FR

    Clan leaders gt: Siren Clearout

      message me the clan leader or you can message:  Worn Frenzy          for an invite and we will look through your stats.  If you have previous clan experience or the clan app or both please mention it it will help you get in the clan.


    We are a clan of 5 very active people.  We are in the diamond division with our clan wars from 7-11 pacific time zone.  We try to not just win during a clan war but get so far ahead that it makes it impossible to even try to make a comeback.


    We are looking for members with a kd around 1.0 or higher do accept people with lower than a 1.0 but it is recommended that you do have higher than a 1.0 but, we like players who play objectively and not just for high kd which is why it can be lower than a 1.0.


    You have to be willing to play any game mode during a clan war which includes hardcore and you have to be on most of the time during the clan war and if you can't be on during a clan war than please tell me ahead of time.


    As of right now we are trying to get xbox one members in the clan we might extend this to other platforms but for right now it is only for the xbox one.


    You have to be active, fun, energetic, and you can't get mad at other people in the clan.


    I do ask that you run the clan tag but if you do not want to it is fine.


    If you have above a 1.0 and are on all the time and don't dislike anyone in the clan you will most likely get in but we are not looking for a lot of members only like 5 or 6.

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    Ah yes!  Money is a bad thing!  Whoever wants to make money is evil...someone who puts the hours in to make a product should give that product away for free!  You are right!  I bought a car from Honda...every repair should be free, if I want to add an after market Turbo kit, they have to give it to me for free because hey, I already bought the car.

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    #1 player (PS4) player told me this on POC and Nightfall

    Personal Skill

    Never get hit

    Good accuracy (or just knife for 100%)



    Everyone take team boosters

    Throw a lot of boosters

    Get a lot of assist kills

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    I'm playing on the PS3 everything was fine till yesterday when I downloaded (GTM brussels 12:00) the dlc and after hours of not being able to play them till 20:00 suddenly I was but was classified in clan, no longer in clan and unable to use the app but able to play the dlc at last. I have wifi, but that shouldn't matter.


    best regards,

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    The whole idea was to reward the clans that had won 2 platinum division clan wars but, there have been lots of problems as indicated on the forums getting the DD up and going.As clan leader and founder of a clan moving up through the bronze thru platinum division, I wanted to build a clan "worthy "  enough to compete in what I considered to be an Elite group of players.the problems experience by many of the DD clans was full of down servers, down mobile aps, etc and a new glitch that you have experienced being thrown into something that was to be earned, but , was not. There have been several threads started about these matters but, bottom line is that until activision had been given time to rectify these glitches, Diamond Division will not be the "Elite" experience  I thought it would be. Good luck and good gaming to you....

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  • 02/28/14--12:41: Re: Extinction Nightfall Ps3
  • Last night invites were crazy!  I'll be signing in invisible mode this weekend when I make my Solo attempts.

    Apparently I already have a score to beat "yours"

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    it is un-fixable I'm afraid mate. the game was ported incorrectly and due to the game running higher than 60fps the game is forced to slow the game rate hence why you see juddering..


    The game some how managed to slip through the quality testing part before release (probably due to money) but hey theres always November :-)

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    All maps are pretty good, they're a bit smaller than the disc ones, which most of those were too big in my opinion.


    The gun is ok, either version. Not that OP, not weak either.


    Nightfall is fantastic, it's a significantly better survival experience.


    My opinion: Decent overall, great for Extinction players.

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  • 02/28/14--12:42: Re: Riot Shield + C4 Glitch
  • Eh, I never usually have quite as much of a problem with it as some. Maybe partially because I have my own explosive classes that have much more ranged options, so I can pretty easily blow them up from a distance. 1 shot or 2 if they have blast shield.

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    Ok just logged in to the app again for the 50th time. It works, I'm back in the clan and the app works again.


    Problem resolved it seems. For how long, I don't know.

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    Hey Pr1Vat3kill3r,


    Thank you for taking the time to post!

    Please follow the next steps and let us know if this works:





    ATVI Support

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  • 02/28/14--12:44: Re: Riot Shield + C4 Glitch
  • And honestly, there's been enough time. Pretty much everyone should have had time to develop a countering strategy to something like that by now. The MSBS is more of an automatic piss-off than the c4/shield, to me anyway.

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    I Don't understand the gold division war that you are referring too as a reason not to do diamond since platinum is rated higher than gold. In diamond the min max for clan sizes being placed against each other were tigher and for clan with 12 members and belows we only faced clans with the exact roster size as ours. Which makes being active that much more important . minus the app failure I believe there intent was that all clans that opted in play at the same time against each other which would put a higher emphasis on strategy and WL ratio.  The other part of that a number of clans that got the invitation couldn't do it because of the 4 hour windows each day. If some don't want to do diamond anymore they have the option to opt out and they will be placed back into the bronze through platinum divisions.

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    It shouldn't affect the prestige what order you unlock squad mates i unlocked mine in reverse order (highest squad point one first)

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  • 02/28/14--12:45: Re: Extinction Nightfall Ps3
  • Shouldn't be too hard to beat me, I had no relics but my drill was hardly touched and I only missed 2 challenges.


    But my relic attempts are right around the corner

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    dude yeh play with me add me jimbo-snipp

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