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    If your still looking, check out our thread


    [360] [NA] Team HACKshot Recruiting Competitive Players

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    Clan Name: UniQue_GamerZz

    Clan Tag: UnGz


    Current Level: 16

    Members: 13

    Clan kd: 1.99 (not updated)

    Clan Win %: 67% (not updated)



    All members are encouraged to participate in clan wars!

    We are aiming for players with mainly 1.2+ kd's but if around 1-1.2 leave a reply and ill try get back to you.

    Must be a friendly player, all ages accepted as long as they are mature and cooperative.

    MUST BE ACTIVE - if players are inactive or uncooperative they will be warned and possibly kicked from the clan unless notice is given.


    Mic not necessary but very much preferred and essential for recruits with lower KD's as communication is key! Please be active at least once in around every 2-3 days and active at least once per day in clan wars unless prior notice is given.



    We encourage that you apply on the Ghosts app just search Unique_GamerZz if you are interested or message Shawthing5 if you have any questions on joining. We strive for 1st in all clan wars in gold division and currently in platinum! When you join we will attempt to introduce you to our other current members so you get to know how we play and have a more friendly gaming environment.


    UniQue GamerZz was established back during MW3 and earlier CoD's under different names and has been a relatively medium clan with a maximum of around 40 members back during Black Ops 2. With the movement to Ps4 we are looking for new and active members to help us get to Level 25 and become a highly recognized clan.


    Thankyou, and look forward to seeing people join! Willing to branch out to different countries if member base is large enough.

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    Or, IW could actually fix it - along with the other challenge issues

    But yes, as an alternative until (IF, should I say) they fix it, let it die.

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    Are you suggesting BF is not arcade shooter? Lol.

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    If you're outside and get this (as in the second area just before the facility), then I will quickly plant the drill, and then run to the fire traps and turn them on or the electric traps (fully upgraded engineer). Fire traps imo aren't ever so good but the traps are and work well for this challenge. When you're IN the weapon facility, if you get this challenge, just turn one of those top/middle electric traps on, and you get this very easily. I mean, within seconds.

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  • 02/12/14--00:56: Re: platinums on night fall
  • I think it's because it's based on score. The longer you take, the higher your score - theoretically anyway..

    But I do agree.

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  • 02/13/14--00:58: Re: Thoughts on gameplay?
  • Please view theYouTube & Streaming Guidelines.


    Posting multimedia content without providing a valid, written discussion topic or requesting likes, views, ratings, subscriptions, etc. is prohibited. Our forum is not the appropriate place to promote your videos, streams, or channels.

    TopFighter | Community Forum Moderator

    Modern Warfare, Black Ops, Ghosts

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    can-can't xD

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    we are lvl 24 looking for serious gamers who will help as a team and put in the hours to win the clan wars just add me on psn ukwildcats1988

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  • 02/13/14--00:59: im looking for a clan
  • My gamer tag is stacked5high, real name Matt, from NZ, K/D is 0.840.  Looking for a clan to join.

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    No Clan Hoppers please

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    This is a recruitment for a gaming clan, mainly a COD clan but we do play a lot of other games. The restrictions are you have to be above the age of 14, mature, have a mic,and  register at DESTROID.clanwebsite.com, send either "PRIMExM1CK3Yx" or "OMGitsAndreJ" on xbox live. After seeing the post please feel free to visit the website and send messages to PRIMExM1CK3Yx or OMGitsAndreJ on xbox. Looking for good people and gamers with good personalities and gun skill to join.

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    Hello I am looking for some active players to join my clan. My clan is level 14 and is almost leveled up. I am looking for members that play all kinds of gamemodes and that will help with clan wars. So far my clan has placed 1st in the platinum division and we hope to win some more. If you are interested please add TheZedsDemise Via PSN. Thank You.   Note: You do not require a high K/D to join.

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  • 02/13/14--01:00: Re: im looking for a clan
  • Playing on xBox 360

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    id love to join but i was silver... ddosing is an issue for me.. 13 games my team gets ddosed... if its cool id like to join im good at all 3 games especially snd.

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  • 02/13/14--01:06: Re: The Case for KDR
  • Little Kiddies and their KDR aw bless them ,KDR Means fook all as stats are easily padded in this game they have been in all the cods so usually the player with a good kdr is a good camper or they have padded thier stats in an objective game by not going to play the objective so them little kdr numbers really mean nothing . JUST play the game have fun stop crying over kdr honestly it doesn't matter

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  • 02/13/14--01:11: Restoring My Old Rank
  • Hey Guys, my name is XCrookie and im on Xbox. My Xbox name is XCROOK1E


    Here is the backstory to my problem. I am playing in a game with friends when one decides to do face off. I then decide to do the same but just join his game. Then we play a few games of face off. Then we decided we could boost. This was not our brightest idea. So in 2 games of 1 v 1 we boosted, thinking "we're not harming anybody else". Little did we know that later that day we would be banned for 2 days. I thought this punishment fair enough. However, worse was to come. My rank and stats that i previously had were gone. I was left at lv1 no prestige. Needless to say i was devestated. All the work and effort i had gone through to reach 6th prestige was gone.


    At the time I thought not to contact support as this was my punishment. Futhermore, I doubted my request would be looked at. However 1 and a half years later i have decided to make this post. I have definitly learned my lesson and have not ever cheated in any way since. I reached prestige 1 lv80 and stopped as i could not go through it all again.


    So today i ask support. As the game is old and my stats were reset long ago. Is there any chance that i could have 6th prestige back, I love this game and wish that I could play with my old rank and stats. If you want proof that I was once prestige 6 there may be 1 or 2 things in my theater with me at a higher rank than i am now. Also on the barracks it says i have played for 3 days whereas on the title screen where everything is stored locally i have played 20 days. I can send pictures of these if they are neccecary.


    Thanks, I hope i can get my rank and stats back. I belive i was lv50 ish but whatever level is great.



    (P.S If this request is not acheveable may i have 1 prestige token. When i was reset i did not get the one for prestigeing in Black Ops)

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    The Swift Shadows clan is slimming down and looking for members who are the perfect fit. We want to be a 20 Member clan with half of our members from USA and the other half from UK or AUS. We want everyone to be on the app, have more than 1.0 k/d, and be online around 5 days a week. You must be active for clan wars as well. We are also looking for leader to help start the UK/AUS squad. If we sound like good fit for you, please apply on the app to Swift Shadows. We will only accept if you apply from the app.

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    Want to come and join our efforts in platinum clan wars? or maybe some laid back pub-stomping..

    visit www.instantdeathsquad.net to register, apply, and find a new family on any Call of Duty game you like!

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