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    Thanks Nuttin2say, great input as usual.


    In many ways you are completely right.  I don't need to elaborate on what you said about COD4/WaW in terms of perks evolving to MW2 because that's completely true.  Despite it actually being the next in the series, it's hard to place WaW in this blamegame because while it also showed some "cookie cutter" nature itself, that was not the game that had the anticipation and responsibility as MW2 in terms of taking the multiplayer to the next level. 


    Because of this pattern that MW2 started, which was really "keep fundamental gameplay the same, but add more variety and customization for the players"  led us to where we were today.  I sometimes wonder if MW2 hadn't psuedo flopped -- was not a great leap in gameplay - and then mundane balance issues like I addressed in my first post combined with rampant boosting which was a game design error,  if the rest of the series would have shaped up differently.  Because, each game from there on out was on a pattern to sort of "fix" the previous one.  But adding more is a necessity too, because it's a sequel to a sequel, so they have the responsibility to right the wrongs of the previous game yet add more on their own, It's like building an upside down pyramid and trying to keep it from falling apart.


    This leads to issues we have now in the gaming community like "blast shield doesn't fully counter DC" where, there is an expectation for it to be a 50/50 thing.  I'm not saying the overall design of these are perfect, but here is the issue.  I as a player, still accept the game and what is included, so base my classes and strategies on what is given.  On a daily basis I tweak and modify my classes and strategies, and improve daily.  So yes, I will never use certain perks/guns/killstreaks, even if I "like" them or previous iterations of them, and vice versa, my taste does not affect my gameplay choices.  I will never bother with SnD or SnR on this game. I only use the bulldog on strikezone, and only use it when the connection seems good or the enemy players seem bad.   I always use LMGs on octane, prison break, stonehaven, and warhawk.  I always use danger close IEDs on flooded.  There are things that I do, and whether I like the perks/streaks/guns, I choose based on what gives me the best results.  I accept the game for what it is, and realize that despite the time gamers put into COD, it's a one year game, these games if they aren't perfect, are not going to become perfect by the year's end.


    But, there is a massive contingent that spend alot of energy clamoring for certain aspects to be different.  Like I said in my post, I often don't think their specifics are "wrong" necessarily, but sometimes I question why the bother, when this game is just going to be changed again in a new release.  So yea, as more and more "stuff" gets added to this game, it indeed gets more and more complicated and convoluted. 


    So, this is creating the recipe of bad longterm solutions for a fanbase that keeps the same entry age, but also has repeat gamers that grow older.  There are too many people to please with one game, so the formula works less and less each time, since they also have to add "more" which keeps making it tougher to please everyone since for every thing a player "likes" there are that many more counters to those and sometimes those counters overpower what they like.  So going back to COD4, players might have hated juggy and martyrdom.  Now, players might hate Danger Close (too strong), Blast Shield (not good), IEDs (too strong), RiotShield/C4 (too strong), SnD/R (ruined by class), Snipers (too strong/not strong), Remington/Ak12 (too strong), LMGs, Sound perks, K/D non Objective play, Dogs, etc. etc. etc.


    I mean, I respect the fact that players complain if they're not being satisfied, because in actuality Activision advertises these games like they are going to blow your mind year in year out.  So, if the only gametype you played normally is "bad" in an iteration, it's sort of like false advertising. I do think Domination plays pretty well in this game, so I got lucky in that regard.  But I didn't get "lucky" in that shotguns are not that great, or that Blast shield is weak (a factor in capping less chaotic B flags), and other things that I may or may not have historically liked.  I just choose to do the whole "adapt" thing, but eventually, the population, which I also need first and foremost, will leave if this pattern continues with this franchise, and therefore I will have to jump just as fast as they do.


    That's why Ghost's turmoil is in a really bad spot because it was meant to reveal the future of what COD had in store for us in the next gen, but in a lot of ways it's showing us why it could be left behind without regret.  It sucks for them it was a launch title so was probably destined to succumb to early system nonsense, but then again, they should have recognized that opportunity. I mean, if Titanfall and/or Destiny take off, the Xbox1 population could become a Ghost town real fast.  And if that happens, whether I "like" either of those two games, I only play Ghosts because it's "the" competitive shooting franchise, once it's not "the" game anymore, I'm not gonna play it either, no matter how much I liked it or excelled at it.


    Long post, but it's an interesting time in COD land lol....

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    For discussions like this there is no outcome.

    Because different opinions on what is a athlete and followed by what may be considered a sport.


    And than about what the earn. That's not a really big problem a bigger problem is the soccer players etc. The amounts athletes likes they earn is just ridiculous and for what? Kicking a ball around.

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    what ammo do you think is better in night fall explosive or armor piercing that will help to take down the breeder in under 5 minutes?

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  • 02/11/14--00:49: Re: Name my Squad
  • So much honor even with a typo

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    delete all game , maybe i need whole night, 10 hours to re-download it.


    i tried deleted add-on and re-download / re-install it, but it's not work. anyway, thanks for your advising. nice day.

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    Disclaimer: Although we are looking for good players, we've decided to set low reqs.This is because there may still be players that have a very high K/D, but a very low W/L, and vice versa. (Don't let this hinder you from applying though, i know it's rough out there!)

    Welcome to TheBushWookies, or [TBW] for short! (Intimidating, i know right?) I'll put some clan backstory at the end if anyone is interested having a read.

    I feel we have really friendly players that get along well, and that pull trough to win those close games :3


    Clan Stats (Average of all members):

    • Level 21 Platinum Division
    • 3 Platinum Division Clan Wars Wins
    • K/D 1,5
    • Win % = 65 = ~1,6 W/L

    Everyone's skills and teamwork will be tested by atleast 3 veteran TBW members to see if they are fit for the clan. Of course, gunskill is not everything. We will NOT accept rude people no matter how good they are, as this would ruin our flow. Reminder: having a microphone is a MUST.

    The default requirements are as follows;

    - 1,4+ K/D

    - 1,4+ W/L

    - 2d + Playtime (The more active, the better!)

    - Microphone

    - Decent English (Having an accent is no problem )

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------

    To apply for the clan, leave an application below containing the following. If you do not answer these questions your application will not be considered. If you are not logged into Callofduty.com, simply send me a PS3 message containing the application form;

    • Your PSN
    • Your K/D vs. W/L.
    • Prefered Gamemode(s)
    • How many hours per day/how regularly do you play?
    • Lastly, tell us a bit more about yourself. First Name, Age, Country etc.(Optional)



    Within 24h of submitting your application, I will send you a friend request on PSN. We will then assemble a small team to test your abilities and communication with.


    My Main PSN is: MW3_NINJA (10th Prestige - 1.85 K/D - 3.95 W/L - Luitenant Commander & in charge of Recruiting and Callout-training).


    Last notes: We do have quite a few strong, competetive players, aswell as a few more average. It's pretty evenly distributed i'd say. Our members are mainly from the UK, but also from Sweden, Finland and Holland. The official Clan language is English. All communication and callouts during matches is to be done in English. Our timezones are GMT+0 - +2.


    If you have questions please post them here or message me on PSN. Hope to hear from you all soon!    ~ MW3_NINJA

    Clan Backstory:The clan dates back 2,5 years to early MW3. The original members (of which most still remain til' this date), used to mess around and generally enjoy themselves, doing things like Ninja Defusing, Stalking and using launchers in pubs. Whilst doing this, they still made sure to also play the game seriously, and they eventually reached Clan level 50 in MW3. Time went by, and sure enough, they also reached that prestigious level 50 Clan in BO2. Today, the founder and ex-leader of the clan, aswell as the new leader, are strong competetive players in Ghosts. Along with them, me myself (MW3_NINJA), and another Luitenant Commander, take care of the organizing. It's worth mentioning that i'm not one of the original members, i tagged along early Ghosts. Right now we have about 15 active members, and we aim to bring that number up for the next Clan Wars.

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    : at or near the back of something



    Definitely an accurate description then

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    we are looking for new members(male's and female's welcome) from any time zone or country to join our clan and help us win clan wars and to just play matches with good people that like to play. I have well over 300 hours of match time we are always on. unlike some clans we are not just taking "the best" want decent people who play we have 10 members looking for several more. looking for members who like to play for fun and competition, male's and female's are welcome would like k/d around 0.90 would be nice if you had mic but it's not mandatory, across all platforms, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Xbox1, and PC players. if you want to join go to the call of duty app and apply. if you don't have the app contact us and we'll get your info and send you invite. join us now help us win clan wars. people from all time zones and countries welcome. also looking for some people from ps3,xbox,wii,pc to help run clan from there, help recruit manage clan wars, etc. from their platform .

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    Mission glitch:


    In Clockwork, I came across a game-breaking glitch where after entering the lab and yelling at the civilians to get out, Merric/Keegan (can't remember which it was) freezes in a T-pose, floating several feet above the ground.


    I was then prompted to put my bag on the table, and when I did the camera locked up I couldn't move, shoot, or do anything except pause.


    I reloaded from the last checkpoint three times, and all three times the same glitch occurred.

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  • 02/10/14--11:10: Re: We need Spawns feedback!
  • 9816400b2606da743b2370a743ab35cd wrote:


    KC or TDM  Mostly, I'm on PS3. full lobbys


    Siege...you can sit and lean around a wall right at the main starting spawn by the red brick building and players will spawn in and run right past you...I believe this is the 'ghosts' starting spawn

    Stonehaven...bad spawns everywhere...Spawns in top corner in roofless building are really bad, you can be about 5 feet outside this building and players will spawn in there.. spawning in castle with people up in that top corner watching you bad as well.

    Stormfront...Spawn in little room across street from the red circiular building and try to make it across the street, and guaranteed an enemy will spawn where you just spawn and shoot you in back before you can make it across the street..(why this map didn't have a subway or tunnel to be able to get across that street without being sniped is beyond me)

    Also you can be in the library room with metal floors, and enemies will spawn in the little room with steps just off the room you are in.

    Overlord,,,I thinks its near A flag, theres a jeep and a red barrel,  opposing players will often spawn at same time on either side of the tall half wall, I even bumped into an enemy when we both spawned at same times on opposite sides of the wall and starting running at same time, which is about 2 feet from each other..


    Whiteout...I was in the sawmill and had enemies spawn in the same room as me, or you can be just outside the door and they will spawn in there behind you...or you can be just inside the door and they will spawn just outside by the little corner rock that people sometimes camp at...about 5 feet away from you...


    Warhawk....you can sit on the wooden steps of the apartment by the carport and watch players spawn in in that corner street where players sometimes camp...

    also same thing on other end of map...Standing in alley between bar and the other building, or just inside bar, and players will spawn in the corner street about 5 feet from you...


    These are some really bad ones I thought of just off the top of my head..

    these are all full lobbys BTW

    Chasm ...Add some bad spawns to this list...

    sit on the large stairs in the hotel, and players will spawn in the set of double subway stairs and run right past you...bad bad...

    Or you can be just outside the restaurant and players will spawn behind you in the corner by the donut shop

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  • 02/12/14--00:22: Re: Looking for a PS4 Clan
  • bump

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    YYes your right I use the mixamp it cost £110. It's not more complex it's just a different headset and mic I use and altogether my setup cost £150 in total. A40s cost £200 and a50s cost £250 and it's the headset you want to get right the mixamp is just a bonus, my headset on its own would still be great for footsteps because there semi open. Also these astro turtle beach headsets are very cheaply made if they break you need to buy everything again, if my headset breaks I'm only £30 for a new headset not £200 or £250. Basically gaming headsets are way over priced for what you get.

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    as most of us missed ( in differents lobbies ) the comp challenge a few times in the Facility with a weapon challenge  i thought about a strategy (feeback and suggestions are welcome ):

    as when you are in the facility you usually have less cash i suggest to:

    1) before going into the building the 4 players MUST have pistols+3 in order to have 2 others weapons

    .2)before going in the building  all players have a weapon of their choice with which they like going arround and for the second weapon all players should  have a different weapon class ( 1 lmg , 1 shotgun , 1 smg , 1 sniper  for exemple)

    3) as in the first 2 areas we haven t many troubles , we should keep 1 locker key for every player to use in the facility.

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    that is a valid question glad someone thinks enough to realize this. lot of people here are to brain dead to see this.

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  • 02/12/14--00:32: Re: Rescue kills
  • Find a headless chicken in your team and cover him. Play normally and keep your main goal to keep the headless chicken alive. You will finish in one go lol.


    Works for me

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  • 02/12/14--00:33: Just Wondering!
  • Any information on why my ghost game wont load and goes to a black screen? Also had problems with campaign loading on diffrent save points before i even clicked to load anything.. seen posts like mine with no answer so whats up?

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    I was playing HC Dom on Bayview. It was split screen and i was standing in the Aquarium watching "B". An enemy player threw what i assumed was a smoke grenade to cover "B" but the smoke was purple.

    I have discussed this with other players and no one can come up with an explanation, it was not a supply crate as nothing was dropped after.

    I recorded it but have no idea how to upload it to this site. It is on facebook under Arcane Fury if you wish to view it. Arcane Fury is the top screen where it is seen the clearest.

    Can anyone explain what it is?

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