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  • 01/30/14--19:52: Ghosts DLC not working?
  • I bought a season pass, downloaded it on the dashboard, and now it says it is on my memory unit. I go to play the game, and the DLC doesn't load. When I look at my download history, the DLC is not on there which I know I downloaded it on that profile because 1) it is on the memory unit (but won't load in game) and 2) my profile is the only one of the xbox. So I was wondering if anyone is having a similar problem and has a solution? Also, do not say delete and redownload because when I try to redownload it costs money which it shouldn't since I have a season pass, and so I am afraid to delete it because the code has been used already.

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  • 01/30/14--19:52: I Hate Thermal Sight
  •     I know I'm probably going to sound like I'm just whining but seriously, I DESPISE thermal sight. I'll be walking halfway down the map when out of nowhere I'll be killed. I watch the kill-cam and sure enough, some stupid sniper with a thermal scope is sitting in some grass and can see me clear as day. I've tried to use the perk that doesn't make you show up on thermal but it really doesn't help that much. Maybe it's just me but it seems like thermal is just my worst enemy when it comes to COD. I don't mind it that much on assault rifles and SMG's but on marksman rifles and sniper's they're just too annoying. And the worst part is when I try to use thermal sight on any of my weapons, I do terrible, like REALLY bad. Oh well, maybe it's just me...

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    Hey Rsbotter2004,


    Can you confirm that when you unlink your account, you cleared your web browser cache and cookies when doing so, then after linking your account, played a full multiplayer match to help your account sync on the servers. Let us know if that helps!




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  • 01/31/14--19:44: Re: Wow guys check this out.
  • Yeah, I sent this vid to Dev on Twitter. That is just disgusting.

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    yeah. ive never-ever encountered that issue on bo2. only with ghost, i haven't been playing any bo2, that is strange.

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    Ghosts is the most balanced and difficult Call of Duty ever made.


    Bang, i said it. And for this it deserves high praise as this is no easy feat. I feel like they have observed and learnt from the previous games which elements were over the top. It also seems like a successful attempt to reinvent and increase the difficulty of playing somewhat, but still managing to allow for all styles of play from rushing to defensive (We're oviously witnessing alot of defensive play since moving around aggressively has the increased hazard of multiple attack points vs the more A and B layout of previous games).
    The weapon balance imo is fantastically well done. Every class of weapon seems to fit in well and does its job with no overlapping or overreach into the next class (MTAR could use a touch of range drop). Look at the move to patch the MSBS, it seems like they are really on the ball.

    Also i feel like the weapons have individual character more akin to COD4, are not laser weapons like other titles and when you look at the weapon stats such as dmg drop-off you can see how each weapon could be useful in different scenarios and maps and not neccesarily the 'always dominant' weapon.

    For me, there isn't a poor assault rifle, although i need to spend more time with the SA-805. With the SMGs i started with the MTAR, then fell in love with the COD4 MP5 vibe of the K7, destroyed close range with the Bizon and have now fallen slap bang in the middle with the Vepr which im finding to be the best do-it-all even over the MTAR as i i find the TTK more preferable on the Vepr.

    I like the killstreaks. They are just not over the top or match destroying. Even the Helo-Pilot takes some work to manoeuvre and is not an insane reap machine. I.M.S is crazy fun to lay down, not difficult to counter (once bitten, twice shy). People complain about the dog but i think its simply amazing, doesn't get that many kills (except it eats corner campers - good boy) and if you're -not- lagging is actually easy to kill, unless you're approached or encountered from an awkward angle. Maniac is just entertaining, again, easily countered and sure to drop soon enough

    Oh and SATCOMs, what a difference it has made to playstyle not having dots to chase down constantly on the map. Even when there are simultaneous SATCOMs up, which in pub games will be brief, you can be sure there are alot of players running stealth.


    I could go on about other well considered 'touches' put into this game that make it great but i'll spare you the boredom for the moment. Outside of COD4 (minus martyrdom and op M16), this game technically feels close to that balanced and challenging nirvana that i've always wanted COD to be.


    Although, there is a downside to this balance and difficulty and that is.. boredom. After so much praise its a really negative thing to say about the game but this was my initial impression. The map layouts perhaps being the biggest contributer to the boring feel. But i think that now i know the maps well, as well as experimentation with weapons and perks -(which are superb and none op (Amplify discuss)), the upcoming maps and as more players become as familiar with the game, i think its a really good COD, constantly something to get my teeth into and believe it or not hilarious at times.


    If i could change anything i would decrease dieing speed (although good for competitive) so that perhaps a large portion of players wouldn't be so scared and slow down the game speed significantly in response. Besides, with the lag etc, its just too fast, i often can't distinguish the difference between being one shot with a sniper rifle or shot with an assault rifle. Also, bring back Headquarters. Are you serious ! Where is it !


    p.s. Some walls need to allow bullet penetration, specifically the notorious camper spots which one can park in for the entire match, and grind everything to a halt. Lets start with the map Warhawk cough.

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    We are up to 7 members now. Very competitive dedicated guys. We are looking for commited players that like to have fun and win as well..none of us have 2+ k.ds and by no means are we the best in the world but we do well.




    we dont care about k.d its communication that is number one on our list

    Must have a mic

    must be active during clan wars amd practices which we will discuss as a clan

    must be commited..we all wanna wi. A few clan wars in the future

    must be a tm player call out and such are key to winning


    please add me on ps4 sportsguru5150 or apply on app and we will review apps immediently


    lets get this thing rollin and get some wins if u wanna win and have fun with a group of good guys cali elites is tbe clan for you


    looking forward to hearing from U soon

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    somebody jumped off a catwalk on octane, i put a few bullets in him then he flew back up to the catwalk again, the back down and died. his teammate ran up the hill and knifed me as i was jumping and my body rag-dolled like ten feet. i also put a ton of ammo into a guy who just stood there flickering in place, then he killed me, but in the killkam i never even fired. none of these issues were occurring to me before those numbers changed, especially not several matches several, times per day. nap and i started a match with the countdown beginning on 3 last night...

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    Its encouraging to hear that, im probably on the right path to fixing this situation. Thanks for the reply dude.

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    Whats up everyone I'm currently looking for more members to my clan Modified Killers  (MK). We are a new CoD Ghost clan but been a strong gaming clan for years and looking to start a strong CoD Clan. We are currently taking part in Clan Wars and keeping up with updates and also working on the Clan emblem, also we are ranked 1st in our Platinum division on clan wars and we did this with only 3 people and we are invited to Diamond Clan wars that starts in February. Now if you are looking for a clan and want to join MK please have a KDA of at least 1.0


    or can leave a comment here with your gamertag then I will send a invite your way.

    Thanks for your time :-)

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  • 01/31/14--19:54: Does DLC not transfer?
  • Hello I was wondering does the DLC transfer from 360 to XB1? If it doesnt then no point in getting it now when I will be getting an XB1 next month.

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    no little kids, must be mature. 1.0+ k/d reply to thread or apply brand new clan. first members will have the best positions https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/12721343

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  • 01/31/14--19:55: i was removed from a clan
  • i downloaded cod app to my phone and clicked on apply under find or join clan. it said on there i could because i with draw from it. anyways hours later i went on my ps3 to play ghosts and i noticed when i go into barracks i no longer have a clan. clan details is locked and create a clan is not. what happened there? did i do something wrong on the mobile app? please help

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    More information would be helpful.  What platform are you playing on, xbox one, xbox 360, ps3, ect...

    A hard reset helps with this particular problem, at least for the xbox one anyway.  Hold the power button down till the console reboots itself, it will take longer to start than when waking up from sleep mode.  Then try to run ghosts.  Hope this helps.

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    I consider flirting with Claire to always be on topic regardless of actual topic <3. Except, its really too cold to do any flirting -_-

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    just to be clear, im not just gripping about connection due to deaths. i do quite well when i play, even in some really poor situations. i see this stuff happening to everyone, and its really screwing up the gameplay for all of us.

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    What are you playing on?  If its a console then try shutting down the console, then unplug it from the power source, wait about 10 seconds, plug it back in and restart the console. Then restart ghosts.

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    yeah same thing happend to me and im using xbox 360

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    This started happening alot tonight, actually in past 2 months I have never had this happen. Been playing all morning and afternoon and around 7pm est It started doing this. Funny thing is it only did this right before I get shot or what not. My internet connection is fine, I have 30mb download and 8mb upload. We play everyday almost all day long so nothing has changed with systems in the house or anything like that. I also went and did the whole reset router and modem as well. It only does it on multiplayer as far as I know, at this moment were on round 9 in zombies and it has not done this as of yet. Is this possibly a form of a cheat or glitch? I tend to notice it is normally the same guy that kills me at the same time this is happening. Also guy would end up with say 32k and 2-4 deaths.


    I started researching and on the 360 forum everyone pointed the finger at the OP internet. This is by far not the case in my situation. As my kid is having no problems with his game on his 360. Once again this just started tonight and looking for some sort of explanation on the matter, or is this turning into one of these games full of cheaters


    Thanks in advance for any information pertaining to this problem.


    I also forgot to mention, When it starts lagging and before the message with the light switch pops up, I hit the select button to see my bar status and they are fully green while this is happening.


    Message was edited by: SniperPro162

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