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  • 01/31/14--20:05: looking for a ps3 clan
  • looking to join a clan that is active and not full of douchebags(sorry if this offends anyone, but if it does then you're not the clan for me anyway).  I'm fairly new at this game less than 6 hours playtime at the moment, but i have a mic and a 1.08 kd that's getting better as i am learning these maps.

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  • 01/31/14--20:05: PS3 clan recruiting
  • We are recruiting players for our clan.We are level 20 with 21 members.We are in diamond division looking for 1.3Kd & with a Mic.

    my PSN name is G-TOWN_KiLLa409


    Message me or Add me!!!! If you looking for the best of the best

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    Mstr Darkone X

    Hmu this weekend w friend request ill run be on most of day

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    As the title says, MOB is recruiting for their S&D Division. I am the LTCOM of the division, MOB Carr.

    I have both a k/d & w/l over 3.0 and my favorite gametype has been search and destroy since Call of Duty 2 almost 8 years ago. Ghosts is my first cod in two years and I have enjoyed getting back in the game. I am looking for skilled players that dominate the S&D lobbies. The normal minimum requirements to join the clan are a 2.0 k/d and a 1.5 w/l. But MY minimum requirements for my squad are as follows:

    -You must have a mic for callouts and communication.

    -You must use communication on a consistent basis.

    -I would prefer

    that you be ranked in the top 20k on the leaderboards but is certainly not mandatory.

    -Must be an active member of my squad( I understand playing with friends or full parties happen).

    -I would rather your k/d be over a 1.5, but it is negotiable. Your W/L is not however, and must be a 1.0 or higher, 2.0+ being more preferred

    If you are interested please reply back with your information, skills, about you, etc. or you can message me on xbl @ MOB Carr.

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    I am looking for a clan aged 15+ and based in the UK.  My k/d isn't great but I am looking to improve. I am a pretty active player and I have a mic for clan chats. My gamertag is KillerTpick14.

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    I have downloaded, uninstalled, re-installed, cleared cache and I am about to fully restore Xbox One back to factory. I haven't went that far because I also have Dead Rising 3 and don't want to lose that saved game.


    I click on Onslaught map pack under multiplayer and I am able to play a map or two then it errors loading the next match. I  tried  to play extinction but missing the Nightfall map. Ghost also starts me playing campaign mode, when I click private match I see names of the map with "Lua" attached to the name of map with a checkered color background. These also error out when I try play on those selected maps with "Lua" connected to their name. I have the season pass and still no luck with getting this game to play right with the maps I have already paid for.


    I'm looking for others with similar problems and fixes. If you have no issues I would like to hear from people with no problems. If you have different problems other than what I listed include them.


    I know I can't be the only one with these issues because I have asked several people in each of the matches and everyone seems to agree with me about the same issues.


    Anybody have any suggestions? 

    Is there a time frame on when these issues are going to be fixed?

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    New player looking to play Extinction this weekend with folks that know more or less how it works, or even with people wanting to give it a shot.

    Would like to follow challenges and get far in it.


    PSN BarberTed



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    I just want to start over. I dont care If I have to make a new account with activision but I will NOT create a new gamertag for my xbox 360. I am so frustrated with this nonsense that by now Im about ready to quit COD altogether..someone please help.

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  • 02/01/14--20:24: Re: Looking for a clan
  • I'll group if you play domination.

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  • 02/01/14--20:26: Re: Looking for a clan
  • Feel free to join us 427nightstalkers, message straylo for invite; we are pretty chill. 60 members

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    When I try Season Pass "Add On" it wants $49.95. When I got the Xbox One I thought I had to get the COD Ghost Xbox One version so I paid $59.99 for the download. I thought all my Season Pass items would carry over(gun skins, ghost mask etc). When I tried to Add On " Sky Fall" in Add On"  it allowed my to do it for free, when I try Hardened it says "Unavailable" on fee just Unavailable. That why I thought someone needs to press a button at Activision I seems I'm gonna have to pay $169.99 total for another Hardened edition to get my Season Pass

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    sounds great, apply with the app or message straylo and your in

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    agreed...and people seem to forget about lag compensation

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    Looking to join
    New to CoD communication but eager to learn
    GT: FacelessMau5
    My K/D fluctuates a lot, but is usually 1.4-1.7
    Currently at 1.58
    Prefer SnD, Team Tactical

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  • 02/01/14--20:30: I Need a Clan! (PS3)
  • PS3 ONLY! Looking to join a clan. This flying solo thing is sucking big time. Seem to always wind up on the losing team and I am really sick of getting shot in the back , lol.



    PS3 GamerTag: Badkat907

    Prestige 4 going on 5

    1.07 K/D

    Team Deathmatch and Domination are my primary game modes.


    Send me a message...............and yes............I own a headset!

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    Were looking for more people to chill with and play cod; if you play regularly and are a solid gamer, message straylo or join 427Nightstalkers on the app

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    I honestly think that they should create a certain type of system like BF4 where there are different types of knives earned by squad points or operations and some are better than others and can counter other and lower ranked knives at close range. Like if I had a low knife and went up  against a better one they could counter the attack or assassination by two different button combo's. I think that would best prevent the panic knife instead of a lot of perk editing and flaws of it and things like that.


         But im getting this Imagefile59 error on my ps3 after I join a game.. Know any way to fix? Please reply

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    elite i want send u an clan invite from COD app and xbox profiles are not loading at all if u can apply on the app is the fastest way get in to the clan i am sry for this i hope they get the app fix soon

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  • 02/01/14--20:33: Matchmaking
  • With 856 people currently playing blitz, my game can't find more than 2 different lobbies for me, in which i still lag. In addition, games that i do join are almost always losing to a party of friends, in which my brain dead teammates can never stand up against, because they never seem to know how to play the objective.

    It would be wonderful to see a return of a mercenary Team Deathmatch and Mercenary Moshpit so that people playing lone wolf don't have to put up with guaranteed losses against full parties. Not to mention that when i leave a game that my idiotic teamates and i have no chance of winning, i'm just put into another losing game or the same lobby.

    When i leave a lobby, i shouldn't be thrown back into the same lobby. If I exit a lobby, it's for a reason and i obviously don't want to stay in that lobby. Leaving a game in progress should also have higher penalties, such as a halfed rate of exp for the next game played(if began within 5 minutes to prevent punishing players that are forced to leave from irl circumstances).

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  • 02/01/14--20:34: :: WORST MAP IN GHOSTS ::


    That is the worst map in Ghosts HANDS DOWN!!

    I have no Idea what they where thinking in that map but o my!

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