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    When i am done playing the game I will turn the system down. Instead of playing the level where I last left off at when i turn the game back on it takes me back to level one.

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  • 04/21/16--10:49: Re: Match Making
  • What do you mean?  I love being paired against prestige masters while my team is full of 20's and 30's that haven't prestiged yet.

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    Hello! I played black ops 3 offline 1time and now when im ONLINE!  Its not level up The xp for me... please help me!?!?!?!

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    Past few attempts at getting the Free Widows wine perk bottle in Zetsubou no Shima have been bugged. Can you please fix this problem? It is really not worth even playing the boss battle solo if the perk isn't even obtainable.
    Video proof: Free Widows Wine Bugged! FIX THIS! @Treyarch - YouTube

    Thanks in Advance


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  • 04/21/16--10:58: Re: Match Making
  • "Match making is not fare what soever, all players should be near the same level. I like the game, I just find the match making unfare. Will this be fixed, or do I need to go back to AW where match making was fare?"

    So last week your posting on about how people using a headset and anything other than a stock controller is cheating.  This week it's the match making that is unfair.  There is so much Win in this, it's almost like you're the one cheating!


    I'm confused as to how you can say you like a game in which you claim that pretty much everyone is "cheating" you (in some form or fashion) out of a "fair" game.  Geez, now you are even saying the developers are in on it!  You're quickly running out of scapegoats to blame whatever inferiority issues you have with playing video games that you want to label as others "cheating".  Soon you will be telling us it's a conspiracy against you brought on by the developers and implemented by the gaming community as a whole.  I can't wait.


    As far as this being fixed, I don't think it's possible for anyone else associated with the game to fix your problem.  Not your REAL problem anyway.  With that being said, YES, you need to go back to AW.  You don't even need a reason anymore, just be gone.  Clog up the AW forum with this nonsensical drivel for a while.  You'll be taken just as seriously there.  You might want to consider giving up online gaming altogether.  If not then keep in mind that in addition to using, what you seem to think, are Black Magic powered controllers, diabolically designed headsets with fairy dust infused loudspeakers or Nuclear Powered Paddle Extenders obviously developed by Slytherin House, these so called "cheaters" may also employ the game breaking "Sit closer to the TV than you so they can see you better than you can see them" ploy. 


    God help you if they combine that with the highly unsportsmanlike "I play better when I'm drunk" tactic.  Better get ready to go deep negative if that happens.  Those Alcohol induced players going against players don't drink during the game are the worst kind of cheater!

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    Hey there,


    With all due respect, someone that spells like that, wont be able to make Activision Billons of dollars.


    Have a great day!

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    Hi there Harry,


    I really understand the concern regarding your account.  I can help with directing you to the proper people to check into your account.


    For any issues with your Destiny account (lost items and/or characters) you will need to contact Bungie Support here Help | Bungie.net .


    Kind regards,



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  • 04/21/16--11:23: Re: ABFG Error
  • Hello? Is that the extent of Activisions customer service? Blame something else, if that fails ignore the person and problem?

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    why is this please help, I have a question for black ops 3 but I can't select it because its grayed out...

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    Awakening maps are in general rotation on playlists on PC. Please note that all map rotation is random. Thanks! ^BP

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    AS is looking for good quickscopers so send my psn a message if you wanna tryout KingSnipezAS is my psn

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    Hi! You can find more information on language options here: Activision Support ^BP

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    Apologies for any frustrations. Can  you send us a video of this issue occurring? ^BP

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    Have you fully finished downloading BO3? Can you send us a photo of what you're seeing? ^BP

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    Ok so I know this is a known problem, but no threads I've found are helpful. Let me explain my problem super detailed.


    I have a PSN account and my sister does not (she just uses a local account). We play on the ps4. We recently (last week) got the 4 DLCs for COD Ghosts and we were really excited since all we really do is play extinction. Now my sister had a buttload of teeth for her armory and right away bought the medic upgrade. I only having like 7 teeth could not buy the upgrade for my class.


    So anyway today my sister was out the house so I am like "hey, may as well play a bunch to get teeth so when we play together, I have my upgrade". So I do just that. I play a bunch and get the engineer upgrade with 2 teeth to spare. We were both like prestige 3 rank something. I was around three ranks above her (plus another two from right now) meaning I was prestige 3 rank 20 and she must have been Prestige 3 rank 15 or something.


    Anyway we go to play today while playing Mayday (first time we played since I played solo) and I look at her and I notice her character is wearing the stuff I normally wear (war cry) and I point that out. Later when she goes to upgrade with her skill points she notices she is an engineer, not a medic. Go leave the game I notice she is the exact same rank as me. She got boosted up like 5 ranks. We look in her loadout and it's the exact same as mine!


    Now naturally we can just change the equipment, and it's a positive thing that her rank got boosted. But since she mirrored my account, the 23 teeth or whatever she was saving up is now 2 teeth. She's really upset about it and I understand why. That's a lot of teeth to loose!


    It happened between 10:00 and 10:30 pm on April 21, 2016. (Qatar time)


    Now I did poke around a bit but nothing was helpful. Clearing caches did not do anything for other people, and idk how to do that, so don't attempt to tell me to do that. I went on her multiplayer as well (which she never uses) and noticed her loadouts were the exact same as mine, meaning the problem is not just Extinction!


    Anyway, idk if there's some way to get her teeth back or something. If there's a way to rollback the whole PS4, I'm fine working to get my Engeneer upgrade again. It's just a lot of teeth to loose for her!


    Thank you for reading, and for any help you can give.




    I just checked and her whole armory mirrored mine! So she does not even have her Medoc Upgrade any more!

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    Hey there,


    I'm glad to see you're looking forward to the next Call of Duty! However, details regarding the next installment have not yet been released.


    Apologies for the inconvenience.




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  • 04/21/16--13:58: Re: Cannot update to 2.4
  • The Windows Store.

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  • 04/21/16--14:03: Re: Black Ops 3 Stats Reset!
  • Hi there.


    If you filled out the stat reset form, no other action is required.


    We apologize for the inconvenience.



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    Hey there.


    Feel free to make weapon recommendations here, as well:


    Activision Support