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    How many guests can you have with you for xbox live multiplayer play? I have done one guest account, but I am having some friends over this weekend and am contemplating going and getting a third controller so we can all play but I wanted to check to make sure you can have more than one guest before I went and spent the money for a third controller.



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    Sniper or quickscoper ? Because there is a request below yours from a quickscoper.


    If quickscoping you could avoid getting flamed by using the search feature.

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    Welcome to Down N Dirty 1's recruitment page.

    Firstly we would like to say almost everyone is welcome in our clan provided you are clan orientated and of course you’re not a squeaker.


    We cater for every type of player, competitive, casual, you name it.

    We all aim to get along and all share the same goal, to win!


    Unlike most clans you can join us no matter what your K/D ratio is.

    While we would prefer a better K/D it is not the be all and end all as we know a lot of people focus on getting objectives done rather than mastering K/D in TDM etc.


    For competitive gaming we always play to win clan wars, for casual gaming we play a mix of core and hardcore game modes, we always invite our clan members to each other’s lobbies and games as this gives for a better clan experience, getting to know your fellow members and their play styles not to mention leveling the clan and gaining bonuses from it along the way..




    We are 30+ members strong and still growing

    We are all clan orientated members

    We have a gold clan tag

    We are all friendly and welcoming

    We all play to win

    We always invite each other to games and lobbies

    We play and act as a team and not as individuals

    We don't discriminate each other

    Social media site supported outlets for gaming vids

    We are all English speaking

    We are from various locations so you nearly always have someone to game with

    The list could go on forever but you should get the point by now.




    • You need to be at least 15 years old (no if, and, or buts)
    • You must be active (at least play daily for a couple hours)
    • Must be respectful
    • Be of a clan friendly attitude
    • A mic is preferable but not necessary




    Clan Co-Leader

    Co-Leader positions will be recruited internally


    Members (SOLDIERS)

    We are always looking to recruit new soldiers and today is no exception. A soldier is the heart and soul of the clan and their role is to gun down the opposition, work in a team to complete game objectives and follow the clan requirements. This may sound like a simple role but it is vital to the clan and all of its members. You will be highly valued and may have the chance to become promoted to Clan Co-Leader in the future.




    SCOUTSNYP3R M24 - Commander

    ECKO WARLORD - CO-Leader

    Sgt Skizzy - CO-Leader

    FAME v DESTROY - CO-Leader




    Applying is easy and only takes 2 minutes...


    Firstly you need to read our clan requirements

    Once you have done that just go to the call of duty mobile app and fill an application

    Or message Sgt Skizzy, SCOUTSNYP3R M24, ECKOWARLORD, or FAME v DESTROY on (360)

    Or ynit4960 on (PS3)...... (PS4) please respond to this thread

    If all else fails then you can message on this post and we will try to contact you

    Then finally just wait for your clan invite, accept via the mobile app or in game via your barracks and...

    CONGRATULATIONS!! You now part of DND1

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  • 01/13/14--17:21: Re: Welcome to Ghost.
  • Bielsalmighty wrote:


    Oh the Maaws is a permanent fixture when I run Support. Takes out pesky choppers AND good for end of game lulz!


    Aerial Superiority looks awesome when it comes in, but, eh, I get more use from the Maaws personally

    I love the MAAWS as well, I use it to flush people out of corners and rooms and any general area to be exact! haha plus 200 points for simply using it doesnt hurt.

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    add me

    PSN: ImKrypticOner

    im 18 and have a mic, keen for a muck around

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    He's saying it's "unfair" as if the Wiimote is somehow at a disadvantage because of the crappy default scope being even crappier than usual with Wiimote controls. You gotta use a sight regardless to stay competitive. The default scope is too zoomed in and has too much sway to be useful.


    The real victims are semi auto users in general since now we're being "taxed" an attachment point to use the Marksman Rifles like semi auto ARs from past CODs.

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    Sorry, wrong forum I think!?  Brain hungry aliens attack!?

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    On cod elite you can go into your profile and pic which profile to view whether it's ps3 or Xbox 360,,,,,elite however is getting phased out ,,,,, I had both as well on elite and that's how you switch back and forth

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    I have at least 2 friends I've been trying to play with for the past week and either i can't get into there lobby or they can't get into mine. Is there anything i can do for this?

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    Most people who defend quickscoping say it was always apart of the game and never show proof, they act as if their word is good enough.


    This is for the people who say quickscoping takes skill, well people also said it took skill to BxR, BxB, double shot, triple shot, and quad shot and look at how that ended up. (Talking about Halo 2) it wasn't implemented into Halo 3 because the dev's hated it and so did many of the players because it gave some players an unfair advantage, that is what quickscoping does. It gives the most dedicated an advantage over the ones that do not do it or not willing to give it a go. It doesn't take much effort though to do it in the first place.


    I look at quickscoping the same way I'd look at Bhopping, BxR's and Quad shotting, I look at it as an exploit of poor mechanics in a game.


    I do enjoy bhopping though, really fun to do, but because I find it fun doesn't mean it was meant to be there nor does it mean it should stay.

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    Get 7 kills and unleash a wave of ai zombies or alien spawn.  Craving the flesh of our enemies, slow walking dead souls draw enemy fire and give away location!?

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    I will also answer any questions asked

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    I would like to welcome Pvt.Laurin,Mc Cheesy, Flawless, HerpaDerp, Duelsword gaming to the clan ! Also congrats on the victory in london guys!

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    Scorestreak system was BO2's only positive. Everything else was terrible, implemented poorly, and flat out failed.

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    starbuckfrack wrote:


    You posted and bragged about it in a public forum so you pretty much involved the entire world in that post. You also responded to me in that thread which did request my involvement in that thread. Even if I didnt respond it still brings it back to square one.


    You did state that a lot did change according to your initial findings . So does that mean you gave them false information and just left it at that or did you update the information that you gave to them ?


    It all still comes back to square one which you just keep trying to avoid. You have not provided a single shred of proof. And you will still continue to do so.


    why is it that you say you are so smart but yet you cant answer simple direct questions. How do you KNOW when the other guy is getting his signal ?

    This is how I know. Lan play between 2 xboxes. 1ms of latency.



     photo CAM00052_zpsff000d49.jpg

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    This really questions weather or not anything is being done to prevent/remove hackers. You even hear the named hacker threatening the other player's IP address

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  • 01/14/14--18:23: Ghost App problem on iPhone
  • I have the Ghost App on my iPhone and it works almost just fine but whenever i go into clan wars the app ends up crashing on me... Is their anything i can do to fix this from happening because i would really like to view my clan wars

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    .::GhosT FleeT::.


         Ghost Fleet is a clan of mature US players just looking to have a good time. We are looking for new members for our clan. We are a Platinum Clan that has already Won2 clan warsand have a K/D ratio of 1.43. We already have all but one of the clan patches you can receive and 2 location patches,plus the body count camo for your guns. We have 18 members right now and are looking to expand. We are a level 9 clan and need more players across XBox 360 and XBox-ONE. Most of our members play late at night or bright and early, since most of us work all day. We could use some players that play in the daytime and will be free for clan wars.


         We play all game types and excel at Hardcore games and core Team Deathmatch.  Would really enjoy it if we could get some more players on the XBox-ONE so more of us can play together.  We play well as a clan and rarely lose. There are still half of us on the 360 but are switching to the One soon. We still have a few members on the 360 but could use more so there are more of us to play together.


         What we are looking for:

    • Players that are on at least 3 days a week (Active Players)...more if in a clan war.
    • Have a 1.0 k/d ratio
    • Ghost app for communication and to see what we are going after in clan wars
    • Have a mic or use party chat and kinect (Since Xbox One hasn't made the converter for the headphones yet...)


         No players under 18 please...most of us are students

    or parents ourselves.

         You can either message me @ ghostfleetclan@gmail.com 

                  or go on the Call of Duty Ghosts app

                   and type in Ghost Fleet in the search

                   and we will get back to you ASAP! 


    GT XboxOne: XDaXShadowX GhosT FleeT Commander

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  • 01/14/14--18:10: Changes :)
  • Everything i type is up for discussion


    What I'll like to see


    1. old Game modes:  Demolition, sabotage, ctf, and headquarters, all or nothing
    2. New Gamemodes: Grind, A 12 man ffa (this mode would have to wait till the spawns are fix, and a cranked ffa, Micheal Myers mode, and the P.O.W mode (somebody in the community made it I forgot who)
    3. make blast shield 3 points so it can counter danger close
    4. make vmr, thermal(except for snipers), and tracker sight take up a attachment and a point instead of one, also make the switching of the sight LS, and L3 like in bo2
    5. make xbox get dlc a week earlier instead of a month, (a boy can dream)
    6. more customization of rules in private matches
    7. more infected classes
    8. When in domination, make everybody who get to the flag before it is made neutral receive a point when it is capture
    9. when you 10th prestige allow all challenges to be available and all load outs purchased, maybe allow them to get secret camos, by completing challenges of course
    10. continue what you are doing with the dlc, it appears to be super fun and recommend CQC
    11. nerf the ak12 and remington give them more recoil
    12. also either allow advanced uav to see off the grid users, or make it so that you have to be moving in order for ghost to work, or while crouch and prone
    13. Jugg Maniac and jugg assault shouldn't be affect by the spawn health
    14. jugg assault should either not appear one enemy radar or should be able regenerate health

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