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    I know, hence the lol

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    And the "actually" lmao. There weren't many memorable AW games for good reasons for me

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  • 04/09/16--07:55: the giant code isnt working
  • i typed in the code of the giant when pre-ordered call of duty black ops 3 and it did not work

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  • 04/09/16--04:31: PS3 trickshot clan
  • ps3 trick shot clan must be ok at trickshoting

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  • 04/09/16--08:08: My stats were reset in bo3
  • my stats were reset and all my camps are gone and I want them back

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    You can do it BUT a word of advice first.  If you are relatively new to the game, you are better off joining an alliance until you understand how the game works and have built up your base.  Look on the chat rooms, alliances are constantly looking for new members and anyone who says "I'm looking for an alliance" is swarmed with invites.  You might waste weeks trying to build up your alliance to even 20 members or you could join someone else's and get higher level support and learn some tips about how to play the game efficiently and get max enjoyment.  Later, you can go off and start your own if you still want.


    That being said, if you want to invite someone to join your alliance you click their name, and if they aren't in an alliance then visit there base.  At the bottom of the screen there are two buttons.  One is the home button and the other is an invite button.

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  • 04/09/16--08:13: Re: SOE Easter egg (PS4)
  • yeah add me

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    Can somebody help me i write to activision that my friend resettet my prestigemaster account with dark matter and golden specialists andy now they resettet my account again to level 1 prwstige 0 is that normal

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    The Supremacy PS4 clan 80+ members NA&EU!







    - 1.6+ KD OR HIGH SPM

    - 1.0 WL

    - 16 YEARS+



    APPLY @ www.thesupremacyclan.com


    we are the clan wars heavy weight champions, as clan wars are not around this COD we are just building our family.

    if you are sick of playing solo come join us!


    Any girls that would like to join a clan we have a small group of girls including myself that will make you feel welcome!



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    LoL this old chestnut again. Where would a forum be without a good old camper v runner gunner rant. One thing is for certain, there's no more or no fewer campers in each mode. Both core and hardcore has equal amount. The keywords here are adapt or die.

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    I start up a match in theater, the screen will soon go black if I don't hit start and go to 'jump to start' then video will play for alittle till a random point where the screen goes black and takes me to the theater menu. Every. Damn. Time. I've seen similar problems no solution.

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    Team Loyalty Recruitment


    Whats going on guys its Felony here, Proud leader of Team Loyalty. We are looking for the following the following for both xbox one and playstation 4:

    • Pubstompers
    • Competitive Players
    • Graphic Designers
    • Content Creaters / Streamers


    Requirements for Pubstompers

    • Loyal (see what I did there)
    • Must have 1.5+ kdr
    • Active
    • be able to drop high kill numbers


    Requirements for Competitive

    • Loyal
    • Know your role (Slayer, Obj, Hybrid, Support, e.t.c.)
    • Be able to play your role effectively
    • Very Active


    Best way to get in touch with us is through twitter. Dm or Tweet @itsFelonyy or @TeamLoyalty_(16k followers). Our members contact through the app Groupme.  If you have any questions or concerns, reply on here. Hope to hear from you guys soon!!! Thank you for your time!!!! #TLup #LB4R

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    Hi guy's i'm not here to recruit people i already have a clan , so i'm looking for clans to join a psn community for scrims of 6v6. The community is called BLOPS3 CLAN SCRIMS 6V6 CUSTOM GAMES. Hit it up or add me Stub-_-Toe i'm sure we can get a few friendly games going, makes a difference from playing 4's in arena here you can battle with your full team of 6. Hope to catch some of you on the battlefield soon . Peace out Stubs

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  • 04/10/16--06:56: Re: Help with a code
  • What system? Check to see if the game is downloading.

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    Hello all,


    I'm looking for some cool people to game with on black ops 3 (xbox one). I work full time, so I'm not able to play 24/7, but I do like to play a bit in the evenings and on the weekend.  I'm NOT trying to join a clan website.  I don't want to join a hardcore clan who has team meetings and all that other stuff.  I just want causal people to game with whenever we happen to be on xbox.  I have a 1.2 kdr, I have a mic, and I'm open to all game modes.  Let me know.  Gamertag is rsander89. Shoot me a message!

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    If you look at the core career leader boards there are some wacky numbers, but that is in every game. I haven't seen any boosting after inserts were eliminated, or at least not something that was blatantly obvious. Overall, I don't think there's that much cheating, it's all connection based imo, if you're in god mode you can do just about anything.


    I think 14 days to 800 hundred is very possible, in fact I know it is, especially if your running with a clan all the time and just owning randoms.


    Oddly, some of the smoothest game I have are during Double weekends with this installment, unlike other years I would avoid double weekends as well.

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    Hey Jethal,


    Please head over to our support site: Activision Support, click Warranty at the top of the page, and fill in all the required information for a new dongle.




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  • 04/10/16--07:53: Re: fret buttons
  • Hey xboxplayer602,


    Sorry for the delayed response. Have you tried removing the buttons and cleaning them off? If not try that out. Also try using a different USB port and make sure you do not have any Bluetooth devices near the dongle. Please keep us updated.




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    Hey UCD 279802021844ukVayxEEtyLzQvhDgaUD,


    Are you gaming on a wired or wireless connection? Are you receiving any error messages? Reboot your console and router/modem, then try again.




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