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  • 04/05/16--04:11: New 'Black Jack' Specialist
  • If the rumours are true, this new addition sound terrible.


    If I want a specific specialist ability I will just run with it.


    Although I think it would be funny if everyone jumped on the bandwagon straight away (if not in a supply drop) as there will be nothing to steal

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  • 04/05/16--04:14: Re: Xp not registering
  • You need to prestige.


    Go onto your barracks section. Enter prestige mode.

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  • 04/05/16--04:41: Re: What's happening?
  • zingaa wrote:


    Where did all the beginners come from? Did the game go on sale or something?



    Where I live the 2nd hand stores are full of Bo3 discs. In fact there are as many Bo3 games as all the rest of cod games put together.

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    I've been playing COD since PC. Didn't really play much of it but I remember the mods and this pool table map. Felt like little toy soldiers running around this big pool table. I played a lot of COD 2 when it was on 360 and really don't remember any problems with that, been playing every COD game since then. AW was garbage if you ask me so I hardly played that at all.  I don't think it's xbox that's the problem, every other game works fine online. I've even been playing crackdown 2 getting ready for crackdown 3 and the online runs smooth.

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    I lied, I didn't play big red 1. Forgot about that one.

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    Xx67Customs wrote:


    I'm glad they put all of the goofy outfits and colors into the game. Makes it SO much easier for me to spot people. :-)

    this is true. Some of the outfits are bright enough to spot them. I find bright weapons easier to spot for some reason.

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    BrainDead6666 wrote:


    ATVisSteelingfromU wrote:


    What happend to the servers an why wont u fix or admit something is happening to your game i play on xbox one an played CoD since world at war have u learned anything in 10 yrs what are u guys soing its not just rich little kids who buy your game when are u fixing servers or giving money back contacting lawyer. ur selling a game that doesnt exist Kinda like lemon laws for cars a game company needs to be held responsible u need to be sewed an u guys should be first developer to be forced to return all the money u stold

    Here I fixed this up a little. I hope you don't mind.. I tried to keep it as close as possible to the original.


    Activision, what happened to your servers? Can you please explain why you appear to not be fixing the issues? Why wont you fix these issues for me? Can you, at least, admit there is something wrong? I play on xbox one, and I have played played CoD titles since World at War. Have you not learned anything in 10 yrs? I don't understand what you guys are doing. It's not just rich little kids who buy your game. When are you fixing the servers? Is it possible for me to receive a refund for this game? If I can not get my money back, I will be contacting a lawyer.

    You are  selling a game that doesn't exist. Much like lemon laws for cars, a game company needs to be held responsible. You need to be sued. Activision, you should be the first developer to be forced to return all the money you stole from consumers.


    kobe bryant 10 kobe impressed


    when the effort gets a 10!

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    In terms of story and MP?

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    Okay iv'e added you

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    I guess that is my real question as well. Why are there so many all the time. I am at 4 bars most of the time and when the game is not having a bad day i stay at 20-50 ping with some spikes near 70 now and then. And it well read that way even if someone has a red, But for some reason the less bars they have the worse the hit detection on them is for me. Three bar players can even be an issue as well, though not that bad(just might take an extra shot or two) My end is fine, testing my ping even where the nearest servers are to me is no more than 30 ping at it's worst. I am wired and have checked and rechecked my end many times.

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    That's why i am questioning how good can there servers be. The act up everyday or close to it. They always seem to blame the players and so probably don't even try to hard to fix it.

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  • 04/06/16--06:17: Re: Ghost and Blind
  • People who run around in a fast paced twitch shooter are twats? As opposed to people who generalise entire gaming populations, all while using one of the cheapest perks in CoD history?


    The main problem in BO1 (besides Second Chance) was Ghost, and lobbies were full of players not (really) participating so they could get their KD up, selfishly slowing the game down for everyone else. Those who crutch on either hiding or Ghost shouldn't be given such a powerful tool in the first place. What's more, "run and gunning twats" should be easy kills for you no? Besides, if Ghost worked as it did in BO1 you still wouldn't be able to see them on the minimap regardless.


    FWIW I run around without Ghost, without lethal streaks, and still put up better scores and average KD than 90% of "smart" players who need 10 times the amount of time to get the same number of kills while using lethal streaks. I might not use it but that doesn't mean I disagree with how it works, or people who use it. It's fine. Complaining about Sixth Sense, Tracker or Awareness would make more sense.

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    Beta testing is a joke these days, it's just a demo really. The last game I actually beta tested was moto gp on xbox live before xbox live was even released. That was a true beta test for both the game and live. They're all just demos now and to get you hyped for the games release. I still cannot believe there's so many issues with this game. The whole friend invite thing is annoying, not being able to talk to your party in game, have to do it in party chat, your friends online on COB BO3 not showing up on in game screen, all these little things add up and make the game seem cheaply made. I do like the game, when it runs correctly.

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  • 04/06/16--06:22: Re: For the Ragequitters
  • "I'm also mostly the only one on the team shooting down all those streaks while the rest of the team doesn't seem to care about them :')"

    You just described me in about 95% of the Domination games I play in. 


    It shouldn't be the exception when someone else on your team is shooting down streaks.  It should be the norm.  If you can have just one other player in concert with you, you two together can put streaks away in record time.  Just last night was in a game and there was an enemy RAPS, HATR and Wraith up there all at once.  So I start with the RAPS (it showed up first).  Imagine my surprise when I hear another rocket going off and see the con trail heading toward the HATR.  I got killed just after I got the last rocket off but I had the RAPS down.  By the time I respawned, the HATR was gone and he had the first shot into the Wraith.  I put one in the Wraith and he finished it off.  I'm guessing he had gotten killed and had respawned with a full load.  So basically just two of us took down 3 of the highest order streaks in roughly 45 seconds.  Imagine the possibilities if there had been just 3 of us!  


    The only way that will ever happen, outside of the party I sometimes play with, is if the rewards for killing streaks is greater than that of killing enemies. Take K/D out of Domination and put in a "Streaks Destroyed" column and that's a start.  


    So...you PS4 or X1?

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    With the internet speeds today, should never be lag.

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    Personally I have never lagged in BO3, not once. The only time I've ever had a higher than usual level of latency was playing with friends in the US or Australia (that was fun ) as I'm near London. In Ghosts I would occasionally go through spells of maybe 10 minutes to 3 hours with the odd ping spikes once per month or so where there was blatant congestion on my ISP's end, but I haven't experienced that for months. I play on 5 servers that are all within a 500 mile radius of me, and my ping is either 16ms for the server that's right on my doorstep (it's about 20 miles away, the ping would be around 8ms if BO3's ping reading didn't include processing delays on top of the ping), or 30-34ms for those other 4 servers. I got thrown on to the Polish server once and I had a few games between 50-67ms, but I've never gone beyond 34ms on west EU servers.


    (As an aside, isn't it weird how all of these ping values are usually exactly the same as frame lengths? 17ms, 34ms, 50ms, 67ms )


    Despite that, BO3 has been the worst game for me in terms of connections so far. I thought BO2 was bad until I got here lol. AW was bad for a reason (I couldn't bring myself to use a god account, so unfortunately I was stuck with maybe the top 5% of players worldwide and rarely ever found games with quality connections. I spent most of my time with folks in Cali, Seattle and Dubai ), and BO3 just doesn't have an excuse. It's not SBMM, it's not PBMM (ping) and it's not RBMM (region), which have all been a part of at least one CoD title over the years. It's just... a terrible game. I've played with more people from Abu Dhabi than the south of England where I live, and I'm pinging a server on my doorstep in under 1 frame.


    I don't even want to spend any more time complaining or trying to work it out -- it hurts my head. Maybe 2.5% of all my games in BO3 so far have been on good connections, when my connection is good 100% of the time lmao

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    "Speed" or bandwidth has nothing to do with lag. Unfortunately things take time to travel (<speed of light) and the further away your destination, the longer it'll take and the more you'll lag.

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  • 04/06/16--06:41: Re: Cheats and idiots
  • "Incidentally I was playing hard core today and a team mate tried to kill me and steal my care package - they mele attacked me and for some reason they died - is this something new treyarmuch have done to stop this happening?"


    They just recently put ricochet back into HC mode for just this scenario.  If your team mate tries to kill you while you are waiting on or retrieving your care package THEY will die.  

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    Speed and bandwidth has everything to do with lag.

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