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  • 12/19/13--15:21: Re: The OT Vote.
  • Why don't you tell everyone who you are and why you should be leader.  I am genuinely curious. 

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  • 12/19/13--15:21: Re: My first edit 2vs2



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    You are a douche bag. I hope you don't have vision trouble some day.

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  • 12/19/13--15:22: The Game Sucks
  • I am third Prestige with a 1.43 k/d and right from the start the game has sucked with all the bugs and spawns OP weapons cant take it any more sorry Call of Duty but worst Call of Duty u have made since Modern Warfare 1 maybe if u were to fix these that would be awesome

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    Here's some ,

    If your channel was good, you wouldn't have to beg for views.

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    Why punish people who leave the game when this game is no where near perfect? Not to mention there are hackers still around so basically you would be getting rid of more then 150,000 players if punishing quitting was put into the game.

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    Banned for using a firetruck equivalent.

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    whenever I play cod ghost mp my turns off by flashing red lights ... anyone know how to fix it ??? help pls

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    so excited for new game mode and sniper nerfs!

    keep it up IW!

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  • 12/21/13--00:45: Re: Please don't milk me
  • As vims1990 said, you can find Freefall in the Ghosts Moshpit. They did the same for Nuketown 2025 in Blops 2 until they put it into the normal map rotation. And just like Nuketown 2025, Freefall blows and is full of spawn trapping.

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    Summon the Assault is an 18+, Xbox 360 clan, we are a small yet tight knit community 32+ members. We are seeking new members to help fill our ranks that wish to be part of an active community, we are a very active clan and we accept members of all skill levels and game types as long as you meet the age requirement and have a mic


    What we offer


    -Interactive website powered by Enjin

    -Prizes and Giveaways

    -Dedicated Leadership

    -Weekly Events

    -Laid back yet organized structure


    The only thing we ask from you is to be active and be respectful. So if you are looking to join a great community STA is for you. We are also looking for any smaller clans who would be interested into merging into STA. If you are interested in membership or a merger please contact me on XBL GT: S0N 0F CHA0S (the O's are zeros).


    And don't forget to check us out at http://www.clansta.net

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    I'm excited for all the new updates coming to the game, I love when a company actually looks into their game for flaws and things that they can improve. Spawning in this game is very different than any other call of duty, I find myself turning a corner seconds after spawnning just to die again. So, with that being said I'm sure the community is very pleased to hear you guys are looking into this issue. Along with all the other updates coming with the next patch I'm sure we are all anticipating the patch's release.


    The only thing I am, and I'm sure most of the people who snipe, are irritated, and even furious with, is that you guys are looking at nerfing snipers. When I play in any game mode, using a auto or a sniper, I tend to see that there are on average 2 people using a sniper in that one game. So that's 2/12 people, 1/6 of the people in that one game. So how could it be overpowered if there is such a low amount of people using them? Looking from your perspective you could argue that maybe the players are new and they don't know how good snipers are. But seeing as call of duty has millions, even tens of millions, of players I highly doubt that a large number of them are just getting their first call of duty game this year. Another problem is you have all these "autoers," or "reg gunners," complaining they are getting killed too quickly by snipers, when the fact is that you guys have MULTIPLE two shot, TWO shot, assault rifles, SMGs that can practically fire a laser beam of bullets, LMGs that you can shoot for 6 hours and are also about 3 shot, and pistols that are 2 shot (not talking about the magnum, because that with the barrel upgrade is a 1 shot at close range..) in the game. After I play for awhile and say "man, I really want to sweat and try my little heart out," I don't whip out a sniper rifle, I whip out the AK, the MTAR, maybe the K7 with the free suppressor and hold down my right trigger.


    The fact that you think the actual  gun class is overpowered is ridiculous. Instead, you guys should be thinking that maybe it's the person who is using that type of gun is just good with them. That they spent hundreds of dollars on your games, hours upon hours on your games, getting skilled with the snipers so they could actually use them on your tiny, fast paced, maps.


    It enjoys me to snipe, it makes me feel like I'm working at something a lot of other people don't care for because they figure it's easier to just keep shooting at a person if they miss a couple of shots. Now what I don't enjoy, or am going to tolerate, is when a company starts forcing me to use a certain class set because the one I like to use is so terrible that I would ask myself, "why would I even bother using that class?"  Snipers are a smaller community compared to the autoers, so we have less of a voice, but you don't hear all of us complaining about how the maps are small and it's so hard to snipe like real snipers do. We adapted quick scoping, and we sucked it up because that's what we had to do to compete with autos.


    You may think that we're too small of a community to make a difference about what should of shouldn't happen with this next update, but I can promise you that I will NEVER give more of my hard earned money to a company that does things like this. I will be perfectly happy to go out to return Ghosts and buy Battlefield if you guys do decider to add this "improvement" into the game, and I'm SURE other people will do the same. I've been with you guys since cod 4 days and I've never been one to speak out like this, but this.. this is just a mistake.

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    Hello COD Ghost Players I am HekTik-_SKiiLZz (Peter, Leader) I am basically Recruiting players to join my clan.

    If you are joining could you please help me get active plays with a 60+ kdr, mic and loyalty. Plus you will get Premoted.



                                     • Mic if you have pls get one if not

                                     • Loyalty

    New clan so if not much players and low level then please help level and get more players.

    Peace and out.

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  • 12/21/13--00:49: Anyone wanting a fun game?
  • If any of you want to play a game and just have fun, send me a FR. My GT is: AGROtheWOMBAT. We can have fun while still going for the almighty W

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    Wait is this to justify why you camp or why you defend?

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    With a sniper rifle you can kill people without them even getting off a shot. thats fine if it's across the map out of the range of an assault rifle, but not if it's up close in smg range. Stop kidding yourself, quickscoping is a glitch.

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    Campers are fine it's the complainers who need to go they are the ones who need to be punished especially when they are trying to get explosives and Agility nerfed.

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  • 12/21/13--00:50: looking for a 360 clan
  • hello my GT is Soulus13, my k/d and w/l is at .6 (willing to listen to advice to bump it SIGNIFICANTLY).

    Looking for a clan right now.

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    I have an idea they should use MW2's style which is if you kill your team mate they add 30 seconds to your respond time and it keeps adding up every time someone kills their team mates.

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  • 12/21/13--00:53: Re: add a perk
  • Quickscopers aren't a problem the fact that 1 to 2 shot kill weapons are too easy to use is the problem.

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