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  • 02/18/16--02:37: Re: CAG WANTS YOU JOIN TODAY
  • Come Check Us Out at CAGclan.com

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    I just finished level 55 and when i go to prestige its locked and says i still have to complete level 55 ??

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  • 02/18/16--02:43: Re: My Camo Wont Unlock
  • ok this is not a definite answer - however from other players posting similar problems - the proposed solution is to rebuild your Sheiva class again.


    Unselect the weapon and select something else, then re-select the Sheiva and attachments wanted then go into a game...


    Kudos by the way on getting the Sheiva where you have it at the moment, semi auto AR's just don't do it for me...

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  • 02/18/16--02:44: hey found a bug its
  • playing the new map der eisendrache on solo, i have had this happen to me 2 times and this bug is so dumb its just .... i start the game. on wave 2 turn the jump pad on and call the tram then kill and build walls tell i can open the first two doors doing the dragon by double tap had the raindom box there got a bmg lmg from it and pick up shield part then save for right for power by going up the stairs opening that door and keep going for the power that way turn the power on, run out us the tp on top for pack a punch then run on the top to the jump pad to next to the clock tower and turn it on, grab the shield part then run down the the bottom stand on the four pads that turn the low gravity starting at the one right down the stairs from the comm room with the dragon in it, next is the one right to it next to the building table then the one right to it facing from the building table then the one right under the dragon, then i jump and grab the shield part and make the shield at the table that was right there then grab it and run up the stairs and get the dragon by the fire place by wave 4 turn it on then run down and get the other one before the end of wave 4 and then grab the bow and us the telporter for pack a punch then use the well up and shoot the tower to start the storm bow upgrade from the ground were the well puts you out and go get it then go to the side of the clock tower and get the fire light with one shot and then run all the way on the top and *hard part here* go to the building thing above the double tap go to the stairs there and go six i thank of the part of the top of the castle wall stairs and get it in one shot from there, then i had the points to run down and open and use the telporter to the rockit place so i when down there and ran out turn on the landing pad walked over to the jumper and shot it in one try there that is easy lol, next walked up and turn on the pack a punch then ran around for a few mins waiting on the rockit to get the gravity spikes get it run in and kill zombies useing bow grab part then use the jumper to jump back over and go to the anit-gravity room and go to the building table and run on the one to the up right of it facing it then keep runing on that wall and get the next one then jump over and hit the wall and fall off, and then jump up going for the one behide the puple bow and wall run all way around this time no mess ups, then run up to the clock tower and start wave 5, fell the jar full of souls and run to the one above double tap and fell it use the jumper out and then run up to the one that shoots you to the rockit and do that jar and i left one of the zombies down there still on wave 5, while runing around geting the shoot to get it in one shot holding it with the zombie alive run to the jumper us it then go to the clock tower and get that one then run all the way over the top and go the the double tap then charged the bow and i had my zombie run behide me so i opened the way and ran up by the wall on the low grounds close to it and shot it in 2 trys got lucky lol hard one to get *note the frist one to light it with fire was up on the stair case* then i ran to the right and back to the start then ran up by jugger knot and use the well to jump me up and then run up and started the bow arrow going into the ground zombie got up there run around not killing it got the arrow then run down by clock tower then into the main room with fire place and dragon down the stairs into the basement and put the arrow there waited for the zombie and killed it got its souls wave 6, i thank i ran around usein the bow to get about 8 souls or so maybe more not sure then hit a nuke and ended the wave TT_TT wave 7 got bow souls full gave it my bow then ran a pick up the frist bow agin then shot all but one zombie and got the telporter/wisp started ran around like mad in a big 8 dont rember how i got them all lol i started runing from telport up the stairs to the main room look at clock then the other thing in that room, then run up and open that door to get the power room then back out to the sara room then by then above double tap then the car then the quick reive then back into the base ment and used the well to shot me to the top and some times would run up from there to look at the clock next to the high place that is above the court yard, that is what i keept doing tell i got it then i ended in the main room clock then ran down and use the telporter to the past got all the stuff i thank, i had it wrote down at time it was rockit the eye/D and lighting for the safe combo idk what way i pick the stuff up but i thank i got the big blue soul thing last, left it shot and killed the big metal guy befor i jumped back over didnt kill the zombie still on wave 7 here, put the fuzes in the death ray and turn it to protect mode and then when to the computer to start it by the clock tower and it didnt turn on, here is the bugged part.. i cant get it to work here but i can go hit the death ray and all the stuff to, when i try to use the computer they stay green and not turn on, but and go over and turn the death ray to kill/protect and it dose nothing *note i had it on protect before i tryed to use computers* i can have it on kill mode and use it tho, then when i found it bugged.. i kill the last zombie and did it all agin tell wave 9 then i gave up and call it just bugged then about wave 27 just started killing to get as far as i could it turns on by its self and i can try,, but i dont know what it is and if i go back in time useing the telporter it gose back to the off green screen as before, so i have to guess and got it wrong then it didnt turn back on, and i couldnt turn the death ray to protect mode, next i made it to wave 35 then ran out of ammo and died, this happen two me 2 times on solo mode on zombies on the dlc map i gave up on it both times and just started to kill, no when it turn back on i didnt even try to go back into time/telporter thing then gave up, btw i had the frist gun and the bmg/lmg tell i got the bow and nuthin else, i got this on bug on video, gonna try to upload to youtube, if you need more info then ill be back i tryed this in the reported a bug thing its to big to post it there

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    Ahhh, well good luck.

    I'm actually glad that The Giant doesn't really have one.

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    no me actualiza los mapas, ya compre 2 veces


    que puedo hacer

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    I purchased it but when I download it I open the game it can't open any of the awaking dlc maps or anything else

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    what is your psn?

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  • 02/18/16--03:05: Re: BO2 vs. BO3 Zombies
  • Of course it's hard to tell while the DLC season is still running.

    I'm on xbox and haven't even played Der Eisendrache yet.


    Shadows is better than Tranzit I think.

    More compact, quicker to learn, reviving is actually an option, just as getting your perks back.


    The Giant. Sure it's nice. Looks and sounds awesome.

    However it's the third time the threw this map in the game.

    Nuketown zombies was epic! This is pretty much a tie. I don't know.


    I'm not into leveling up, or using gumballs all that much, So can BO3 live up to it's name?

    It's hard to beat the Great Leap, Mob,Buried and Origins....


    And what about BO1?

    There's some great zombie action in there as well.


    P.S. +1 for the Arcade zombies as a bonus.

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    Add me: jaccy3

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  • 02/18/16--03:30: Technology Facility bug?
  • Hi, my nick name is Merda (ID: 3306521), I'm from Milan (Italy) and I play with S.O. iOS (iPad), Call Of Duty Heroes ver. 2.2.0.
    I have a problem: in my Technology Facility, the Dragonfire's resarch from liv. 9 to liv. 10 is stuck at 9 days and 23 hours for several days (3 or 4, minimum). Can you solve my problem? Thank you

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    I have a problem: in my Technology Facility, the Dragonfire's resarch from liv. 9 to liv. 10 is stuck at 9 days and 23 hours for several days (3 or 4, minimum).

    Did you know something about this bug, like... how to solve it? Thank you!

    Merda (ID: 3306521), SO: iOS, CoD ver. 2.2.0, Italy

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  • 02/18/16--03:41: Re: Elite controller woes
  • yep I use the hair triggers as well,,, I only run two back paddles for me if I tried all four it would take some getting used to.

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  • 02/18/16--03:48: Moderat Nat
  • I have two xbox1 playing multiplayer MW3 on xbox1 one will be open nat the other moderate  nat. I also have download Call of duty Advance Warfare for xbox1 when play multiplayer both xbox 1 Nat are Open. This has to be bug with MW3

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    I noticed not a lot of detail with the wild cards , is that because you only want the ones included in your description?

    Would you still have an overkill wild card - the ability to take a primary in the secondary slot?

    For me as mentioned in the past I would love the ability to take two secondaries, a wild card that would allow me to take a secondary weapon in the primary slot.

    Would the streaks be locked in as a must or could your choose not to use streaks and increase your options elsewhere? Personally I would like the option to not use streaks and use those slots for something else - risk of getting op with that so there may have to be some sort of restrictions.

    I agree with the option to make streaks per class with the option for across the board.

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  • 02/19/16--03:17: Re: Crossbow
  • I have the crossbow and to be honest, it if far from being OP due to the simple fact that it is very hard to consistently hit someone with it.  Sure it's a one-hit kill but I find myself spraying and praying most of the time.  To me, it's more difficult to use than a sniper or the Argus which are also one-hit kills.  It is fun to use because it's different, but it is by no means a game changer.

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    There is no method for you to change the name in-game, but you can request it here:


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  • 02/19/16--03:24: my nuketown code didn't work
  • I typed it in but it was invalid

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    Mandals wrote:


    This is what I think CoD 2016 needs...


    ***Work in Progress***



    Wait, do I get a campaign?  I'm done reading if I do not get a campaign! .  What? . . "Work in progress?"  OK, OK, I'll read .



    Mandals wrote:


    UAV's - Make UAV's a 5-6 kill streak. It's too easy to summon a UAV which basically shows everyone on the map.



    If this happens, I could imagine more complaints about players hiding in corners.  If we call for reduced UAV usage, we can't complain about the increased effectiveness of hiding in corners.  But from CoD 4 up to AW, UAV has had counters ( BO2 had a part-counter ).



    Mandals wrote:


    No overpowered player detection equipment or perks (MW3 - motion tracker, BLOPS3 Six sense, tracker, etc.)


    Did Assassin protect you from motion tracker?  I can't remember.  As long as there are counter options, afaic, the gadgets are fine by me .



    Mandals wrote:


    Bring back specific player roles - Example: SMG players, AR(Anchor players), etc.

    Make sure spawns are solid - minimize spawning out / random spawns (again goes back to having an anchor position)



    As you have identified, strange spawns is somewhat in our hands.  Choosing when to push as a team can reduce this.  In the randomness of pubs, I think part of it comes down to speed.  CoD runs very quickly, and we love this, but it allows guys to flip spawns in seconds, and the gun battle experience breaks down so quickly when connections get a bit rough.


    There is no escape from increasing pings, but the experience in a slower paced game will hold on slightly longer than in a quicker one.  Maybe the pace of the game needs a review to adapt to the times.  But I can imagine we'd rather have an even faster game than a slightly dialed-back one with a more robust experience.



    Mandals wrote:


    Care packages - If these are in the game have two different types of care packages 1. Basic care package (low level kill streak rewards) 2. High level care package (High level kill streak rewards). Keep in mind these care packages are still a random reward.


    I might need more explanation about the purpose of the categories if you say they are to be awarded randomly.  But if there's random within basic and random within high-level, and the high level requires more kills, then meh, OK.

    But your UAV is 5 kills.  How many kills is a basic CP?  And how many kills is the high level CP?  Doesn't some sort of helicopter or vsat sound more attractive at this height?



    Mandals wrote:



    Full customization of player solder.


    Helmet - accessories on helmet such as NVG mount, headlamp, strobe light, etc / different style helmets, MICH2000, Fast bump helmets, riot helmets, etc.

    Head - Glasses, comm radios, haircuts, face paint, hats, etc.

    Plate Carrier - customizable pouches (set up your plate carrier the way you would want it. Triple mag pouch, 6 mag pouch, maybe you want a hydration carrier on the back, maybe you want a radio pouch, or med kit pouch) and subloads (ie - drop leg holsters, mag pouches)

    Uniform - short sleeve, long sleeve, camo, no camo, shorts, pants, BDUs, combat shirt, combat pants, flight suits, etc.

    Boots - ...well different kinds of boots. Hell come on Activision use product placement - get Nike or under armor to sponsor you. They make great combat boots!



    DLC, DLC, DLC, DLC and DLC.  Thank you for flying Southwest Airlines!  The exits can be found here, here, and here...


    But seriously, the boots that say 'Nike' vs those that say 'UA' . . . would you actually notice?  It's first person; so you don't see your own.  So this is about other players' boots.  Assuming that you care about the boots of your co-capturer more than clearing your sectors or the boots of a guy that wants to kill you, the emblem would be tiny, you'd need, like, 20000p.  Or you'd need to scope with a sniper rifle on someone's feet before killing him and thereby risk your own death.  Or after your death, seeing your boots in the killcam, which, at the best of times, you pay fleeting attention to, to look at your boots, which you saw in better detail in the customisation menu... .


    Someone needs to explain customisation to me, fast!  I swear, it's getting urgent now Dunno .




    Mandals wrote:



    You should be able to take each gun apart and add whatever you want. I would like to see plenty of options so no gun looks the same. Give the player a sense of personal touch to their rifle. Keep it mind SOME of these would be AESTHETIC ONLY and have NO impact on gameplay.

    M4 variant rifles

    Should be able to customize


    Rail system - 6inch, 9in, 12in, rail covers (different colors, tan, OD green, black), etc. - picatinny rail system - **AESTHETIC**

    Flash lights / laser mounts - *PENDING* SEE MAP DESIGN BELOW

    Barrel Extensions - Muzzle breaks, silencers, etc. - THIS ***COULD*** COUNT TOWARDS GUN ATTACHMENTS

    Under barrel - Hand stop, vertial foregrip, angled forgrip, no grip, grenade launcher, etc. - THIS WOULD COUNT TOWARDS GUN ATTACHMENTS

    Pistol Grip - different colors (tan, black, OD green, etc.) - **AESTHETIC**

    Stock - Magpul stock, Regular Crane stock, etc. - **AESTHETIC**

    Sights - Holographic sight, ACOG, red dot, Mini red dot, sniper scopes, iron sights, etc. - THIS WOULD COUNT TOWARDS GUN ATTACHMENTS

    Camo / color - Have regular camos like multicam, snow camo, solid black, two tone, also at higher level prestige allow player to paint their own rifle. - **AESTHETIC**


    AK Variant

    Similar as above. (Aesthetic rules apply to all options as above)


    Rail system - Picatinny rail system on an AK (different lengths) rail covers (different colors, tan, OD green, black)

    Flash lights / laser mounts - *PENDING* SEE MAP DESIGN BELOW

    Barrel Extensions - Muzzle breaks, silencers, etc. - THIS ***COULD*** COUNT TOWARDS GUN ATTACHMENTS

    Underbarrel - different under barrel attachments

    Pistol grip - Not sure if you can change out the pistol grip on an AK - least certain models I don't think you can

    Stock - Similar stock options

    Sights - Similar sight options

    Camo - similar camo options






    Sniper Rifles

    M4/AK variant rifles / Possibility to make your rifle look / feel like a DMR (potential balance issues)




    Heh, "variant."  Players will be breaking out in cold sweat at the sight of that word Eeek! .  But that distribution is not what you're proposing.

    The aesthetics makes me think mDLC.  The rest doesn't divert too much from what has been seen since CoD 4, and marksman rifles were in Ghost.  All is in order here.



    Mandals wrote:



    I say have 18 maps at launch - 6 LARGE maps, 6 Medium maps, and 6 small maps (by small I mean like shipment small)

    Symmetrical maps - 3 large, 3 medium, 3 small

    Asymmetrical maps - 3 large, 3 medium, 3 small



    Wow!  18 maps?  18 maps would be amazing!  But unfortunately, we know the formula.  That season pass won't sell itself .

    I don't think I could welcome 6 maps like shipment in the regular rotation.  You *know* how that map voting would go!  Yawn! .  One map like Shipment.  The rest maybe in a separate list.




    Mandals wrote:


    Dynamic Map Environment

    (These are just ideas I have)

    Have some maps start out in the early morning (still night). Players can use NVG, laser sights, flashlights, infrared(FLIR might be too OP), etc). As the game goes on, the map becomes lighter and lighter. (Most matches last about 15 minutes)

    Another Idea is have a game start at dusk, and by the end of the match it's completely nightfall (players will utilize lights, NVGs, etc.). Maybe the maps have street lights that come on, maybe those lights can be shot out.

    Have dynamic weather conditions / SNOW / SANDSTORM / RAIN / FOG / HAIL / ETC.

    Have semi-destructible environments (IM NOT SAYING COPY BATTLEFIELD) I'm just saying if I throw a grenade in a room I expect some stuff to explode (doors, windows, parts of walls)



    This would be very next-gen and more immersive.  Again, some guys will shoot out all the lights and hide in the darkness; so we have to be sure we know what we are asking for.    Destructive environments and weather effects would need to get away from the scripted style of Recovery, Drift and Stormfront.  It would be a nice natural next step, but we might have to be willing to sacrifice some of the CoD smoothness that we have got used to.  It would require more processing time.




    Mandals wrote:



    Have a ranked playlist - Use division ranking - Bronze, silver, gold, plat, diamond, masters

    To make games fair - prioritize your division above anything else (this means you only play with people of the same division (ie if you're silver you only play with silvers)

    Restriction on group parties (if you're Master and your friends are all silver, you will not be able to play with them until they become closer in rank)(similar to CS GO)

    Competitive support - LAN support / Broadcaster tools / Maybe even Event/Tournament tools (I mean how nice would it be to go to an event and the settings and game modes are already set up on the game itself!)



    GAME MODES (All Competitive Game modes will be 4v4 in the Ranked Playlist, outside of ranked they will be 6v6)

    Capture the flag - Competitive

    RULES -

    Time Limit = 10 Minutes

    Capture Limit = Unlimited

    Winning Condition = Flag Captures

    Flag Auto-Return Time = 15 Seconds

    Pickup Time = None

    - Team Deathmatch

    - Ground War

    - Kill Confirmed

    - Team Doubles

    Search and Destroy - Competitive

    RULES -

    Round Length = 1.5 Minutes

    Score Limit = 6 Points

    Bomb Timer = 45 Seconds

    Plant Time = 5 Seconds

    Defuse Time = 7.5 Seconds

    Multi Bomb = Disabled

    Round Switch = Every Round

    Silent Plant = Enabled

    Hard Point - Competitive

    RULES -

    Time Limit = 10 Minutes

    Score Limit = 250 Points

    Activation Delay = None

    Location Order = Normal



    I can't comment on any of this except to say that disabled multi-bomb sounds very respectful of the traditions of the game mode .


    Many thanks for the topic.  There were some good thoughts in there and nothing too outrageous.  A measured approach is always welcome.



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    If you're dominating with a sniper then you are probably a well above average player and probably dominate even harder with a reg-gun.  You can't judge a weapon's effectiveness or how balanced it is based on a good player's ability to use it.  Good players can pick up anything and do well with it and I don't think you're looking at it objectively.  You have to look at how Average Joe 1.0 KD does with a gun like that - he does pretty poorly.  These are the sorts of players that can barely manage to go positive using the easiest to handle guns. 

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