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    I've been playing video games longer than most of these kids have been alive. Back in those days you had to walk to the local arcade, spend your own earned money to play. When you're dropping .25 cents, and the occasional .50 per game, you learn to become good, so that money goes farther. Some noob might spend .50 and only last 2-3 minutes in a game, where we learned the tricks to stay on for hour(s) on our .50 cents.

    I take that same competitiveness into today's console COD's. Lots of these kids back out, dashboard, cry, if they are doing bad or losing. I'm staying in no matter if we are up by 30 or down by 30, I'm going to finish and learn from my mistakes and accomplishments. It's the only way to get better.
    I enjoy COD because you can either jump on for a 5 min game, or an entire afternoon of games, to get your "fix". COD also fits my style of play, my reactions are very fast, but I bore easily. So a twitchy game like COD keeps my mind occupied and wanting more, where a slower paced shooter game like Battlefield puts me to sleep. The faster the better, for me, in choices of COD game modes. Which is why I play HC Kill Confirmed 95% of the time. 

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    Is this forum just for show or does someone actually answer the questions?

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    Ja wenn ich den PC Neustarte kann ich wieder zocken dann kommt der fehler Sporadisch (also nach keiner festen Zeit) und dann gehts wieder von vorne Los. Echt nervig und ätzend das sich keiner von den Entwicklern dazu meldet

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  • 11/18/15--01:49: Looking for a clan |XB1|
  • I am looking for either a new small clan, or a larger clan, doesn't matter.. just something that is active and sound promising.

    I am 24, female  have a working mic.


    Have run, 3 clans and also Co lead 1 clan.

    Xbox one.

    Gt X Darth Nihilius

    Send me messages about your clan. Thanks.

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  • 11/18/15--01:49: Re: Looking for a clan (PS4)
  • Bump

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  • 11/18/15--01:54: Re: Looking for a clan (PS4)
  • You should check out DOM clan. I have been a member for over year and it is such a great clan. We have a lot of members in EU as well as United States so there are always people online to play with.

    This is our recruitment post: https://community.activision.com/message/415906228?et=watches.email.thread#41590 6228

    To sign up just go to www.DOM-clan.org

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  • 11/18/15--02:00: Re: Looking for a clan |XB1|
  • You should chack out DOM. We have around 300 active members on PC, XOne, PS4 and old-gen with people from both EU and North America.

    We have recently gotten our first sponsors and are currently building the competetive side of DOM.

    Her is our recruitment post: https://community.activision.com/message/415906228?et=watches.email.thread#41590 6228

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    So today I was checking on BO3s Steam discussion tab and searched for A.B.C. error for a fix and found a discussion where someone suggested to try out running cmd as an administrator and typing the command netsh winsock reset and after that restarting your comp. This did not help at all but then I got an idea to go check BO3s properties and found these options dsg.png

    Run program in compatibility mode for Win 7 (cause I have Win 7 64-bit) and decided to run the game as an admin and I got this


    As you can see my steam is clearly running at the moment perfectly fine but the game refuses to start. So I took the administrator command away and to my surprise I could connect again yay! It had my geographical location right and all. Notice I did not have Port Forwarding on at this moment.


    Ping was at 50-90 in multiplayer and 60-100 in zombies (both were playable) but the fun had to end at some point and I got disconnected from the BO3 servers and to my grief the trick didn't work again at all getting this message again




    I tried the same thing with Port Forwarding on with the compatibility mode on and off and got the exact same error.


    At every point of this session my internet was always on and so were BO3 servers (time I got the online services to work: 9 am - 11 am GMT+2)


    This is a huge issue and needs a fix! Too many people get this error and it needs ALOT of attention, so let's hope there comes up a solution somewhere and soon!

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    Yeah great post says it all about this game STUPID. Bring back COD.

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    No... when you wanna play with them online, they have to buy the game for the PC (and if they don't have a PC a PC too) or you have to buy it for PS4 (and if you don't have a PS4 you have to buy a PS4 too)

    I hope I helped you out.

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    Lordz-Discipledrunkenroyalty would recommend you both to check out DOM clan. THe members are awesome and there are a lot of them on PS4 from both EU and North America.

    We also have a competitive side that we are currently building so if that sounds interesting sign up here: www.dom-clan.org

    To see our recruitment post see this link: https://community.activision.com/message/415906228?et=watches.email.thread#41590 6228

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    You should definately sign up then. Just go to www.DOM-clan.org and sign up for either community member or competitive.

    I'm sure you won't regret it

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    You should definately check out DOM. We have a very good community and we are building the competitive side so we also have above average players.

    If you are intersted go to www.DOM-clan.org

    Here you can see our recruitment post : https://community.activision.com/message/415906228?et=watches.email.thread#41590 6228

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  • 11/19/15--13:54: Re: Update 1.03
  • Wow !!! where are you from buddy ?

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  • 11/19/15--13:54: Re: Not Authorized 5
  • Hey,



    I have the exact same issue.


    I contacted the Activision support directly.

    The employee told me it was due some Activision maintanence..


    I also got 3 housemates playing the same game without any problem.

    And I got two pc's myself, and the problem occurs on both of them.

    So it surely is something account / Activision related.


    Anyway, double exp weekend just got released and the problem still isn't fixed.

    Seems like they don't care that much...

    Doesn't matter now though, friends have been playing this game for like 2 full weeks now.

    And i can't really join them.. lets say its a pity refund aint possible.

    Should be possible though, since the game just doesn't work..

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    Pretty sure i kept mine when i prestiged. The only thing i lost were Unlock tokens. Cyptokeys is more like a currency and gives no advantage so i don't think you lose them.

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  • 11/19/15--13:58: Re: 11/19/2015 update ?
  • bobafettman wrote:


    2.7 Gig, these huge updates every few days (esp like AW) are wearing on my ISP limit.


    This is the first BO3 update since launch, shouldnt kill your ISP limit. If you don't play certain games anymore, just pause the download when they pop and you should be fine. I paid for Unlimited ever since day 1 i bought my PS4, because i buy all games digitaly and files are huged compared to last-gen.

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    oRLsx317o wrote:


    Hide my score? What score?

    my bad the first pics you posted only showed the names. at least on my screen.

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  • 11/19/15--14:01: Re: TTK feels faster?
  • Ok thank you so much for your inout I really appreciate it.

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    lotec wrote:


    why cant i access online servers after last update? anny solutions?

    make sure your version is 1.03

    restart the game when you get to the start menu wait!!  when the numbers up top change from 3.0.000 to a new set of numbers. then hit x

    and you should be good to go. this is for PS4!

    xbox i have no clue

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