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    Like stated need 2 experienced people to play some, need to be able to get to pack a punch and do rituals blah blah blah whiteeboi09 is the gt send me an invite and or message

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  • 11/07/15--22:20: Pc Ingame FPS
  • So I can run Gta V on High to medium full screen with over 150 frames no rips no drops nothing but on here I turn the game to the lowest it can possibly go I turned the screen size to a 800x600 res. I have done the config. stuff and still nothing but consistent Frame drops I cant see more than 10 feet in front of me due to the amount of bad the screen has to look. What in the heck do I have to do to get this to just run smoothly 

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  • 11/07/15--22:21: soundtrack troubles
  • I accidentally use my soundtrack code for bo3 on my phone. I noticed it didn't work so k tryed on my pc then I saw the don't try on mo Ile devices is there a way to get my code back or Is my hard earned money gone.

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    How did you fix your issue?

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    hmmm maybe its just a Black ops 3 thing.... been a lot of that going around unfortunately.

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  • 11/08/15--21:58: Treyarch, ADD THIS NOW.
  • Please add global k/d/ or rather allow everyone to see others combat records. Takes the point of having a good K/D and W/L ratio because nobody will see it.

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    Hey all,


    Haven't got anything back from Activision about this issue, so i'll try on here. Just started this issue today when trying to play zombies. Every time I load up zombies (doesn't atter what map i'm playing, Giant, or Evil) my whole game crashes after the cutscene/when skipped. This happens in solo, private, or in an online public match. I tried resetting my cache and such, but no luck. I hope to get this fixed soon. Let me know if anyone else is having this issue or knows a fix, thank you.

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    I just cannot find the way or option to post.

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    Yes, I know it's soon after release. But, the hit detection has been spotty. It was decent yesterday. Now it's complete crap. I know a lot of it has to do with lag compensation. Which is something the devs never want to deal with honestly or make it balanced. Older CODs didn't have this problem. Probably because, like World At War, they ran on dedicated servers. Which we'll probably never see in our lifetimes, unless we own XBoxOne. I'm pretty sure PS4 is peer to peer. Or is it?


    Other issues:


    1. Joining lobbies with no maps to vote on.

    2. Getting killed from behind after enemy spawns a second behind you. I even saw the enemy spawn and kill me in the Killcam. That's how bad it is.

    3. Lag. A never ending issue that never seems to get properly adjusted or respected.

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    I'm sorry to hear you never received a Nuketown code. What region are you located in? What is your system?

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    It is impossible to play in argentina, long lag and the single application is closed.

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  • 11/08/15--22:02: Re: Matchmaking issues
  • Jep, a lot of match making issues. Specifcally when you have party of 3 or more. It tries to make always only full matches with 12 players.

    To speed up things game should start always, when it can match 8 players or more. And not wait that exactly 12 players.

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  • 11/08/15--22:05: Re: Unfair matchmaking
  • And who cares about skill level match making. When matchmaking does not work at all. And you cant get in the game. Just waiting in lobby like 10 min each time. More important is to get games running. Even if skill level is not about the same

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    I did not receive nuketown codes for either of the 2 copys i preorderd on amazon aswell...


    I pre ordered myself and my friend black ops 3 PC version on amazon and never recieved a nuk3town code with either copy?

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    Hey! Please submit a bug report so this can be looked into and fixed.

    Also note: bug/glitch abusing in-game may result in a ban.

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    Yer Actv twitter assist is terrible - scrub that; all official Actv support is terrible.

    Quick response confirming receipt of correspondence followed by deafening silence.

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  • 11/08/15--22:10: Re: Treyarch, ADD THIS NOW.
  • People still care about their K/D ratio? Yeah, this doesn't need to be added.

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  • 11/08/15--22:10: Re: BO3 SNIPING THOUGHTS ?
  • I do like the sniping in this game, which is surprising. The Draken can only kill to the head, but it spams a lot like the SVU did in BO2 and you have a 20 round magazine to put down range. The Locus is a one hit kill from the waist up unsilenced, but if you hit the arms you can get a hit marker.  It also ADS about .05 seconds faster than the other snipers. The SVO actually takes an extra .05 seconds to ADS over the other snipers and only fires at about 40 RPM. However, it's a one shot kill anywhere above the knees excluding the hands.


    All of them are viable, but not particuarly over powered because of the way auto aim works in this game. It is present on the snipers, but doesn't activate until you are fully scoped in. It's also weaker than in previous COD titles.  However, none of the above snipers is overly appealing to me.  I am actually falling in love with the P-06.  The delay on the shot took some getting used to. But it performs exactly like the SVU from Ghosts if you put the burst fire attachment in it. It's a very forgiving weapon and extremely lethal at any range.

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    Señores por favor yo compre la edición deluxe en la store América no es justo ke no pueda ponerlo en español como amigos ke están en otros países  jamás tuve problemas por favor envíenos un parche de idioma de el juego en lo demás es excelente por favor ayúdenme con algún parche de idioma o alguna solución

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  • 11/08/15--22:11: The P-06 Sniper Rifle:
  • Yeah, I am talking about that weird delayed fire burst sniper that you unlock at level 25. I remember the beta of this game and it was a late unlock during the last day and a half. I remember getting it unlocked about two hours before they shut the silly thing down.  Back then, I played 1 game with it and said "What a stupid useless weapon". I decided I wasn't going to waste what little play time I had left with the beta on that piece of junk and I went back to another gun. Now that we have the full game I decided to give it another shake and I am warming up to this sniper rifle.  It really is a devistating weapon in the right hands.


    Sniping in BO3 is harder than in past CODs. The Snipers still have auto aim, but it doesn't activate until you are fully scoped in and it isn't nearly as strong. That with the new scoped in turn speed and I am having a very difficult time overcoming that learning curve. At least I was until I picked up this little gun. The P-06 is a straight foreward weapon. It has the standard sniper rifle handling and attachments available. The weapon comes with a 15 round magazine but has a unique quirk.  It fires a 3 round burst at about 900 rpm within the burst. However, you have to hold down the trigger for about .75 seconds before the gun fires. This prefire time is what makes the weapon difficult to use. Most players haven't come across anything like this and instead opt for a gun with an easier use. However, I had an almost identical weapon that I used in COD Ghosts.


    The weapons fires a 3 round burst with each of the bullets doing around 70 damage. This means it will take 2 of the 3 shots to kill an opponent.  The head shot multiplier is sufficient to kill with a single head shot at any range. If you put on the supressor, the gun loses the one shot to the head and will require the full burst to kill to the body. This weapon is almost identical to the SVU marksman rifle from COD ghosts if you put the burst fire mod on it. It shoots rather slow because of the chage delay, but the weapon is very forgiving requiring only 2 of the 3 shots to kill. It has almost no recoil within the burst and will resettle by the time you charge a follow up burst. Against a stationary target all you have to do is line up the shot and pull the trigger. On a moving opponent you want to get just in front of them and let their momentum travel them into your shot while you charge it up. It takes a little practice, but it's surprisingly consistant and easy once you get the hang of it.


    The Build


    Primary Weapon: P-06

    Attachments: An optic, extended mags, stock

    Secondary Weapon: RK5 or LCAR9

    Attachment: Extended Mags

    Perks: Fast Hands

    Open Slots: 3


    The P-06 is a very flexible weapon once you learn the timing on the burst. It can definately compete in the long range sniping role, but it's fire pattern makes it a more flexible weapon. Pick an optic that suits the range you are comfortable with the weapon. The Recon, Verilix or even the E sights all work surprsingly well with it. The default mag only comes with 15 rounds. This is sufficent for single engagments, but the 21 rounds extended mags offers let's you pick off a while team without reloading. The P-06 can perform follow up burst quickly enough to engage multiple foes and it penetrates bodies very well. This will also extend your starting supply. Finally, the stock will allow you to sidestep and can be helpful for tracking a moving target while the burst is charging. This strategy is extremely effective from middle range out.


    The shot delay does leave you vulnerable in close quarters. You can hipfire a burst and sometimes get lucky. However, a pistol is a better answer and the RK5 or LCAR9's automatic fire is nice to have to fall back on. Fast hands will let you get to it even faster and allows you to recover faster from sprinting while remaining mobile. Putting extended mags on your pistol gives you more ammo to work with and also extends your starting supply. We have 3 slots left on this build to talor it to your own liking. You can take a perk from tier 1, 3 or both.  Another options would be to load up on grenades.  A trip mine can be nice to have in order to watch your back. Trophy systems or stun grenades can also be useful as well.



    This build is a mid range supression build. It works best as part of a 2 man fire team or as a patroling build with a little more reserved play style.  The 2 out of 3 burst shots to kills means you are not as reliant as the locus or SVO on a single shot precision.  It also kills faster than the Draken and just about anything else at long range. The weapon definately has a learning curve, but once you overcome it, the P-06 just hums.

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