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    The movie was good, but i have to agree... the game blows.

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    Haha I like the longer posts; they're usually created with more thought and care


    I hate that. If I find my team are too stupid to run Low Profile or Blind Eye, even if they're stuck in an endless cycle of respawning and dying because of it, I spend more time scanning the sky for stuff to shoot down... but it's futile. My team will just feed the enemy more streaks, and I can't focus on actually "playing" no amount of counter-streak work can help you win when you're the only one doing something about it smh.

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    Hi NEWPRT,


    This is a rare problem that has not happened much before, try this.


    Eject the AW disc.

    Turn off your console.

    Take out all the plugs.

    (punch it a few times) JOKE

    Then put them back in your console.

    Turn it on.

    Put in the game.

    Look if you have the drops.

    Hopefully it worked!

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    You just said you only get matches in your region... but that no one in your region plays. Which is it?

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    Add me if you want     GamerFromAbove

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    You will be. If you pre-order a game you get Nuk3town with it

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    LMAO. I was just kidding! Frenchy is awesome. There is only one person on this forum we ALL have a problem with...and its NOT Frenchy.

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    LOL... I'm gonna say this before I read the rest of the responses, cause I'm betting they are similar...

    Did anyone really like SBMM? Do you think it balanced the game? I really like to know what you guys think.


    I think you should go back and read what you wrote and put out there for others to see. Read it critically: like you are reading it from someone else's perspective. If you do that I think you would see that what you said was so far out there as to be laughable if it wasn't so sad. Sorry, but It was really narcissistic and self absorbed... In addition, I can't let you know what I really think because the response would be moderated to hell and back..


    I'm holding out hope that it was not SIMM that made AW fun for me. I'm still believing that the SIMM is and has always been in COD.


    If it's not and SIMM did truly keep me from the upper echelon of players, and I can't RnG like I'm able to do now in AW, then you'll find me strategically patrolling small areas to kill the fast guys kill-streaks and ruin their days... lol 




    Charlie Camper.. "In a corner near you...."

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    I think some jump in and just expect to be god like, pull the high streak hardly die and just be rambo in there front room....when it does not go that way the hate comes in and the excuses flow..its lag, its sbmm, its not Cod (insert number).

    The more mature gamer can just take the game for what it is...the good and bad....i may be seeing things thro rose tinted glasses but is there anything that comes close gaming wize for me....im yet to find it.....i try most fps, but always return to COD the addiction is strong in this one.

    No hate here frustration sometimes but to me thats the ups and downs of the game.

    Is it november the 6th yet for the ride to start again.

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    It was good. You can placr/throw it.

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    Don't think he bothers coming on here anymore, as no one takes him on these days, it is certainly a better forum without that idiot here

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    ok calm down bro.... i didnt ask for ur help especially... calm.... i dont need ur shitty replies....

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    SheWantsMyAnaconda wrote:


    You can defend the game by all means, but there is a problem when the devs/publisher only want to maximize profits only.  As you can see with AW where they introduce all these gimmicky outfits and variants (that make the game unbalanced btw) that can only earned by asd's, there is a problem.  A true cod fan doesn't need to keep believing or keep defending when there is a legit problem with the game, cause I've actually seen gotsomestars defend AW but a few days ago posted that AW was a crappy game. You say gamers are demanding...well yeah if I pay for a game 60 or 100 plus and there's something within the game thats a game breaker,  yes I would like it to be removed, but only then will I appreciate a developer when they put full effort into their product and not only squeeze by.

    One man's game breaker may be/is another man's golden gun... I don't believe that Hate should be pointed at a COD title because of a dislike of aspects of the installment. A true COD fan will play, express their dislike (not hate) of certain issues and go on to the next title. COD Hate only breeds more hate from ill informed others or worse for oneself: self loathing is prevalent in true haters... I read that somewhere.. lol


    Probably cause they hate themselves for playing so much....

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    ok thx for replying! have a nice day!

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    Yep, when we stopped feeding the troll, he got hungry and went to the Zombies Forum  to feed (Ironically)

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    giddy 2.gifNovember 6th is coming!!!!!!

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    Hopefully if people realise that he is not here anymore, then maybe they will come back and keep the forum alive until we get extinction 2

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    and can i ask where do u live?? which reigon??

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    Hate brought me to the forums originally because I was so fed up of the lack of action about the God Mode Goliath Glitch not being patched for clan wars.  I learned from that original 'hate' that this forum is full of insightful commentary and healthy debate.  Some people just can't get out of their Hate Cycle. I learned that some people have this mentality imbedded into their ego.  It makes some people feel better putting others down (or a game in this instance).  I try to only participate in healthy discussions that promote resolution and not toxicity. You helped me find that path BrainDead6666.  Glad to see you back on the forums.  It has been awhile. I hope all is well my friend

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    self portrait?

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