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    hey burning here with another installment of why hT (hybrid theroy) is awesome.


    besides the fact that if you are not the best cod player we will make you better. Or if your tired of playing obj games with the whole other team just slaying and not getting those wins up...we can help with that.


    but today lets says you play other games besides cod like destiny, eso, pc games we have divisions for those as well.

    SO don't worry about the fear of your clan getting mad at you for playing another game, we all play other games. I myself am a titanfall fanatic. all you need to do is hit the link up above so you can apply, join our awesome group me. Get to know the guys and see if we are for you.


    With bo3 (black ops 3) just around the corner wouldn't be nice to already have a dedicated group of people to play with. So send in your app, chat with us and come see what all the fuss is about.


    later all,


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    rayoldguy, I am amazed at what u posted at the top when u said you have been GMP months ago w/ a job, family and other hobbies.. U must be a beast racking up 30+ kills a game! I'm impressed Im regular prestige 11 at have all the things u mention except the grandkids, but dam how did u do it? It seems as you flew to GMP it's only been a few months since release of new prestige! if you play on xb1 I wouldn't mind playing some CoD with u.

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    i wonder who came up with the brilliant plan to not unlock the weapons until you get one in a supply drop. I hope I don't have to wait as long as I did to get my AK RiP. I had planned to stop prestiging at my current prestige 11, now it seems as I will keep prestiging to chase this STG, and just like the AK RiP once I get it , probably only use it a few times!

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  • 07/15/15--03:59: Re: Join the Revolution!
  • Bump.

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  • 07/15/15--03:51: Re: I need a clan
  • Hey! So the clan Revolution of Gaming isn't necessarily a QS clan, but we do have a competitive team. Our BO2 Brigade consists of about 35 members and most of them are on constantly! If you want to check us out you can find us at


    Revolution of Gaming


    Let me know if you have any questions!

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    No offense to foreign players

    but it would just work out better if you're from U.S. Especially if we're trying to hook up for a diamond division CW

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    Avoid using the Conqueror variant. Recently I've been struggling with this useless piece of weapon and to my misery I noticed my Longshots, Skeet, and Strafe medals were not registering toward the challenges and after 1 and a half day of pain and suffering I decided to try with the camoless stock Crossbow since I'm the kind of person who tends to have wild ideas and think a lot in order to fix things, and bam! They started registering towards the camo challenges (I might have be right in thinking it somehow had to do with the variants or camos equiped). Why stuff like this happen is beyond me but it sure looks like a bug and a nasty one for those like me that have/had to find it the hard way. So I'm letting you know beforehand so you don't throw yourself out of the window while trying to Diamond this joke.


    Have a great day! Especially you, Sledgehammer... Especially you...


    PS. What makes the bow a joke is the fact I never play higher than 3 bars and when your bolts start traveling a year later of shooting them then you know things just got real.

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  • 07/15/15--05:52: I L♡VE BEER!
  • http://m.mentalfloss.com/article.php?id=30987




    And I'd really like to try all the ones on this list. Who's with me?

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    I will mention a couple of forum moderators to see if they can assist you with this.



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  • 07/16/15--03:41: Re: Some new weapons coming
  • #Money #Pigeon

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    As you said, it takes 72 hours, but i received the gear - top Centurion because my clan yeal 3 nods and the gloves because was the war where i yeald the most nods.


    I already had 1 victory in the clan wars, and in the app/achievements, is the information that with 1 victory we had the exo (for exemple).


    The info tha you need:

    - Gamertag/ID - BAMaga55

    - CoD Account email - Brunoalexandre.magalhaes@gmail.com

    - Specific rewards missing - Exo Centurion / Shinguards

    - Clan War standings page (from app) - Didn´t understand what you mean

    - Top Clan Contributors page (from app) - It was me - BAMaga55

    I'm Sorry about the mistakes, but i'm portuguese and my english writing is a litle rusty at the moment.

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    Point 1) Your not suppose to be able to kick

    Point 2) Accept, Look, Then Kick.

    Point 3) Pointless tbh, to many people upgrade cc as fast as possible

    Point 4) That's what a Captain is called?

    Point 5) There is when you click your alliance tab.  An Alert appears when someone actually request.


    I just solved all 5 of your issues.

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    For transferring stats from psn to xbl or xbl to psn the answer is no.

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  • 07/16/15--04:28: Re: All troops seem nerfed
  • Do you get off on being retarted?

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  • 07/16/15--04:48: Re: All troops seem nerfed
  • I've been noticing this for a while.  Its like they change the AI or add and remove bonus damage to weapons and units.  I've seen a cluster of level 8 RPGS die from artillery while under a level 8 Soap Care Package and with 3 healing drones.  This isn't supposed to be possible according to the weapon and unit stats.  I've seen times where RPG cluster and healing drones spread out and other times when it was revered.


    Yesterday I could not win a PvP battle to save my life.  Suddenly at 8pm, when the game daily clock reset the whole game changed.  Whether this all just imagined or maybe they are messing with the AI and the unit stats behind the scenes its something many players are seeing and my losses are not imagined.


    Either way I don't see them ever admitting to tweaking the units.  Whether is for game balance or to sell more cerillium we will never know.

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    That would be like Chevy and Ford agreeing to use the same engines. Not going to happen.

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    Boy, you are wrong. It's obvious many people care, ESPECIALLY you and Tic. Otherwise, you wouldn't waste so much time bickering. Code has facts and examples of his theory working and neither of you have anything but childish bickering.

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  • 07/16/15--05:06: Re: I need help
  • I Am recruiting for zRush. If you have kik my username is EL1T3_KILLSWITCH and my psn is zRush_Zaratul

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  • 07/16/15--05:11: zRush recruiting now PS3
  • hardcore game modes

    tryout required

    necessary name change if you make it

    LLooking for mature players


    psn zRush_Zaratul


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