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    Ever try it?

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    The Vector is so legit. You barely have to try..



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    I´m one of the Lucky People who´s unable to Play MP!

    Thanks to a Glitch in a 60 Bucks Game!


    I think its ridiculous that this Problem isn´t fixed till now.


    But well, i paid the Game and i would like to Play!


    So would anybody be my Hero and send me an Invitation?


    My Steam ID is Hellspawn2006


    Apologies for my bad English cause im a German!


    Thanks a lot!

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    Level 42 Prestige 2 5500 kills 277 wins my k/d went down becuase im tryin to level up my shotguns but still not bad 0.81 so hit me up if you want to play

    PSN: Maximus054

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  • 11/18/13--13:00: Help needed , please
  • Alright, so i have a major issue that I'm not quite sure how to fix it. I have a clan with my friends that have had for a while and we carry it over to every cod game. I was invited to the clan and I was able to join no issue. Now one of my friends invited me to his clan a week later.

    I meant to hit no but i went down a extra time on accident and hit A which accepted the invite to the clan. I got the call of duty app for this game to leave it and this is where I get the big issue. I click on my clan page in the app and it shows me in my main clan, ESEU. But when i got to the my profile page, under clans it shows me in the other one. My clan leader told me that someone else had this issue and he told me how they fixed it.

    What they did is they left all the clans he was in and just got invited back to my main one. I go to do this on my main clan click on the leave buttton and its like are you sure you want to leave this clan? I click on yes and it says I'm not in the clan. Like wtf is that. It gives me the option at top right to leave but when i click on it, it tells me im not in it. I check the roster and im in it. I check the other roster and im in that too. Literally i dont know what to do. I go to the other clan and on the top right there is no leave option. There is a join clan option, I click on join clan and boom it tells me the application already exists.

    I go to my xbox and the clan detail page and stuff is all locked. I press y and go to clan and it tells me to join or create one. I lost all of my patches and stuff from my main clan and its really frustrating. Does anyone please know how to fix this?

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    IIt took a couple of days to unlock for me

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    Yeah they were supposed to fix it in the next patch but who knows. Same thing has been happening to me for like 2 weeks now. There has been multiple threads about this. It keeps happening to more and more people each day. Lets just say 100 people a day gets effected by this (could be more or less), but in a week thats around 1000 people. Hopefully they fix this soon or more and more people will be screwed. I cant even start getting kills for my ghillie suit because I dont have those operations up.

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    Dont blame me Say that to the ones who did it ^_^

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    i tried changing a loadout

    and the game says, call of duty app data seems to be corrupt, cancelling

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    ill they were working fine for me also for about a week. They switched them a few times now im locked out. I guess to be safe switch them as little as possible but eventually it will start effecting the masses.

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    aany issues to report or fixes

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    I was totally unaware of how to properly leave a hacked game. I hit leave game unfortunately...I am new to gaming so I guess I am learning all these tricks the hard way :-(


    I feel that every time I look online at all the patch notes etc. that there are so many. I think that they should have fixed this problem a long time ago. I can only imaging the how many people have been infected by this...

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    I never had a melee class. And I've played every cod mp so far.

    So that argument is invalid.

    I don't care about people wanting to melee, but a whole gamemode for it and with extra melee weapons. Well try a private match or another game.

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    You can not have it like (left for dead) that is just like copying a game. But you could have it the way it has been. But put into one big game. And don't have to worry about picking a map have one big whole map. That way you would not have to worry.

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    There is no perk called "anti IED" danger close blast shield and sit rep serve many more functions, than simply not getting killed by them.

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    Well I don't even own CoD: Ghosts. But there was a lot of talk about every console having dedicated servers.

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  • 11/22/13--07:43: Ranking up
  • Is it just me or does it feel like ranking up from 45-60 goes faster than going from say 15-30. I feel like the lower number ranks take more time than the higher ranks. Does anyone else feel this way?

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    Same here. Xbox One

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  • 11/22/13--07:43: Re: In one word.....wow
  • On ps4 by the end of Friday night it was about 10k , by the end of the weekend it was about 30k. I assume it will be about the same on xb1.


    On a side note the game played REALLY well for the limited amount of people.

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