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    I like full auto ARs with moderate fire rates and higher damage. Guns like the ACR, Obsidian Steed, and AN-94 have the flexibility to perform well in a variety of situations and ranges that SMGs, LMGs, and shotguns don't provide. In older Call of Duty games I enjoyed using burst weapons like the G11 but in Advanced Warfare I find guns like the ARX too inconsistent with the movement mechanics.

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    Uhhh well let me clarify what you may have seen on YouTube... At ranks 20, 30, 40 & Prestige you will earn an advanced supply drop! However, this currently is only available to do so on the Xbox One, 360, PS4 & PC


    Whomever, spread the rumors you can earn them on PS3, I'd love to see the proof, as I already stated I prestiged and merely received a playercard for that prestige

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  • 04/15/15--00:12: Re: Real music
  • well I waited long time for GH to come back but the track list is very sad to me.


    like most I love the old days.

    I know im not gonna get the old guns n roses but please consider those bands:


    1. first and for most - Whitesnake!!   and im not talking the hits necessarily. this game would rock with: sailing ships, fool for your loving, don't break my heart again, judgment day, forevermore, trouble, lonely days lonely nights, crying in the rain and much much more.

    Mr. Coverdale loves to share his music so maybe its possible.


    2. some BLUES!!! - gary moore, jeff healey. those guys are guitar gods and playing them would be crazy goos and hard.


    thanks for your consideration )

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    last bump

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  • 04/15/15--00:14: Hi
  • I cant play Zm i have account but i cant , need to comfirme ?

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    wtflop its been 3 min since i last checked n it went from 27 to 34 views??

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  • 04/15/15--00:18: Re: @moderators
  • That is a terrible idea. The forums are here for a reason, and do what they are supposed to do. Why would they want to push things to facebook and twitter? The company makes a laughable amount of money, the type where they could say "**** you" to basically everyone but the president, and walk away like a boss. Activision took a piss this morning, and the bit of dribble when it walked away could back a forum for 20-30 years. I just don't see the point...they can't go more global.


    I will not get on facebook or twitter to talk about CoD with players, should it come to that.

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    Yeah, I totally understand where you are coming from. If I had better aim/accuracy I would enjoy the higher damage weapons a bit more, but my accuracy is a bit **** lol. I will say that most of that is due to trying to map people with SMGs, but bad is bad.


    Although I prefer SMGs and faster firing ARs, I have always had a soft spot for the AK, all versions of it. The AN-94 was strong as hell and a great weapon to fit that high damage accuracy niche. I have the insanity Hbra3, which seems to rip, but at times the recoils seems to bounce a bit too unpredictable. I have played maybe one online game in the past month, so I haven't helped my odds of getting the steed, but congrats! I think the inferno might be my "best BAL", but you cannot deny the strengths of the steed for any playstyle.

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    I came across a sandy ravage video several years ago and saw what he did with a shotgun...I retired mine in honor of him lol. Thats badass if you can have some fun games with them. I always end up caught out of range. I am a newb with them .

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    The Fabled Alliance [FALL] is a new rising clan that are looking for members they can count on.



    1. K/D Ratio at least 0.8

    2. Speaks English

    3. Active during clan wars

    4. No childish attitude


    The main goal of this clan is to win clan wars. We need members who can properly execute roles of overwatch, run and gun, and objective-minded which means a role which concentrates on scoring uplinks, collecting dogtags, capturing areas in DOM and HP, and the such.


    We are currently level 11. Search for Fabled Alliance and join us. Prove to the world of your existence and your skill.

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  • 04/16/15--03:24: Time Limited Loot??
  • Why even bother with this? All I get is the Bloodshed helmet, rather pointless to have if your only going to get one item, over and over.

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    Ottawa/Montreal was fantastic. Man I hope that series goes 7,

    ...and as much as I dislike the Islanders, I really hope they beat Washington. Would love to see Rangers/Islanders in the next round.

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    While its always been suspected the DLC was by design a pathetic money grab, buying slots and now ASDs proves it beyond any doubt. The simple fact they have created an uneven playing field and now give you a gamble for a cost, with no guarantees on what your actually buying, shows how low they will stoop.

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    Why are posting being moderated in just this thread? I made a post prior to this one and its showing a message saying "Currently being moderated."

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  • 04/16/15--03:47: Re: Time Limited Loot??
  • I have to agree. The batshi* (that's what me and my friends call the bloodshed) is a prime example of pointlessness. I haven't understood this from day one.

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    my thoughts on this one are stop swapping around the different menus when you're in a lobby between games.


    I find it stops the out of memory crash going on.


    if you think about it you're just running out of cache space, so stay in the lobby don't look at much between games and it should hold up.

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  • 04/16/15--04:24: I am being moderated?
  • Before I can post anything I have to wait for my content to be approved. What are the reasons at to why this could have happened and how long will it last?

    thanks in advance

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  • 04/16/15--04:30: Re: I am being moderated?
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    Please add me if you are still looking for a clan. We are level 22


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  • 04/16/15--04:35: Re: Rebuilding Clan (PS4)
  • If you have a mic and would like to join us for objective game modes including Hard Core, please add me on PS4



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