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    Hey guys,


    I dont know if its a problem making a new thread, i just joined the community.

    I wanted to ask if anybody want to add me on PSN : JWZ_Griek073


    Im getting really tired of all noobs who quit mid-game. I dont even play with randoms, but i dont have a lot of friends on this account so i hope somebody will add me. Specific on origins ive got to round 37 and then laggd out, but i have got to 77 on another map. And please only serieus people, my mic doesnt work at this moment, but i can follow in all the steps without it.


    Anyway, im looking forward to new players, and have a nice evening everyone!

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    Why won't my supply drops I have purchased show up in my new items box or anything else when every other troubleshooter says it should. It does say purchased over them however they have not come en though the money is gone. We have been waiting at least half an hour but to no avail. Please message or comment upon this post so we can resolve this situation.

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    где взять уникальный код для синхронизации

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  • 03/18/15--14:04: Sound has no direction?
  • I don't know if it's just my setup or not but game sounds don't have direction to them.

    Here's my setup; Xbox One with Turtle Beach Earforce Z2 headset plugged directly to tv mic jack.

    When I'm in a game i can be at the edge of a map and it sounds like the battle is going on off the map. I can't here footsteps or shooting from where they should be at all. Any suggestions?

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    It is what you make it.. simple as that.

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  • 03/19/15--13:55: Re: KF5 Breakneck
  • Single Stack > Breakneck

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    still looking

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    I am on Xbox 360 and yes I have tried that and nothing has worked. On the credit card used it says that I have purchased it but on the Xbox it says I have not.

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  • 03/19/15--13:57: Re: Exo grapple in next DLC
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    only 8 members are active in my clan out of 14 and i want all of them active so everyone can contribute.. thank yo

    please reply or message me on psn - thracian8519

    also clan is recruiting (<N7>)

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    You could try posting in the clan forum section... That might help answer your question and then try the clan recruiting form section for building a clan.

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  • 03/19/15--14:04: Re: KF5 Breakneck
  • "Don't use it then." And here again we have the idiot comment of the day.


    I'd like to thank the OP for exposing the myth of the Breakneck. These are valid experimental 'facts' that some of us would like to see. I too share the same sentiment about the Genuine which in my experience is one of the most effective and underrated weapon of the game.

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    As long as you don't have them benched they can participate and contribute.

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    Because when you put out a patch that you can continue progressing without implemeting something like earnable advance supply drops then your game should not allow us to progress so we may fairly earn them??


    what the **** where you actually thinking when you posted the patch? You thought that 1) everyone was level 15 prestige ?? Well buzz wrong answer and 2) ok so people that are 15 are the ones getting screwed if they wana keep playing because YOU are ******* them without giving them what they paid for.


    and lastly, why the **** do you add a ps4 general measage for st patricks day saying that certain gear is earnable via advanced supply drops if we dont even have them in the mother ******* first place?


    but what do you know in the end? you keep posting pictures instagram revealing new gear added for xbox users, you guys are putting dates out for DLC's for xbox users it doesn't mention playstation anywhere more over how the **** or how in the **** do you NOT know the releaae date of a MICRO DLC.... You know the answer for a **** ing map pack but you dont for a bunch of payable boxes? If anything your gona make more money on ur supply drops than ur season passes all together. You guys are gona lose ur ******* fanbase and ur loyal custommers n then one day ur gona fail so badly and never recover remember this because u guys have the WORST communication ever and the basis of everything in this world and i mean everything is communication


    so disappointed in you guys smh

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  • 03/19/15--14:09: Re: [xbox 360] join RoA clan
  • gamertag: xXxmecchi14xXx

    age: 16

    timezone: Eastern standard time

    active time: 11:00 Am -  8:00pm

    and what u do for the clan: What i can do for the clan is ( Snipe , and be a gunner) i also cna show others the ropes if i become a  member, also help others with things.

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    Thanks for the update.


    Let's take this to Private Message to better assist you with this.




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    Clan members will become active after they have earned at least 1 win during the war.


    The roster amount is the total # of players who are able to become active after earning a win.


    E.G. You have roster set to 10 but you have 20 members. The first 10 members (who are not benched) that earn a win will become active. All remaining players will be considered inactive and will not receive rewards.




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  • 03/19/15--14:18: ->STR33T KINGZ
  • About us


    Clan name:->STR33T KINGZ<-

    Motto: R3ST IN PIECEZ *___*


    Clan level :15

    Division: Platinum Division

    Hit us up on gamertags for XBOX ONE @

    Head Commander: KAYE2DAJAYE99

    Lt Commander: PoloGodKenny18




    Reply here with gamer tag win and kd ratio and i will try my best to message you



    Need some experienced people to join clan


    Requirements ( Not mandatory) (Will likely become lt commander if you meet or exceed these stats below)

    KD 1.05+

    Wl .50+

    Prestige 2+

    Rather 17+ (or mature)

    Prefer people to have Clan App on personal phone to communicate with the rest of clan. ( At desperate times)

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