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    You're confusing the patchers from the publishers again, completely separate entities when it comes to patching.


    Also, it costs around 40k a patch with Microsoft, so following your math, we should only get about two patches a game.. ever..


    If anything, after you read my last post, you as a player should feel a lot better about what you are getting now that you understand what goes into it.. but.. I'm getting that "self-entitled" vibe, so.. that ends me explaining anything.. carry on



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    just straight up trickshot

    were going to trickshot off of each little side of the map

    dont be annoine

    dont piss people off please

    have fun

    dont keep killing last

    dont rage on a trickshot

    and dont shockcharge

    dont stun

    just play normal and hit some bills

    you can go for tomakhawk shots thats ok





    if anybody could record the lobby like the clips please send them to me on my skype summit_bill

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    Yes Ana at the support desk was very helpful with this when I finally got a number to call and got trough to them. Thank you though,

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    Uhm, it skips over at least 20 games prime time. It can find only 9 at best prime time, usually just 5, this changes to 15-30 on an average account.

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    Hey guys here's a video about how ive unlock some of the mastery challenges and im currently 18th prestige.

    CoD AW Mastery Challenges Xbox One - YouTube

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    We also participate in clan wars to unlock the special gear sets.  If this interests you we would love to have you aboard!  if this does not interest you and you just want to play and have fun that is fine too.  we prefer active members who are willing to help out during clan wars, however we understand that there will be things that will take precedence over it and we can work with that as long as you let an officer know PRIOR to the clan wars start date.

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    Hey guys here's a video about how ive unlock some of the mastery challenges and im currently 18th prestige.

    CoD AW Mastery Challenges Xbox One - YouTube

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    Hey guys here's a video about how ive unlock some of the mastery challenges and im currently 18th prestige.

    CoD AW Mastery Challenges Xbox One - YouTube

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  • 03/08/15--10:34: Re: Looking to be recruited.
  • I sent you an invite to Clan KILL Gaming.

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    I'm an American gamer named Brock and I am looking for a clan that can be cool and funny during chat but serious when it comes down to gameplay I play almost every day and I am interested in joining your clan. PSN: rockman128

    K/D: 0.83

    W/L: 0.91

    Score Per Minute: 216.86

    Accuracy: 13.62%

    Games Played: 428

    In Time Gameplay: 2 days 44 min

    I am 16 years old, I have a mic and I am in the eastern timezone and I am currently on prestige 3!


    Contact me here ill be sure to reply. Thanks!



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    We are looking for 6 new member add me my user name if bacon_chezeburger

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    Looking for a clan on bo2 and Xbox 1, must have lots of members on both consoles. Minimum amount of members is 10 nothing less. If I need to try out do it on bo2 1v1ing snipers. Message me at R2H Legacy on either consoles.

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    For those of you who don't know what I am refering to the Atlas 45 and the PDW both got damage buffs in the latest patch.  The allas used to be a 2 shot kill out to knifing range and 4 after that.  It's middle damage is buffed so that it's now a 3 hit kill out to 15 or 16 meters.  The PDW got the better of the two buffs. It's now one less shot to kill at all ranges. So it's a 3 hit kill in kifing range, 4 out to about 10 meters and 5 after that. The gun's high recoil and low magazine still make it impracticle outside of 20 meters.   But it holds it's own better against SMGs and shotguns now.  I was just wondering what everyone's opinion on the new pistols are?


    The Atlas 45 is now more in line with the black ops 2 57 handgun. Although it's a 4 shot kill maximum and has half the magazine. The PDW is not the KAP 40, but it's definately a more viable weapon now.  Have any of you started using these two on your classes because of the buff?

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    Hello My name is Sly and i would like to let everyone know that as of 11:59 pm March 7th 2015 a new clan looking for recruitment's will surface and be accepting members of any age, sex, ethnicity etc there will be no discrimination from members or staff of the clan.



    *No Racism

    *No Sexism

    *No Heavy Slander

    *No Bullying

    *Stay focused

    *Stay Respectful

    *No religious slander (at all)



    We need a head clan manager. You must be polite, professional, good at helping people, and good with numbers. I will need contact info!


    If interested add and message SlyGaming-365 on PS3 Before March 8th at 11:59 pm. I will have updated info on who to contact after this time.


    Bring what you got! Who is interested?



         Sly Gaming

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    Must be UK based

    Have mic

    Work well in a team

    map knowledge

    call outs

    good reaction time and accuracy on point

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  • 03/08/15--10:58: Re: Join our clan
  • So join we are always open join today.

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    Almost all members are highly active members, so if you like to play with others regularly this is the clan for you!  ask for an invite here or apply now!  and YES you can bring your friends with you to the clan!


    Gamer Tag : Damian Crow

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