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  • 02/03/15--18:00: Re: HeroHQ Survivors
  • Yeah, I think it would be nice to get back to a game where I actually recognize the guns/other weapons...


    that looks like some alien with an x for a mouth...kinda like a predator...and no eyes....

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    I do like the score based leader boards but the one thing that is wrong with them is that glitchers can still boost their way to the top in just a few hours by reviving each other. I would also like a filter that lets you look at the highest rounds.

    I think the leader boards would be spot on if they removed or limited the point reward for reviving team mates because let's say 2 glitchers have saved 250,000 credits each and start reviving each other getting 5% each time (12,500), their scores will go up ridiculously fast. 500 points would be sufficient  because it is enough to buy ammo.


    I watched a guy get a legitimate round 100 last night moving around the map using the traps, in around 12 hours he was not much over a million points with around 22,000 kills. There are people with less hours played but higher scores than that

    at  round 45. The unfortunate positioning of the wall weapon inside the main hub make it easier for the glitchers to drop down grab ammo and get back in to their glitch spot.


    The weapons become really weak at round 40  but if you damage the zombies before putting them through the trap then you get the kills and 10 points per zombie.

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  • 02/03/15--18:06: Picked Up Weapons
  • When playing round based games, why don't picked up weapons continue into the next round? I can see the logic in not doing so in SnD, but why not in CTF, DOM, LINK, etc? Like, if I see a nice gun and make it mine, I should get to keep that. It's the only way I get to use a Speakeasy, Obsidian Steed, Insanity, or RIP.

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  • 02/03/15--18:06: X1 GB Team?
  • Looking for a team that wants to have fun and is interested in doing GB's. I have a 1.5 Kd in pubs and are looking for other players that are similar to my skill level. The team is going to be just online with no real future of going to events so if you want to travel or have extremely high expectations then this is not your team. I am new to GB's so i am ranked high. I'm 19 years old so im looking for other people similar to that age. Please do not rage and dont get off after 1-2 matches. Im am normally on till 7-12 ET. GT: Ethos Phantom. BTW i am not looking in joining a competitive clan or any clan so please do not ask.

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  • 02/03/15--18:07: Re: HeroHQ Survivors
  • I think the last call of duty I played that I recognized guns in was like...black ops 1. Even black ops 2 had different weapons I didn't know... though after awhile they are all kinda the same. Also I'm not super....well versed in different guns, so it doesn't take much to lose me.

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    I wasn't Evan running flack jacket on the class I used.


    i only moved to next gen last week and AW too so kinda playing catch up on this one just about to prestige for the second time so not Evan looked at challenges to much,


    So i take it now that these notifications are common

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    Recoil is not a problem on this gun, except at long range, but when you are engaging at long range with this gun, the real problem is the four hits on a semi-auto. Make it three hits at all ranges and reduce the rate of fire to compensate.

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    I Really want to be in a clan that is really serious about competions and mlg matches. I consider myself to be an amazing call of duty player (I usually call myself a god as I am always number 1 in a match) , I have done some mlg GB 1v1s before but I really want to be on a team or atleast have a chance at trying to be on one. only bad thing about me is I don't have the best internet, not the best but decent at S&D, and I lack a mic. and I am on ps3, planning to upgrade to next gen when the next call of duty game comes out.

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  • 02/03/15--18:11: Re: Logging onto my cod acc
  • Dude, I am just trying to be helpful, it worked for me and I figured it was worth a try for other people to try it to see if it worked for them, i am not trying to troll people.

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    Anyone got their AE4 to dl after the update? What a joke, really.

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  • 02/03/15--18:14: Re: Logging onto my cod acc
  • He is just trying to help.


    If he was trolling, he'd tell people to strip down to their tighty whities, slap an Aluminum Foil hat on, and sing the theme to Hee Haw.

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  • 02/03/15--18:21: Re: Lag Comp.....
  • I see. Thanks for all of the posts. I just got on here and havent looked at any of the links yet but I will. .As stated, I am in Las Vegas and I play with a few friends that live in Central Illinois (2 in the same city) but when (1) of those (2) people host I absolutely melt people! but when any of the other friends host the lobby it's back to not standing a chance....I get melted.


    Just so damn confused.....


    Going to check out the links hopefully that will help me understand.


    Thanks again.

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    Come and check us out.

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    Leaderboard =/= player base


    I will be on both core and HC TDM leaderboards that doesn't make me a Core player as I only played for CW. The same goes for Core players who either played for CW or wanted to try HC but didn't like it and only played 1-2 games. This means there will also be a lot of players counted twice.

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  • 02/03/15--18:26: Re: HeroHQ Survivors
  • Well even if I don't know the gun, I like the simplicity of...the weapons of yesteryear, like plain and simple iron sights or minimalist attachments

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  • 02/03/15--18:28: Im looking for clan members
  • [360] We are the RFL (Ruthless forlife) . We just won our first clan wars but it was my clans first time in one. I have no rules for the clan right now so anybody can join. Just msg me at lividsnake for 360 and i will invite you to

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  • 02/04/15--18:37: Re: EXO ZOMBIE LOBBY
  • aadd my gt too RearmostNote068

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