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    There is a lot of interest in the community about how you earn supply drops in this game. Mostly players want to understand the system so they can earn more of them.  It took me a while to figure this out, but now that I am looking back on it, the system makes perfect sense.  Now like all thoughts on this I could be wrong, because I don't have the source code to the game.  However, I do have some experience programming and I hold a degree in mathematics.  These conclusions are drawn from tracking my own supply drops over the last 6 weeks.  I wrote down a number of different variables from my own playing and I found some very consistent results.


    I am not going to post all of my data here.  It would take about 6 hours to put it into a table along with the statisical analysis of it and about 1% of the whole community would actually understand it or really care. So, I am just going to summarize the conclusions here.  I began tracking how long it took me to earn a supply drop, what game modes I was play, how I was performing and a number of other variables.  The main theory about supply drops is you earn them based on your play time.  However, my own data directly contradicts that.  There is not a good mathematical relationship between the amount of time I play between supply drops.  In other words, sometimes it takes me 15 minutes to earn one and other times it takes me 40 to 45 minutes.  Another popular theory is that it has to do with your score per minute or the number of games you play.   Both of these don't have a good statistical fit for what I observed either.  I couldn't find a good relationship for any particular reason I was getting supply drops and then I stepped back and looked at the problem a different way and it started to make sense.


    I began to think like a programmer would and it dawned on me. When you program something you want to keep your code design as simple as you possibly can.  The more complex of a system you program the bigger the chance is that it will have bugs. Some of you might be familiar with Occum's Razor in science, "Given all the possibilities for something happening, the simplest is the most probable."   I started noticing I was getting care packages more often when I was playing hardpoint, and domination over the other game modes. I was trying to level quickly and playing the objectives very aggressively.  When I was doing that I was getting a supply drop every 2 to 3 games. When I was playing free for all or tdm the supply drops were coming slower.  I also went through a 3 prestige period where I was chasing camo and marksman challenges on the really bad weapons in the game.  My KD was averaging between .25 and .35 and I was suddenly getting a major increase in the number of supply drops I was earning.


    I started analyzing this data and I finally found a good fit for it.  What is really going on behind the scenes is you have an experience counter for supply drops.  Every time you earn a certain amount of experience the game gives you a supply drop and resets the counter so you can start earning your next one.  I am not sure what the exact amount is, but it's someplace around 20,000 to 40,000 xp.  The reason I cannot nail this down is there is a catch.  Every time you die in the game and you didn't commit suicide you also get experience towards your next supply drop as well.  I am not sure how much, the game seems to weigh dying higher than getting a kill in calculating this experience. There is one other major factor supporting this fact. Have you ever noticed in the game when you get a supply drop you either just killed someone, completed an objective, or just died. 


    The death aspect of the system makes perfect sense. If supply drops were simply based on your earned xp, then the good players would earn them quite frequently and the bad players would hardly ever get them.  Having deaths count towards the supply drop experience balances out the system so that the weaker players get an supply drops as often as the good players.  However, it seems weighted so that the weaker players get more so they can better compete with the pros.  That makes sense from a game balancing standpoint.  Finally, you have the issue of rapid supply.  That is basically just a double xp that only counts towards earning supply drops. 


    If anyone has the game code or any more relevant data on the matter I would be interested in discussing it with you here.  I hope this has been somewhat insightful for most of you.  As always thanks for reading. 

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    We are currently recruiting for members to join our clan. We are a UK based mixed gender clan, varying in ages. We are a level 16 clan with a gold clan tag [GOBs]. We play various game types however we do favour Domination, Kill Confirmed, Team death match and Ground war.

    We are looking for anyone to join, we would prefer a plus K/D ratio however this is not a must.

    We are looking to recruit worldwide players either male or female.

    We are ONLY looking for ACTIVE players.

    We are looking for game type players to assist with points and not just kills.

    To find our clan please search GOOD 0LD BOYS. (Old is spelt with a Zero)

    If you would like to Join please message the clan Leader (Gamertag): xLOLLx

    Twitter: GOBs_Gaming

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    Hello I am Geoden13 and Liuetenant Commander of STG (Or STGG) I am mostly in charge of recruitment and checking for the clans overall well being. The current leader STGknight is working on getting a PS4 so I am pretty much in charge of most things right now until he gets in the spot. We only have two members, STGknight and myself, but have managed to already rank the clan to level 4. We are almost completely unbiased and your KD doesn't matter here with us, your contribution does. We need your help to form this clan and take it to higher places and that's the only thing we expect from our members. I hope to see you on PS4, send Geoden13 a friend request or submit an application to join STG_GAMING today. We do Clan Wars and anything we can to put us out there so be ready.

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  • 01/24/15--09:00: Re: Clan FR recrute !
  • ses


    mon psn

    jai 16ans

    bon a bientot


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    Call of Duty 2 beating out MW3 is still hilarious.


    Really shows how bad MW3 was.

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    Answer is NO.

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  • 01/24/15--09:05: question of the elites
  • sorry for the English-use Google translator .A Do we get the elite titles.

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    how do i apply can to send the link or just add my psn djcaisley

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    No. No it isn't.

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    I stopped reading at interest. All im going to say is....yes to everything you said

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    can i join my psn is max1999max2014

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    why even bother to reply then,jeezus.

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    My stats were boosted by an hacker now i have  2.0326883e points in my statistic. they don`t effect my ranking system but thy are listed in my stats. Can i only reset this and not my medals camos etc.

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    TheBeastlyDude wrote:


    Most likely, it will be at least a week before they're put in regular rotation.


    A HC moshpit option should have been added right away and most likely will be added before the weekend. I am just guessing here on that.


    If they follow the brain trust of IW... it won't be until late-March or early-April with the next DLC.


    But no HC playlist?



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  • 01/27/15--12:21: Re: Need help buying dlc #1
  • I Was a bit skeptical but since you said 75 cents i decided to put my credit card anyway. It never told me how much i needed to pay for tax but i bought it anyway. Fingers crossed

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