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    For Ice you there will be a tile on the wall behind you when looking up at the tiles.  The tile will display circles in different formations and solid and hollow.  Just keep hitting the tiles floating in the air with the Ice Staff until it flips and mark down what circle group went with it.  Knock over all of them to complete it.


    Lightning and fire I stated above.

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    but we already played tomorrow, at least some of it...  Most of the community hated the new crew along w/ the zombies eyes being blue ( which was when Eddie was in control of the toys / story ) .  I am just at awe how reckless Treyarch has been w/ the overall zombie experience...  I mean what's next,lol ?

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    What is surprising is that they are not releasing it in Japan, or just haven't announced the release date because it releases in October or something in Japan.

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    I try to download it but it keeps giving me this code. Please help its really frustrating

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    Tech support forum or http://support.activision.com

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    surridge1990 wrote:


    The maps so far have been pretty good, although i can see (cant remember the name but its the one they showed in the first video playing cranked on) becoming extremely overplayed due to its small size (much like nuketown/hijacked are now) so hopefully the smaller maps wont come up in rotation as often as they do currently.

    That's my concern as well. That the smallest maps will come up too often. The very reason BO2 was an epic fail to me. Clusterfk gameplay and nothing else. I do know that there are a lot of players like myself who like bigger maps because they provide a wider variety of playstyles. The problem with the small maps is that they encourage self-centered gameplay, fewer players playing for their team and more for themselves.

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    I haven't played BF3 for a long time, but that series just kills me.

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    When does it happen exactly ? More details might help. Besides you get better answers on the Xbox forums because this is an XBL Marketplace issue.

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  • 08/27/13--16:45: looking for a clan?
  • Looking to join a clan? Well look no further this is the clan for you the ProdigyGamers who are a new clan. If your compitive and also like to have fun come on and join. You will be making new friends and meeting new people. Never been in a clan will why not start here. Need a K/D of a 1.0 or above to join. We will be having a youtube channel and makeing monatages and more. You wont be disappointed if you join my clan. This is for ps3 bo2 only

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    Colors... no.


    Icons? Maybe... but they may lack direction.


    Numbers in the triangle? Yes.




    Serves the purpose you seek, doesn't impact color blind... win-win.

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    Ok so while playing thru ive noticed a few new weapons, and obvioulsy the new perk machine. What i want to do is ask is people know of other weapons/perks in the map that ive yet to see.



    Skorpion evo





    mp40 w/ stock (any other weapons w/ attachments out of box?)

    scar h


    Ive heard thunder gun is back? have not seen it show in box

    Also have not seen the mk2 cycle thru






    Mule kick


    Perk a Cola- dt 2.0, deadshot, phd.... You guys seen any others?

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    Hello....any help.

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    Oh thanks man, didn't know about the extended EE.

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    It is clever, I agree. Why must you ******* devour cocks like souls?

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  • 08/29/13--21:40: ,..op
  • any ps3 clan recruting for mw3 bops 2 and ghost

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    Looks like someone finally figured it out, and it wasn't NGTZombies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opihOCeaZp8 Once again, I'm down to do the easter egg with people. I have been trying it but so far I have been playing with people who do not know how to keep crawlers alive. GT: Adam429

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    This seems hard. But I'm up for the challenge. Anyone who wants to do it can send me a message on XBL, GT: Adam429

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    i have had the same problem :/

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    Tobzza wrote:


    So i love the whole idea of the game mode and can't wait to play it, but what stops all six players sitting in one small building together, back to back, instantly reviving teammates the instant they're killed?


    There's the option of letting them stay there.

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