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    I will look for you today when I get home from work   I'm usually on about 4pm(ish) EST.  We can play a few matches first

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    ohhh! My PSN is grrlscout420420

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  • 12/22/14--02:18: Re: Clan Problem
  • Yes I have and I've phoned them up to see if they can do anything with but I've been waiting 4 days now

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    Are you seeing any kind of error message when you try to access the emblem editor?

    I dont see any error message.

    >>> When I go into player card menu, I see the emblem edit and background options.

    >>> The emblem editor is greyed out with an "AW" loading sign next to it.

    >>> I cannot start emblem editor by clicking on that

    >>> Background option work fine

    >>> Please note that I can access emblem editor by clicking on any new emblem items unlocked during post-game results. However I dont see any emblem changes applied as emblems are not displayed at all.


    Are emblems just not applying or are you not allowed to access the emblem editor at all?

    >>>  Both. I cannot see any emblems nor am I able to edit them using emblem editor menu


    Have you tried power cycling your Xbox?

    >>> Yes. I have also tried un-installing and re-installing the game but no luck


    Also, can you please send us a private message with your gamertag?

    >>> Message sent.



    Additional Info:

    The issue was not seen before I prestige'd. Not sure at which point it started but I noticed it for the first time after I prestige'd

    I cannot access emblem editor or display emblems on Xbox One

    I can edit and see my emblems when using the android app but any changes I make using the app are not shown when playing the game

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    I bought the Magma and Creature Premium Packs for Cod AW on the Xbox One its saying Purchased and I installed it but i cannot use it.


    My gamer tag is *Noel2415Live*



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    Hi. My clan is recruiting for Advanced Warfare

    !!! Please read conditions !!!. (Bold Parts) (For those who still apply, yet don't meet the requirements)


    Clan: Prophetic Justice

    Clan Members:  Thomson8508 (Me)




    Advanced Warfare/Clan Wars Stats -

    Clan Level: 16

    Clan K/D: 0.9

    Clan Win: 1.04

    Clan Wars: Platinum Division


    We are online every night between  7.30pm and 11.30pm (UK Time) (GMT), and sometimes during the day. We'reHARDCORE  players but we are looking for CORE players too. We are looking for ACTIVE players, who can play in these hours, can work as a team, using tactics, coordination and team work,  (over a 1.00 K/D), those who have DLC, HEADSET and who are ACTIVE, at least in the times specified above. We are not interested in immature players/trolls. We are looking for friendly people, OVER 21,  to join us in our rise through clan wars. Clan wars is a priority so must be very active during clan wars. If you are interested, leave your GT underneath or message me on xbox live.

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    I have got the same issue. Reported it yesterday.

    Mercenary, did you find a fix?

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  • 12/22/14--02:35: Re: Clan Roster issue
  • Bump

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    Shame that it's come to that for you fella .

    I agree with you on the killstreaks they are very underpowered and none of them really change a games momentum . I think that was shgs general idea though . As for the exos couldn't you try classic modes . A lot of people are going for it .

    As for the weapons being boring can i ask what you would have liked as they are pretty traditional in most senses. Each class has the traditional array of different style weapons to test players in different ways . ( add the lasers and two shot sniper and the variants and in theory this is the least boring cod in terms of weapons )

    The maps are pretty traditional in feel for the most parts ( three avenues of flow ) . The exos make them play differently though but I'm guessing on classic it's like playing on the old traditional cod map style. 

    I guess I don't understand if you wanted the game to be more like old cods or more like a brand new cod ?

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  • 12/23/14--01:50: como unirme a mi clan
  • como me puedo unir o como me pueden enviar

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    I think that Nine (one of these cod youtubers) had a pretty good point in one of his videos. If it's 6v6 game they could easily fix spawn killing just by making sure there's more than six spawns in the game. Make it 12 spawns for example, it's impossible for anyone to spawn kill without getting shot to the back for doing so.

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    vamos .. por favor

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    hello guys im just new here in this forum and new in CoD Black Ops 2. i hope we can play together and be real friends . my gamertag is MyNameIsR3tArD. Thank you and Merry Christmas Everyone .

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    hello guys im just new here in this forum and new in CoD Black Ops 2. i hope we can play together and be real friends . my gamertag is MyNameIsR3tArD. Thank you and Merry Christmas Everyone .

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    I agree that shotguns need a buff, but really double kills aren't that hard.

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  • 12/23/14--02:05: Re: Prestige system and...
  • Personally i'm a bit miffed by the prestige system...


    I accept that you prestige you lose all unlocked guns, perks, abilities, tacticals etc and you need to earn them again, it makes you adapt your play style so it's a bit of hard work - but fun..


    Not keen though on all challenges resetting, it would be more of a challenge if the game mode and score streak challenges DIDN'T reset.. ok it would mean you would earn the ones you're working on across one or two prestiges but once you'd earned them you would need to start working towards a different one if you wanted the XP bonuses.


    I play domination a lot (almost exclusively) i'm going to wait until i unlock and complete all domination challenges before i prestige again, i'm sure i'm not alone in this.. People will be stuck on level 50 waiting to unlock this or that before they prestige.

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  • 12/23/14--02:13: Re: LAG COMPENSATION
  • Always the same excuse!

    no longer convince anyone with this story, that the problem is in our home connection or our ISP.


    A little Dev Responsibility goes a long way, and if they take some steps to improve our situation we'll likely see a change for the better.

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    One thing that REALLY annoys me...


    I always custom label my classes with gun type then what gun:

    EG: SMG KF5


    However due to offensive language can't label any Assault rifle class ASS - this is something I am going to see but no one else...



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  • 12/23/14--02:15: Re: LAG COMPENSATION
  • Everyone is playing the same game, with the same code. If 100 people are having issues and 50,000 aren't, the problem isn't "lag comp".

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