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  • 12/09/14--03:43: Re: IN NEED OF ANY CLAN

    CAG Clan (Combat Applications Group) are recruiting.


    Voted #1 clan website on top 100 clans 2 years in a row



    We are always on the lookout for mature and like-minded gamers. though all ages of applicant are considered.


    We are a Multi platform and multi game based community with a member base in to the thousands, we have competitive and casual teams on most games including but not limited to Ghosts, Battlefield, Advanced Warfare and Titanfall


    Since being such a large clan with a wide variety of players from around the world you will never be stuck running solo again, we pride ourselves on our teamwork and have fun while playing.


    The only requirement for joining is the ownership of a working mic to communicate with other members in game


    Game time with fellow members can earn a player awards to brag about which can lead to promotions within the clan.


    Improve your game!


    Join by visiting our website: www.cagclan.com


    Many Thanks,


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    NerdRageonthemhoes wrote:  just wanna know, why the HELL you even played Ghosts in the first place?

    Well,  the reason I played Ghosts was that it was the exact opposite of Black Ops 2, a game with mindless, small three lane maps, horrible lag, that seemed to reward only rushing and speed game play.  In Ghosts, because of the better map design , weapons and weaker death from above streaks you were able to use tactics and strategy not  just button mashing. Unfortunately Ghost was the victim of the split to Xbox One and wasn't supported well, had a low player population and as you said, became hacked and modded quite a bit.

    I do agree with you about the original Black Ops. It was a great game! I met most of my online friends on that game, it was fun, weapons were balanced ( well maybe not the Famas ) had very little lag,  had an older player base and it was rare to run into the 13 - 15yrs olds let alone the pre teens you have on AW. screaming trash into their mics or trying to do youtube stunts. ........ Last night in AW I tried to play some FFA, I swear over half of the lobby were 9 yr olds trying to do trick shots and screaming at the me and the other normal players that we were tryhards cause we were killing them with assault  rifles while they were doing their stupid 360 spins over and over again.

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    add CasinoBrood to psn. i have  a mic but haven't use it for a pretty long time.

    kd is about 2.0 favorite gun, pistol (: TAC-45 , most of time playing HC S&D


    otherwise an-94

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    As a primary hc player I play that mode because it better suits my play style and preferances in a game , when it comes to game modes I play the ones that I enjoy certain game modes I don't play because I don't like them. With that being said no matter what game mode they add or take away from hc someone is not going to like it. I am not a search player, but when they had ctf in hc had a blast. Just like core they remove and rotate some of the games there as well and someone is always upset about it. When it comes to individual games hc has usually had two of them in the top five. But the fact that clan wars gives an opportunity for both core and hc and if you notice some of the core games are not the most popular. Just because they are core doeant mean all core players play them.

    Clan wars should have game modes that make people leave their comfort zone, if they want the win earn it. For this cw hc had 25% of it and on the core list they had modes that a majority of core players don't normally play .

    You were referring to BO2 with the it didn't matter core or hc but it didn't focus on wins it focussed on tags and kills so you could lose every game during a clan op and still achieve gold, some liked it some didn't , now the focus is on wins .

    Ddon't get me wrong I wouldn't mind a few more hc game modes but to say they discriminate against the hc players I don't buy into that argument or point of view .

    with each cod we have seen a few of the hc games rotated out with new ones coming in and I wouldn't be suprised to see it again. Some will get upset over and some will like it.

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    My neighbor comes over and plays on my PS4. He will not use anything but the Hole Puncher. Of course he doesn't get many kills but he sure has a good time trying with that gun.

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  • 12/09/14--03:55: Re: Clan xp rewards
  • It hasn't been the 36-48 hours after the cw yet,,,,,,,,, they said that they we going to look at how the cw being paused may have affected the outcome so may take a bit longer , we just have to wait and see And then compare notes.

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    I think the post lzjar posted  is most probably what the developers aimed for and tried to accomplish

    But i do think SBMM is somehow over riding other aspects of the match making process

    I play under two accounts under my main i am level P4 while under this name it is rare for me to see a player above a (5 or 6) on the rare occasion i do see them they are in a party and if i am able to hear them talk, i can normally figure out the party leader is the lowest ranked guy..

    Under my second account which is about level 40 or so.....I dont see many players above the P2 level.and again if i do they are in a party with a lower ranked person being the party leader


    at times it can be a problem,

    when i started my playing under my second account it was a week day and about 1pm (East Coast of the USA) about two or three weeks after launch so the large part of the player base was either at work or in school......the fist 4 or 5 games or so was a nightmare..the lobbies were a hodge podge of different languages......but this smoothed out after those 5 or 6 games

    under either account I still notice hearing different languages if i play during odd hours ....but that has smoothed up some after ranking up a bit


    But  no matter what time of day i play or  which account i play under........i always see players similar in rank


    I am not a tech head...norm am i completely technically challenged my internet tests out good (I think) at 60megs down 4 up with a ping of 10ms and jitter of 0 or close to that within a 500-600 mile radius......and the same speeds and a ping of 50-60 or less and jitter still next to nothing pinging severs on the west coast of the US and i live on the east coast....

    I would think that even within the 600mile radius which takes in Large cities like NY City, Philly, Atlanta ect...I should be seeing players well above my rank and maybe a few Prestige Masters LOL.........but i dont.....so i think the programming that looks at the Skill is overriding the other areas

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    Both consoles have won the first clan war.  Make sure you join in time for the next clan war.

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    Don't know what everyone is whinging about - I like the game

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    Anyone else?

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    Bump. Won centurion exo in cw

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  • 12/10/14--16:02: Re: Hardcore Ricochet Update
  • Kind of defeats the purpose of HC then, no? Part of the challenge is awareness, telling friend from foe. Knowing the situation.


    Sadly, the Devs have hurt more than helped this with the unclear delineations between factions/teams in recent titles.


    But FF on is integral to HC strategy, you can't just fire randomly like in Core, where there is no penalty.

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    Yes, report them every time. ATVI Assist recommended choosing "Boosting" or "Exploiting" in the report menu.

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  • 12/10/14--16:05: Re: Error 64
  • нашел временное решение) польский выбери как язык системы и можно играть) но бардак с игрой просто бесит!

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  • 12/10/14--16:06: Re: NOW YOU CAN BAN ME
  • ive said fuk a few times so they gave me a warning but one of the other guys in this forum is aloud to pick on people and has said he going to hack my accout which I couldn't give a flying fuk so I told the guy who warned me to go fuk himself so I will get ban but when is the question.

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  • 12/10/14--16:06: Re: Hacks?
  • And this brings up my biggest complaint about Sony. Sure I can report players to SH or activision or whatever in game and they may get their stats reset (like they care because sbmm will just put them in easy lobbies) and a 24 hour ban to Modern Warfare. But there is no way that I can figure to report them to Sony PSN to get them a console ban. It says in their tos that these activities should result in a ban from the PSN.

    So you can look forward to people finding these exploits and continuing to use them taking their stat reset and 24 hour ban. Its probably much funner than killing yourself 200 times in one game just to get easy lobbies.

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    nicedrewishfela its took a month but we finally agree on something.lol

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  • 12/10/14--16:07: Re: Save CoD (petition)
  • How the ******* hell did this hundreds of views and not any of the problem solving forums? **** society.

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  • 12/10/14--16:09: Re: Save CoD (petition)
  • I disagree. This great series does not have to die but it does need to change things up from its current course.


    I think revisting the Cod 4 and MW2 and trying to understand what made those games great would be a good start. Sure they are old now but there are so many subtlies in those games that made them cool. Captain Price was such a badass and he sounded so tough!


    Alot of the coolness has been lost over the last few years, which is to be expected when you get different devs involved etc.


    In my opinion the biggest change that needs to happen is for Cod (and its fans) to stop taking everything so seriously. Who cares if there is an OP weapon, or if a killstreak is too good. Or if there are campers or rushers or whatever. These things make the game fun, and after all it is just a GAME and it must be fun for it to succeed.

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    It is an exploit so yes. you can

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