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    I dunno, I've mostly used it since day one. A person like me, who has a hybrid run/camp play style, I don't look at my minimap that often. But when I do, I do notice the exo pings and I try to predict enemy moment. I'm sure better players do this more often than I do, so the pings can really be a great help in knowing where to expect your opponents. It's not as great as seeing their little dot, but it's still an indicator of where they might be. As to whether or not it keeps me alive longer, I don't know, but I do feel safer exo boosting around the map like a frog on crack.  Anyway, perks like that serve a better purpose than the garbage 5 second exo abilities, those things need to be rechargeable IMO.

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  • 12/05/14--22:51: Re: Why so down on AW?
  • its not that the game sucks, but the small things. like whoever is tweaking the game sucks at tweaking it.

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    T h e    w o r l d f a m o u s     a g h o r i     T h e w o r l d      f a m o u s     A  s t r o l o g e r      r k  s h a r m a  9 4 6 1 2 4 2 8 3 7

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  • 12/05/14--22:52: Re: Soda Tryouts PS4
  • bumpity bump bump

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  • 12/05/14--22:52: Re: Why so down on AW?
  • A very good COD, really brings me to BO2 with more freedom and fun jumpimg around like a fool, but sadly there will be always haters.


    PS: take a look to the petition i put and let me know your opinion since we are 2 players enjoying the game

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  • 12/05/14--22:53: Re: Update a success?
  • kuljuarenot wrote:


    Call of Duty: AW - Nice "Connectivity Optimizations" update - YouTube

    Thank you, for posting this. Seriously. A video is  worth a million words and rant threads.


    This very example is what some people on this forum are in denial about.


    This is about how 80% of my games go on XB1, PS4 and PC. I fire first, even get a few hit markers, but the guy just drops me in one, or two shots on my end. I then watch the Kill cam and I didn't even fire! I know it's lag, but that's not the point.


    Before the usual condescending forum mafia files in: I have forwarded ports, I have optimized my connection, blah, blah, blah.


    IT'S THE GAME, folks. There is something wrong with the netcode, or how we're being matched up (SBMM?), etc. This is happening across all platforms (because I play all platforms), so the constant is the game.


    Why does Ghosts not show any signs of this? Why does BO2 not show any signs of this? Same internet, same machines. Hmm...

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  • 12/05/14--22:53: Re: [PS4] Looking for a clan
  • soda pop is lookin...add me kornhole91

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    Battery usage i-pad portal high. Battery empty within four hours of play. Is this normal, or do i have a bad device?

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  • 12/07/14--02:19: Re: Why so down on AW?
  • Its the nature of this community unfortunately,  never satisfied. People complain for years about the 'copy and paste' nature of this series, but as soon as change comes they flip.


    Personally I've not had as much fun with COD for years. Its refreshing to have new movements and changing things up with the exo's. Yes the game has problems, par for the course with gaming these days. We buy betas and then they develop them as we play.


    Not sure if SBMM is such a big deal. Its always been there, perhaps just now it more prevalent. So what, its a competative game so you should play people of similar skill, otherwise you will never improve.


    People are stuggling with the 'bouncy' nature of gunfights, whilst others take to it like a duck to water. I think that this is the main reason for a lot of peoples drop in K/D. It will change as you adjust to this style of play.


    I was dubious about SH joining the COD cycle of developers, even a little disappointed (being a zombies fan and having to wait a year longer ). Now , I've played the game I'm so glad they did. SH did a great job bringing new concepts to COD (new to COD anyway) without loosing the core of COD.


    Variety is good, I hope that the developers fall into respective categories. 3arc keeping it dark with a WWII feel and zombies; IW on point with modern day warfare (just ignore ghosts ); and SH pushing into the future with exo's and a faster pace.


    I think the bulk of complaints about this game circulate from the much steeper learning curve they face. Adapt your playstyles, push the new mechanics to their limits, and get out of that soft fluffy comfort zone your sat in to try new things out. Once you adjust to the flow of this game its a blast.

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    Since you got Speed Cola and Quick Revive, I am guessing you bought them using a Turbine to turn the power on at the spawn and the 1st stop. This is only a temporary effect.

    I am only guessing that this is what you have done, but if so, you have to actually turn on the power for the entire map which is infinite.

    Once the Bus reaches the power station, you have to find parts in the power room (it's big and white) once the door into it is bought open, to build a switch to turn on the power. Then you can buy perks. (Search it up for more info).

    You still have the perks using the Turbine technique (which makes it easy so you don't have to go back to the Spawn/Bus Depot or Diner), they are just disabled unless power is provided. Most likely you left your Turbine sitting their and it died over time.


    Otherwise you or a teammate have EMP'd the perks. This is also temporary.

    Hope this helps.

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    Not being funny but why do you need people to help ? It's easy just do it on your own.

    All you have to do is build up rounds to unlock all the maps then on the final map you only need to get to round 11 or something then just run to the extraction point.

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    kuljuarenot wrote:


    I would like to know how many of those players own AW and resorted back to BO2.

    i ask people all the time playing BOPS 2 and most of them have AW but dont like it.

    and obviously i'm on there too.

    I feel our one hope for AW will be the next maps. But who knows

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    gotsomestars wrote:


    Funny how opinions can change in a month.

    yes it is ! it took me about 30 hours of AW game play to realize that we got screwed.

    i really had high hopes for AW too. I pray Treyarch takes this as a sign not to get led down the IW /SH path.

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    Hey all,


    Im from Australia and I work full time and spend alot of time surfing, fishing or camping when i'm not at work, but I still love my xbox when I feel like chilling at home!


    I don't have a mic at the moment but i'm going to buy one soon, but i'm more interested in finding a group to play with for clan wars and to get some wins in other playlists as I'm really over "team" games being 5 - 6 individuals just trying to get kills and not actually caring about the objective.


    I'm active most afternoons for an hour or sometimes more but depends on whats happening. This is why I need a casual clan who won't expect a set amount of hours of play.



    Let me know whats out there as i'm keen to play and all my mates moved to Xbox One.


    Reply here or message me on live.


    DaBrods is my GT.



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    psn : Nuclear-HT


    Does it matter if i'm not from the usa? I'm from the netherlands and i do not have any lagg. Also i'm pretty good at every CoD and i can speak english very well. Thanks.

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  • 12/07/14--02:48: Re: i hate this game
  • So you're complaining about you k/d dropping because you're playing people the same skill level as you, to me it sounds like you have a fake k/d anyway if you only got it that way by killing noobs. If I was you I'd stop worrying about your k/d and you might enjoy the game more, stop being worried about what nother people think of your stats.


    i Have a low k/d because I constantley sprint around the map and i don't even run killstreaks as there cheap kills anyway, but even high k/d players find me a hand full, so they resort to camping in a room trying to pick me off with long range overpowered guns.


    k/d should only matter in Tdm with gun on gun fights, anyone can string a few kills together and let the killstreaks earn the rest of the kills for you, I mean how hard is it to shoot at red boxes from the sky, set a line on the map so a plane fly's over dropping bombs, or even blind the enemy with flashes and giant x's in the middle of their screen so they can't see to shoot back.


    anyway I'd like to see these so called pro player k/d's if they was playing barebones without killstreaks padding their k/d bet it would be nowhere near as high as it is using constant killstreaks.

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    Platinum Division in Clan Wars, check us out guys

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    Blops . Just for the maps I loved firing range ,summit ,wmd,  array , launch , havana but ironically I didn't like the always voted in nuke town lol I'd also love my m16 back in aw . I've clocked 24 days playing time and still go back now and again . ( although a bit too many infinite nova gas and mortar team glitches at times ) sometimes I wonder what some of these maps would play like with exos

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    I bought the season pass for advanced warfare,  I'm kinda pissed because I don't see zombies or any of the DLC packs. Why?

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