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    I am looking to join a clan for clan wars for Advanced Warfare.  Just got a Xbox One but I have over 30 days played on PS3. KD - 1.15. GT- BadEnglish80.

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  • 10/31/14--04:41: Re: The New Claymore...
  • I imagine a well timed emp grenade will stop them too.

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    Some of our members will be on Ghost's this weekend.  Add me on xbox if you are interested.  My GT is coachrocks87

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    I was really excited when I saw that cutscene, but I have seen some gameplay footage and it"s pretty underwhelming. The zombies are faster and more aggressive, but there are no rounds or points and weapons are available to pick up off the ground. I hope there is more to it, but if it is just the bonus wave then the whole experience looks to be over in less than 5 minutes and consists of survive for a couple of minutes, reach checkpoint to escape. Reminded me more of extinction than zombies.

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  • 10/31/14--04:51: Anyone want to make a clan?
  • I have recently got my ps4 back and i was wondering if anyone wanted to make a clan

    must me 15 years old or over

    must have a mic to communicate

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    psn: MadmanStrikes

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    Maybe they just knocked it out the park

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  • 10/31/14--04:16: Looking for Cod AW friends!
  • Hello thread, i am looking for people to play with when cod AW comes out.. i am getting the day zero edition on monday was wondering if there is a few guys out there who wouldn't mind me joining you,  if theres any guys out there who want to party up when it comes out that would be great i will post my info below so you have an idea about how i play and stuff like that.


    Cod K/D :  1.8

    Hours played : 1230 hrs

    Daily hours play : 4-5 hrs


    PSN:Intruced  (Send me a friend request guys)

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    I have a 29 Titan and a 29 Hunter.

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    For some reason, I got kicked for 'Network Tampering'. This is false, and I'm VERY angry for it. Apparently, your game does not like Livestream. And furthermore, as of late, I've had bad bandwidth. My username on the game is Ruuki, and I play through Steam. What's with this stupid issue? Hmm? I need an answer to the question, because I wasn't messing with the network, I was trying to stream gameplay.

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    why cant i connect my account with my psn account ???? i push conect with psn but the side is only reloading

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    I have a save point at normal Atheon. When I am on later I will look for you.

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    Expendable_2335 wrote:


    People may get frustrated because no matter what they do and how good they play they will probably lose.


    That is circular logic. Somebody had to win for one to lose, right?


    Poor matchmaking is getting put into lobbies with people who are so geographically separate (heavily misusing the term to describe people to which their connections to one another is so compromised) that there is no way to have a playable game with each other.  Skill based matchmaking, if one thinks about it, would result in everyone having a KD/WL tending towards: ONE (the best slight better as they migrate higher in a tier, the worse would have slightly less)

    I am still thinking of poor matchmaking. I just don't get it. Mostly i play alone. And mostly i straggle to get a win. I am not the player who can always do 35-40 kills in a TDM game to win it (but i do some good matches). This is what i feel i HAVE to do all the time if i want my "team" to win. and it is very very frustrating. I don't know if it plays some role that i leave on an island and there is lag or whatever but it gets to my nerves.

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    I wouldn't say it was a total failure (for me), but there are many reasons why it'll never be my fav CoD:


    • Danger Close - mostly used for trolling, no solid counter.


    • IED - shouldn't need a nerf just to balance it; claymores and bouncing betties worked just fine. Could also use two to counter the counter.

    • Specialist - nerfed too much; should have just kept the nerfed bonus, not added one point on to every perk's cost considering they are already more expensive than MW3.


    • No motivation to move around - why bother wearing out my left stick when I can sit in a headglitch with a powerful, long range, laser beam LMG that has great irons and a fast reload (or I could use a recoil reducing, aim assist increasing, light people up like a Xmas tree scope that has no solid counter). I still do run around, but you get my point.


    • Point streaks, not score streaks - simple, there was no motivation for people to play the objective. Domination is full of killwhores and spawn trappers, even after the patch. Too little too late, IW.


    • Weapon balance - nothing's overpowered, but many weapons are pointless. MTAR is an AR/SMG hybrid with great damage and range with 0.2s sprint out time, yet the weak Bizon and K7 have AR sprint out time. The K7 doesn't the best suppressed range, has awful recoil, the lowest damage in CoD history and still only has average ROF to "balance it". ARX is weaker than half of the SMGs, and only gets free Steady Aim. SA-805 has the same recoil pattern as the MTAR with seemingly less viewkick, yet it's harder to use. Many SMGs get no use out of rapid fire. Marksman rifles are too inaccurate, and have firecaps below the stated firecap (I've used the MR28 extensively enough to test this). Snipers were nerfed to hit quickscoping, but they then nerfed suppressors and Focus (effecting "proper" sniping). Vepr has supposedly "low recoil", yet has the worst recentering ability of ANY automatic in the game. Remington has same low capacity as an MR28, despite being an automatic and already having plenty of disadvantages to balance it against the AK12. Bizon wasn't overly accurate, yet had its recoil increased. Burst attachments nerfed despite making ARs worse than any burst rifle anyway. Honey Badger is a high recoil AR, yet with semi auto it's FAR more accurate than the "low recoil" MR28. LSAT has better sprint out time than half of the SMGs and all ARs. Tracker sight reduces LMG ADS time to that of AR level (and also decreases flinch from what I've seen)... I could probably go on.


    • Time limit TDMs = AIDS, you can't ever defend this.


    • Reduction of skill gap, partly due to quicker deaths (NOT faster TTKs, because they're not faster) which may be because of better hit detection or lag. Bad players can be competitive just by being cheap. I feel an increase in TTK will seperate those players from those who have reactions AND sustained accuracy, which is good.


    • Giving in to MLG whining - what percentage of players are pub players, and how many are "pros"? Exactly, GTFO. This also applies to whiners in the pub community, leading to things like the MSBS nerf, despite it just being a heavily nerfed MW3 M16. Was that OP? Lol GTFO


    • Care package game winners - especially the KEM Strike on Strikezone. FailFish.


    • No logic in streak "balance" - just look at the Vulture. Can you believe it was once nerfed from being a 7 streak to a 9? Yeah, because it's good enough to be even a 7 -_- Loki is no Osprey Gunner. Trinity Rocket and Dog should be swapped. Satcom required one too many kills.


    • Emphasis on easily visible stats - "look at me, I camped in a corner in KC for a helo pilot once a game and now have a 2KD, yes I'm great, stare at my stats in awe"... yeah, no thanks. Bring back SPM. Bring back accolades...I wanna play with "Nomads" and team players.


    • Nothing particularly new or fresh (like the introduction of perks, or kill streaks back in the day) - "oh hey guys, look at our awesome new features. You can lean on a wall, "tactically" slide across the ground, or blow a hole in a wall at a camp spot on Octane, or collapse a pile of logs at a spot on Prison Break that never sees action. Yeahhhh, so innovative and exciting!"... no, you lazy donuts.


    • Knifing - don't get my started on this. I'm in a good mood right now, I refuse to think any more about Ghosts knifing.  


    That's all I can think of off the top of my head; I'm sure there's more, but eh...

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    If you're referring to your soldier, all you need to do is go onto the next soldier, select play as this squad member and you'll automatically prestige, you'll start back at level 1, rank that soldier up again and then just do the same with all the other soldiers until you finally reach max prestige.

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    nicedrewishfela wrote:


    Very possible to have a 2.2 K/D and a .7 W/L as a TDM player, if you play selfishly or if you just don't make your team better.


    I play lone wolf and win more than I lose. Because I understand it's more than just getting kills, it's working with my team and doing the things it takes to help us win.


    And not blaming the game because of choices I made.

    Probably i stated something wrong. I have a 2.2K/D ratio but i am not the player who does 4 kills per match and dies 2. My average is above 25 kills per match. I don't care about the actual K/D ratio when i play but i DO care about how many kills i do and how many times i died (someone could say that this is what K/D ratio means but its not exactly like that. I don't do 10 kills and the hide somewhere so that i stay alive.)


    I also have to disagree with you at the point that you say "Because I understand it's more than just getting kills..". We are talking about TDM where the objective is to get the 75 kills first. And if i do for example 50 kills by myself...well i expect the other 4-5 player to do the other 25.

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    Hopefully support will contact you here on the forum, I know there were 6 backgrounds you could unlock, 4 were for reaching max prestige in the other games, the other 2 were just for playing. I know in the past others had the same problem, but I don't know if it was or how it was fixed, sorry I couldn't help more.

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    j'aimerais s'avoir comment faire une team sur BO2 merci de me répondre !!

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    Foxhound-Pro wrote:



    Some definitely do take their internet a lot more seriously. A Gigabit connection would ultimately change how I work.

    after working out how long Aw would've taken to DL for me i REALLY miss my leased line now

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