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    Within the storyline are conspiracies. Blame treyarch for using real life groups and cover ups to stimulate my mind and talk about it on THEIR forms. So, i dont know. Where CAN i talk about boII zombies and conspiracies?

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    You paid for it based on the policy of the seller which I am sure states that there are no refunds once the package is open.


    When you made your Gamertag you AGREED that any third party policies that are out there that you agree to them too.


    the fact that "people run in front of your guns" is not their fault because you decide when to pull the trigger. There are MANY people that team kill out there little enough not to get probation.

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  • 08/11/13--20:31: Re: Round 70 guns?
  • Your best bet is to use the Wonder Wep on the map. or cycle through box for Ray Gun I/II, Galil, DSR, and Wonder Wep.  If you could tell me the map I could shine a bit of light on how players achieve high rounds on it.

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  • 08/11/13--20:33: EASTER EGGS ALL DONE
  • ok i was wondering i have all easter eggs done in tranz,die,buried is there supposed to be anything after it to happen.secrets new eggs anything? and for some reason my tranzit isnt showing blue lightning bolts like die/buried its blinking blue but no bolts.. any comments??

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  • 08/11/13--20:34: Re: Girl Clan?
  • Ill join your clan

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    They're going to connect the maps somehow.

    This was hinted about on Twitter when Tranzit first came out.

    The tank is moving around the map and they said to "Watch out for easter eggs".

    I think the tank/bus are linked along with the bus in Nuketown and Tranzit.
    I can elaborate if need be.

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    Theater mode is one of my favorite new features of Call of Duty. But I would like for it to be available for private matches and offline matches. I like to have four player splitscreen going on with friends and I think that it would be fun to record those matches as well as 1v1 matches with other people.


    What do y'all think about this? Do you think there may be a possibility that the devs will have this in Ghosts? Is it even possible to record an offline match?

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  • 08/11/13--20:35: Re: EASTER EGGS ALL DONE
  • Theres this button.

    You press it.

    Now you do all the EEs again

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    Talk to your significant other, if you have one, about boll zombies and conspiracies. Until you have something to say about Black Ops 2 Zombies i'm done here. Good night, sir.

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    CoTD is best map ever.
    I will fight anyone to the death on that.

    That is all.

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    OM3GOmegaAlphaWolfis   a fun laid back clan we like to have fun, party up and play together   but we take our challenges and operations serious always trying to get   gold. We are at level 33 for black ops 2 and level 8 for MW3. We need   good players players with atleast a 1.00 KD Ratio. If you are  interested  in joining the clan fill out an application at our elite  page here is  the link below, and join our facebook group also.


    OM3G ELITE PAGE-https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/7858303


    OM3G FACEBOOK-https://www.facebook.com/groups/omegaalphawolf/

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    The tank route is the b route from TranZit, lol. You can see the TranZit map from the Origins map

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  • 08/12/13--21:48: Re: Looking for a cLAN!!!
  • (Ps3) Beast of War we are respectful and friendly just send in your application and add Kalnazzar.

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  • 08/12/13--21:49: Re: Camping orientated clans
  • I have been wanting to make a team in my clan that works on there camping skills so

    (Ps3) Beast of War we are respectful and friendly just send in your application and add Kalnazzar.

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    I was on here 2 or 3 nights back, with a similarly titled thread. But unfortunately, I didn't have much luck. Six minutes after posting on here, someone messaged me and asked to play with me. We got into a party together, and he managed to get 2 others to join us (all from the forums, apparently). We get into a game, and 18 rounds in everyone had rage quit. So, my story comes full-circle and I am back here again.


    So, once again I'm asking for any decent players (mic or no mic, doesn't matter as long as you have a grasp of what to do and etc.) to message me on PSN, Chewyninja69, if you're looking to play zombies. I have been playing Buried, as of late. But I will play others maps, if need be. I have attained the shotguns rank, with blue eyes. Legitimately. With that being said, no hackers/modders/cheaters/glitchers/etc. and so forth DO NOT message me. I am not interested in that sort of crap.


    Also, if you want to play but have a history of rage quitting, do not message me. Looking to get into high rounds.


    Thanks to all in advance who read and/or respond to me on PSN.



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  • 08/12/13--21:49: Re: Youtube Gaming Channel
  • Your channel is invalid. Go away.

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    The sidekicks are really cool, looking forwad to

    Seeing more.

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    Add TC_4_THREE if u got mw3 on ps3 and if u wanna join my clan!!

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  • 08/12/13--21:50: Re: Looking for a cLAN!!!
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  • 08/12/13--21:51: Re: read please
  • He could just be a big fan of the movie "Class of 1999" with Malcolm Mcdowell and the kid who played Eyeball from Stand By Me. Killer Robot teachers, the things the future of 1999 has in store for us.

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