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    I am JJohnson24.


    I was once known as the King of Zombies worldwide. I have lost my companions, Captain Canada and Nymets, thus i need new underlings to fill my zombie slaughtering squad.



    Pros of Joining: Play under the king of zombies himself, JJohnson24. Quickly learn new strats and all-new techniques on killing the undead.


    Cons of Joining: Realizing how utterly awful you are at the game compared to the champion of all zombie champions. Prepare to feel that you don't even belong in this community and that you would be better suited for something else.



    I will decide how worthy you are of joining my almighty squad based on the evidence you provide in your posts. I look forward to acquiring many new apprentices in my world of zombies.





    Captain Canada Replacement: Know how to sit back and let the pros do the work for you. Stick to low-spawn areas and kill your zombies quickly such that the superior zombie slayers do not have their spawns slowed. Be able to adapt to using low quality weapons, since all of the high quality weapons will be taken by the pros.


    Nymets Replacement: Be able to match the most talented conductor of zombie trains of all time. This will require many thousands of hours of conducting and experience on pro squads. Have unconditional love for the usage of sub-machine guns off the wall and possess the ability to thrive regardless of the skill or execution of teammates or the quality of weaponry used. Be able to revive anyone on the map regardless of their position. A single failure will result in your prompt termination from the team.





    Worship from zombie pros around the world.

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    Maybe u was two player instead of four? It's always easier with two, or more hectic with four lol

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    Agreed - gun skills need to be increased not decreased (aka lasers or low recoil weapons).

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    Ah, but it is true that you are 25% more cooler with a gold gun xD

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  • 09/02/14--01:30: Re: Close to 1000
  • I Think I will be using weapon specialist and engineer, that's just OP as hell


    fast reload on MK32 with buffed damage and 50% bullet damage! maybe with explosive ammo boost too *drools*

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    I haven't lost any teeth or heard of people losing them on playstation, but if it happens, I hate to say it though... I'm jumping in a modded lobby on ps3 and getting sum teeth back, I'll fix it myself just like I had to on W@W when I got in Hacked lobby and stats were reset :/

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    IT would be really nice if just once they could make a cod game that these fuks cant hack or cheat!!!!!!!!

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    L3ss 7han 0rdinary (L70 Gaming) is looking for "ACTIVE, DEDICATED" team players to become part of our ever expanding network of players to compete on a regular basis in events such as;


    - Clan Wars

    - Public Lobby Play

    - e-Sports Ladders

    - e-Sports Tournaments

    - GB's

    - Other L70 Events


    L70 Gaming understands not everybody can dedicate 30+ Hours a week to a game, thats why we offer 3 types of membership into L70 Gaming, which allows us to compete at regular intervals on a daily basis. Choose your membership wisely.


    Membership #1: Clan ONLY

    Become part of our Community Clan and join a team of gamers committed to having fun while dominating gameplay at the same time. Compete in events such as Clan Wars (Diamond Division) Daily PubStomping and regular Scrimmage Events.



    *• 13+ Years Old

    *• 1.0+ KD Ratio

    *• Mic Essential

    *• 10+ Hours Weekly Activity w/ L70 Members

    *• Must do Clan Wars


    How to Join:

    - GO TO: W W W . L 3 S S 7 H A N 0 R D I N A R Y . C O . U K

    - CLICK: Join L70 Clan


    Membership #2: Represent L70 Gaming

    If like most Competitive Online Players you rarely play public lobbies then why not represent L70 Gaming through competitive e-Sports. Just simply choose whether you would like to form your own team to compete in: Doubles, 3 Man or a 4 Man Team or see if their is any spots open on our existing teams.



    *• 13+ Years Old

    *• 1.0+ KD Ratio

    *• Mic Essential

    *• Team Player

    *• Willingness to Learn, Improve & Win


    How to Join:

    - GO TO: W W W . L 3 S S 7 H A N 0 R D I N A R Y . C O . U K

    - GO TO: L70 e-Sports

    - CLICK: Represent L70 Gaming

    Membership #3: Full Membership

    If like some you have alot of spare time or just enjoy online gaming then why not enjoy everything L70 Gaming has to offer, Just simply follow the instructions under Membership #1 and when you get to


    Additional Information >> Would you Like to Represent L70 Gaming >> Select YES



    - L70 Gaming has the right to offer a Trial Period / Game before making a decision.

    - L70 Gaming will review each Application with-in 36 Hours

    - L70 Gaming can revoke your Membership with-out waring if you "ARE NOT" meeting requirements.

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    Agreed. Get a studio with talanted devs like Respawn to do them. We don't want good games screwed up.

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    If it helps sales, then more power to them. 


    The only concern (I didn't look into what different packages included what) is will by having one package over another give someone an advantage in actual gameplay. 

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    I'm an experience player kd 1.12 I have and ran a large clan in no longer with them and I want to join or find someone to start a clan with GT: JUKETHEBEAST Xbox one of coarse

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    Hey guys im recruiting for my small clan or team that will be on xbox one advance warfare if intersted message back and must be at least 15 add me for more info my gt: Defuse tG

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    Not concerned at all, like others said the return to ground time is quick unlike Halo where you kinda hover and don't just drop. Also when you Bjoost you'll show up on radar if you aren't running that one perk, so in game modes with one life, like SnD, you'll probably see very little people jumping around like that.

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    My enemies always know where I am because a red icon(you) is over my player's head how do I remove it?

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    Watch the overview video first!





    About us:

    If your looking for an active, competitive, organized, dedicated, and fun gaming community, then HybridNerdzGaming may be the clan for you. We are a tightly knit Level 25 Diamond Division clan with 36 members and a 2.04 average K/D ratio. We have earned full Body Count and War Cry Armor. We are based in the US but also have members from the UK and Europe. We have implemented a rank structure within the clan which basically means the longer your in the clan and the more you participate in clan activities, the higher you move up in the ranks and the more authority you have within the clan. Our clan is in a sponsorship with Cinch Gaming, NoScope Gaming Glasses, & BattleBeaverCustoms  and we are partnered with MX2Gaming & iOwnClan. We also have multiple competitive teams who play MLG Gamebattles and UMG matches (if you are interested in being on one of our GB teams or starting your own within the clan, please let us know in your application on our website).  We are looking for long term members only and we do NOT accept clan hoppers! Please only apply if you plan on sticking with us for a long time (into the next Call of Duty and beyond). If your application is accepted, you will need to be given a tryout (which can last anywhere from a few days to up to a week).

    To be eligible for this clan you must:

    1)Be an active player,meaning that youplay CoD at least2-4 days a week AND PLAY CLAN WARS!

    2)Have over a 1.5 K/D ratio and over a1.5 W/L

        - Please be confident in your skills. We are only looking for competitive players who will be able to carry their own weight in pubs, clan wars, and/or GBs.

         - If you apply with under a 1.5 k/d ratio, you will not be accepted into the clan

    3) Be at least 17 years old and be mature & friendly to other clan members (We are very strict on this requirement)


    4)Have a mic and play with other clan members!


    5) Join our clan website and actually use it (just search "hybrid nerdz"on Google and it's the first result)

      - You must use the website at least a few times a week (preferably more) to be in our clan

      - The clan website is a great way to communicate with other clan members and find people to play with (all you have to do is post in the main chat box)

    6) Complete our tryout phase (which usually lasts 3-5 days depending on your k/d, communication skills, and attitude)

    - You have to join our website and use it BEFORE we can give you a tryout. This is so that we confirm that you will actually use the website and it makes it easier to schedule when your tryout will begin.

    - The tryout phase basically means you play a variety of different game modes in public matches with clan leaders & clan members.

    - During your tryout, we are looking for you to have a positive attitude, give callouts in-game, and use the main chat on our website every so often.

    7) Have fun

    - In the end, it's just a game so have a good time while playing it

    - All of our members are very friendly and easy to get along with so please make sure you do the same

    - We are more than just a clan. We're a gaming community. So help us to make it a fun community

    We do not require you to change your gamertag but it is greatly appreciated if you do and it shows your dedication to the clan.


    If you are interested in joining, submit an application form on our clan website (again, search "hybrid nerdz" on Google and it's the first result). If your application is approved, please introduce yourself to the rest of the clan in the main chat and let us know when you are ready to start your tryout.

    If you are interested in being on one of our competitive teams, please let us know where you are located (east coast, west coast etc) and your general times of availability

    If you are interested in being in our sniper division, please note it in your application and message Hybrd Coyote (head of the sniper division)


    You can also check us out on Twitter (we have over 1600 followers and growing fast) - @HybridNerdz

    My gamertag: Hybrd Lightning

    My timezone: PST

    My Stats:

    K/D: 2.064 (2.8 after reset)

    W/L: 3.715 (20.0 after reset)

    UMG Overall Record: 139 - 51

    UMG Rank: 2K


    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message me on Xbox Live or through our clan website.

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    Yesterday when i bought d-class, had to test it out without relics

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    As I write this, I tried the exact same thing.  I was able to access the app after uninstalling and re-installing on my IOS device.  After doing so, I logged into the forums with my IOS device, and then the app returns to "under maintenance"

    Another issue which I believe is related:

    My COD profile states it is now incomplete, and that I must verify my email address.  This only occured after the app completed it's "scheduled maintenance".

    There is no option for me to verify my email.  When I log into my COD profile, I have an option to change my email, but it comes up stating that my email is "already in use".  That message was never there before today.  In game my console still appears to be linked correctly, and I still have all my rewards.

    New Picture (1).jpg

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  • 09/03/14--21:21: Re: mw3 clan
  • Kom go request hoe my naar on toe ps3 is V-v_GanGZtar_v-V gaat account I create two days ago

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    They have nerfed seeker protection upgrade and toughness, before when used seeker protection it didnt damage at all when seekers exploded and now it take 2/4 of ur health when seeker explode. Toughness was earlier so strong that u couldnt feel when a rhino hit u down but now i cant feel a difference.

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