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    SitRepPro wrote:


    There are only so many ideas shooters can do.  If originality is such a big deal then why not highlight the game modes that COD borrows from others?

    Nothing wrong with borrowing ideas so long as it enhances what CoD, for me and lots of others, including the OP, is meant to be.  You start borrowing things that changes the basic core of your game, like boost jump, then you've gone too far. 

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    and it is weird because on the leaderboards i am 21st prestige level 30 and in the lobby it says prestige 21 level 23

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  • 08/16/14--14:30: Re: Freezing up
  • Hi buddy, just trying to help. Try to run the disc on another console and another Ghosts disc on your console. In this way we may be able to identify if it is a disc or console concern that needs to be addressed. Also, what PS3 version are you using?

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    On point of contact sentry guns DO NOT counting  as prone kills. The traps do so if the gun is on a trap it can be misleading but sentries definitely don't count.  Also if you sentry kills the leper the challenge will fail but if it dies on trap it completes.

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    It still doesn't make any sense why I can't use the micro DLC on my account where I bought it on, while I can use it on my other account where I didn't buy it.

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    Is the other account listed as the "primary" account to the console?

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    Not sure if you realised but the ones that have "TCP/UDP next to them are using both and I am using those UDP ports.

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    Hey guys, I want some help getting these achievements for the last 2 maps, Awakening and Exodious. Im lvl 18 but was reset when i was 8th prestige so, i know what im doing just never can find 2 other players with mics. If you wanna help out to finish the maps ill greatly appreciate it. GT : oReFieXs . Or just msg me here

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    Thanks so much for your post.


    It looks like we have been communicating with you today via Twitter regarding the issue you are having.  In order to avoid any necessary information from getting loss or overlooked and to avoid confusion, we'll continue to communicate with you via Twitter.


    Additionally, it appears your online form was recently submitted; however, the request was submitted a few times which may or may not have an affect of the investigation.  Multiple submissions of the request is not necessary.


    Please rest assured the submission was received; however, as indicated on the form it may take some time to complete the investigation and receive the entitlements.


    We appreciate your patience.


    Regards ^AH

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  • 08/16/14--14:40: Re: Is the game like this ?
  • Hi buddy, what things have you tried so far?

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    Both of them are right that you need to stay on the clan after the clan wars and wait for your rewards to be rewarded. Also, you need to be on the same clan for the four clan wars.

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    yes we CAN snap. But there is no need to!.

    it should still be one motion that just leads into the rubbing out of the target even if you are the jedi master at aim. No snap directly on target every time. That is artificial aim.. Dead on Snap & doodle are cheats. One quick motion that slows into a rub out is a player using a mouse that's legit and a jedi with aim..


    Then there is just law of avarages and common sense. Why would hearing a sound to my left and acting on it/turning to my left contantly land me "dead on" target multiple times per round? It wouldn't if I'm legit. You would be able to witness 5 rounds and never see that, no snaps to any target raound after round, but still watch me win and do very well. no spot on perfect aim- and or snaps. just smooth mouse movements never any perfect snaps on a target, and definitely no snaps because (you heard a sound),- lol ok every round 3 times a round you heard a sound and snap dead on target + your aim is spot on all round (AND YOUR LEGIT!) Lol, ok sure your are, you and all your buddies pulling this off all round with the same great aim as the next guy (your all legit) what a laugh.


    That's also part of the law of avarages. there are way to many of you guys aiming as great as the next guy. but your all the same. same snap every round to targets and to sounds that land you dead on target.. (where's the painters) no one with awesome aim has a smooth flow on the mouse? Like i said it gets obvious when there are so many great players and they all do the same BS. i hear a sound (wham "dead balls on target"). Stop trying to sell an aimcheat as legit play.

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    Hello I am XGC Ghost Wolf and I am the Captain of Thea squad that is part of the Titans clan.We in Titans are an 18+ clan.We area laid back group that does participate in Ghosts Clan Ops. We Hold to an honor code that doesn't allow cheating or trash talking to others or non respectful activities. The Titans are just one small part of the gaming community we are part of which numbers over 65,000 members worldwide. We are part of Xiled Gaming Community, XGC has five parts to it not including the different clans within it. There are XGC(18+), XGG(all Girls), XDC(the design side and most of the website people), SYN(not to be confused with SYG which is short of Syndicate our 16+ side), and KoG(Kings of Gaming our 13+ side). If you are interested in joining please send me a friends request XBL and I can get you settled into the Titans or if you like the sound of XGC but aren't 18 or older then I can get you into another clan that can get you gaming with others that are here for the same thing, A place to have fun and game with other like minded individuals who don't look down on your gaming skills but welcome you with open arms. My Gaming Tag on XBL is XGC Ghost Wolf. I hope to see you soon.

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  • 08/16/14--14:43: Article 5
  • We understand your concern regarding your account; however, we do not have the details of your ban. Please take a moment to review the Code of Conduct which outlines reasons an account can get bannedActivision Support.  Activision Customer Support cannot reverse this action.


    Additionally, bans are not subject for further discussion or appeal.  Before any action is taken, the account is carefully reviewed to prevent a false positive.


    In accordance to the Community Forum Etiquette & GuidelinesCommunity Forum Etiquette and Guidelines  this discussion will be locked.


    Regards ^AH

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    'Hard challenges'

    Playing more often /=/ challenge. Infact the 1000 teeth reward has nothing to do with a challenge at all. It's basically about spamming games until you get it.


    Are you one of those people who think being a master prestige makes you a better player? It doesn't mean a thing.


    Extinction is a niche game mode as it is and it shouldn't cater to people because COD is the only thing they play.

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    Most likely speculation, but I would expect Treyarch to be working on a new WWII compaign with new characters.  I would like to see something like WAW where you could have 4 people in Coop singleplayer with a higher difficulty than Veteran.

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  • 08/16/14--14:49: Re: Is the game like this ?
  • Try power cycling your system. It means changing the network hardware to the factory default settings. Here are the steps on how you can power cycle.

    1. Shut down the gaming console/PC.

    2. Switch off the modem followed by the router and also unplug their power cables.

    3. Wait for 30 seconds.

    4. Plug the power cords back into the modem and the router but don’t switch them on yet.

    5. First turn on the modem and wait for it to initialize (let the lights become stable).

    6. Then switch on the router and let the blinking lights stabilize.

    7. Now turn on the gaming console/PC connected to the network. Test the Internet connection.

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  • 08/16/14--14:48: Re: Forum friend requests!
  • PSN: LetsGo2Narnia

    Console: PlayStation 4

    Location: IL, USA

    Looking for people to help with 8/9 runs on maps and 10 on any map(just so my max relics would be 10), will help them do same in return. Got 190 escapes and top 700 on most stats in leaderboards also have a .67 down ratio per game. Planning on buying CSA, Pistol Ark, and Master scavenger as soon as Nemesis comes out for PS4.

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    KTPhoenix wrote:


    I have 2 problems with this Advanced Warfare game. This first problem being that with just the trailer alone, it looks too much like Titanfall. You see soldiers hoping around with jetpack like uniforms and using weapons that are too futuristic.


    We won't know how the game is until we play it or see it in action.  However, like I mentioned in another thread, we don't expect absolute realism, but we expect CoD's relative realism.  What distinguishes CoD from other similar titles is that CoD has so far been an ground combat game, non-fantasy, over-the-top mechanics/wepaons/perks.  I can probably believe that soldiers in combat today might be using a target finder.  But I can't imagine, without some futuristic fantasy, that they're boosting themselves around the combat field with a jet pack. 


    Take a step back and picture how ridiculous this is.  I just LOLed in my own head picturing it.


    These games are starting to get too futuristic.


    What you said really is what it all boils down to:  trying to forever top the competition with more outrageous ideas.  Gotta make the game look cool for the little kiddies.


    That said, it is what it is.  But, like it has already happend with Ghosts in a big way, the discerning and intelligent consumer will just say "no thanks." 


    Hopefully what some of you are saying about 3RC is true.  And we'll get a return to quintessential CoD gameplay as some point. 

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