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    Its as simple as this.


    You guys, for some reason, defend the terrible connection(s) that call of duty has had over the past few games. This post is simply about asking them to prove to us they are going to use Dedi's or SOMETHING to help impove the multiplayer experience!


    Why do people stick up for a company that makes billions and has a terrible connection when we know damn well it could be better?


    I (and many others) want some stinkin proof this next games multiplayer connection will be an improvement over the last installment. That simple. Show me why I should buy the next call of duty when the last one (Ghosts) had such a terrible connection and such?


    Were consumers, we make these people rich. They can atleast come out and tell us (show us too) why or how the next games multiplayer experience will be better. Then people come on here defending the piss poor connection!??!  Im not saying you, Mac, are defending it, im speaking in general.


    We all spend 60-100 bucks on this game...shouldnt we ask for atleast a better connection?

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    Gamertag: icycoolx

    Age: 18

    Mic: Yes, headset

    Location: USA

    Preferred gamemodes: KC, Dom, and SnD

    DLC: None and pre-owned copy



    I need teammates with headsets that are 16+ of age.

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  • 06/16/14--14:43: Re: No "skill"z kid!
  • My personal favorite when playing SnR or SnD  whenthe round is over and my team is winning 2-0 or 3-1 or even in the lobby when the opposing team says "these guys aren't even good"!  I hear that constantly.  Then we go on to beat them 4-0 or 4-1.  Then after that all I hear is crickets or they start sayin again we suck or aren't even good and then go on to trash them again.  But let say even if we aren't good were better then you!

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    I am the Leader of the Urban Delta Clan, UD Glaceon.

    We were a huge clan that ended up starting from scratch.

    We also do competitive Gaming, especially for Ghosts and Black Ops 2.

    All the games we cover are Ghosts, Black Ops 2, Titanfall, and Destiny.

    In order to join, you must own a computer to access our website, must be at least 16 years of age, and have a working mic.

    You must also be mature.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask them at my gamertag: UD Glaceon

    If you join now you can also lead your own division.

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    Ok my understanding is that you stay in one spot and shoot zombies that come in one direction, which is what in fact, described. The players would be very close together, but would be guarding 3 different entry points. if the whole team where to camp on the balcony, that would work too, but might get a little cramped.

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  • 06/16/14--14:45: Re: 100% Dedicated Servers?
  • ghamorra wrote:


    PUR4IDO wrote:


    Pay for them. The day COD becomes a cross platform game, is the day you might see dedicated servers.


    We can pay for them. $10-$15 monthly fee and I'm pretty sure dedicated servers will become a reality.


    Servers are NOT cheap & Maintaining them cost even more.

    Why should I have to an additional monthly fee to play a game I'm already spending $100+ on a year to play. That's bullsh*t and if they ever tried to pull that this series would implode.

    The game is $65. We choose to buy additional content. The game runs fine w/o it. You have games out there that are "free to play" but they are really pay to win. A game like LOL makes millions & some of that money goes to pay employees to make sure the servers are up and maintained up to the minute.

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    Sounds like a plan, bit late for this clan war, but should be fun for after clan wars

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  • 06/16/14--14:46: Re: error code 2080
  • bad connection restart ur soapbox or raltor

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    My friend and I would like to join your clan


    My stats:-

    PSN (PS4) = Viaci

    K/D = 2.063

    W/L = 2.011

    Time Played = 9D 18H

    Rank = 10th Prestige


    My Friend:-

    PSN (PS4) = iKingy64

    K/D = 1.690

    W/L = 2.005

    Time Played = 9D 11H

    Rank = 10th Prestige


    We both have headset's

    We've played every COD since COD 4

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    You don't need the app, we have a website that you sign up to, so we can track your progress.

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    They can create posts without replies like stickies. All I am asking them to do is validate the information that is leaked out there so we know it is true. Drift0r is legit, no doubt.. but what about the thousands of irresponsible guys with YouTube Channels who steal the info from Drift0r and then proceed to add to it when they make a video for their viewers?


    All I am asking for is accountability from the developer, just to back up the info they put out there with official info so the facts aren't lost.

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    First off: I apologize for the lengthiness. I like to be as detailed as I can.


    We are a small, level 17 clan. I refuse to lie; not many players (7 if I recall correctly) but only 3 active. Two of us are on at least 6 (rarely 5) days a week.
    Also, we are not strictly competitive. We'll play a lot of normal gametypes but we do strive to win. But there is no point if you aren't having fun. So HAVE FUN!


    Any-who, recruitment info:


    • You must speak English. That is the language I know the active members speak fluently. Any other languages I, personally, cannot say we speak.
    • We like to be as mature as possible and I feel 16 is a great beginning age.
      • Although age (maturity) has no number. You have a stronger chance at 16+, we won't deny you if you are mature and of younger age. NO ONE IS DENIED RIGHT AWAY. Everyone gets a chance regardless of age!
    • A mic is a must! We are focusing on communicative gaming-style. I personally will be hosting a bit of Reinforce (others consisting of Clan V Clan, DOM, etc we might play it all!) so we need to be able to give you instructions mid-match if necessary.
      • On that note: As the majority of us do not know map call outs, you don't need to know them either. But if you do, feel free to help us out a bit. We all learn from each other.
    • No specific K/D (or W/L) requirements. All we ask is you go positive as much as you can! We more than likely will not accept anyone with a K/D lower than 0.7 but don't let that stop you from trying out! We won't deny you at first glance if your K/D falls below 0.7.


    That is basically it. Add me, TheosPenguin (Michael), Ferox aVn, or reply below with as much info as you want to give (just your GT is fine, you don't need to say any more) and we will put you through a trial. When the trial is over (may it be one game or more depending on if we feel you could do better) we will let you know if you are accepted or not.

         -It's best if you reply below, message me or Ferox aVn on Xbox, or just add us on Xbox. I don't pay attention to my messages on this site so there is a chance I won't see it.


    Any questions/concerns? - Ask away below or in a message to either TheosPenguin, or Ferox aVn on Xbox and we'll reply as soon as we can! I'll be checking back here every chance I get.


    Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon!


    ~TheosPenguin (Michael)

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    I only get a blank screen when trying to view your site. My laptop is broken so Im trying to view on a Samsung S4 . My GT  is "GG goody0813" on XB1. I'd love to join your clan before the next CW. Im very active and come from a diamond clan. Please send me a message via xbox live. Thanks.

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  • 06/17/14--14:59: Re: Jelous about k/d ?
  • Would never be jealous of anyone who can't spell "jealous".


    I would flip the script on you and ask why players with high K/D complain or belittle those with lesser K/D.


    Inferiority complex? Compensating for... ahem... shortcomings?


    Your K/D matters to nobody but you, and you are only as good as your last game.

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  • 06/17/14--15:00: Looking for ppl to play with
  • Im looking for some ppl to play with, prefer over 18. gt is SoLdIeR_DoA91

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  • 06/17/14--15:01: Re: Why does K/D matter?
  • It matters in TDM and a little in Kill Confirmed.


    Elsewhere not so much.

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