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    I hate to be that guy, but heres something to think about. So called Frame rate is perceivable by the human eye up 300FPS, but negligible to the user experience past 30FPS...all pre-existing consoles were set for 30 FPS and nobody probably knew the difference...


    If you did not see the same glitchy issue in the single player game, it has nothing to do with the hardware, you are running at home (to include your network connection).


    What I have noticed is the symptoms of overloaded servers, possibly poor software coding that automatically populates rooms with players from various network connections. If you have players from the same town, the game will scream, no matter how big the map or number of participants. If you add just one single player from another region of the world or a poor network connection, it will drag down users in the room with it. You will notice the map shutters or jitters because your position information in the game map is delayed. Watching the kill cam will, you can have a good indication of this if you emptied a full mag in someone and they still got the drop on you. Watch to see if they took any hits.


    Games like Battlefield 4 give the user the ability to filter open rooms to join by region, and select rooms by connectivity to the server. If you have full bars, expect a fair game. If you half half bars, expect lag to interfere with your KD's.


    I wouldn't waste the time trying to delete the game, and download again, as some have already experienced, it won't fix the back end server problems. Unfortunately, you can create a great game with awesome graphics, but if you forget to design the supporting back end, you just have a really awesome piece of crap.


    The more users that are finally getting around to buying the game and playing online, the worse it will get, until they beef up the back end, or change how the rooms get populated.


    Just an observation I thought I'd pass along.

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  • 03/27/14--19:12: New Ps4 clan
  •      New clan for playstation 4!!!!!  We know what we are doing in clan wars, my friends and i have experience in clans and how they work. I have diamond division war cry camo, kiss of death, and the body count one. We are in need of people!!! ASAP!!!!!

         To be in the clan:

                         1.0 and higher k/d ratio

                         Have to be active

                         Participate in clan wars

                         BE A TEAM PLAYER




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    My bad, bro. My fiance and i were getting ready to go out and forgot to check the post again.

    Try scotty2hottie48. lol that should work better for you

    Appreciate the interest. Shoot JaxtonUFC a message. He can answer any other questions you have.

    Thanks again

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    you do realize if your ports have been forwarded you dont want to be in dmz...right? you really never want to be. and all you are suggesting is for what we had (search options/region) last title. four green bars was 100ping or less to host, and von (tweeted i think) that searches on best guaranteed 100ping or less to host. i believe the search options were done away with because with dedi's they wouldnt be needed, but who knows what happened with that debacle.

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    Hello, everyone. Everypony TV (Abbreviated; "EPTV") is currently looking for recruits.


    Listed below will be the requirements for recruitment, but before we get to that, let me just say that we are in no way a 'competitive clan'. Sure, we would like to win every match, but we try to have fun while doing so.


    Also, let us tell you a little about ourselves first; We've got a (very slowly, but surely) growing YouTube channel if you'd like to check it out. We've got three commanders already and we probably won't be looking for any more and we're currently in Diamond Division.


    Now; without further adieus, the requirements.


    (1) You must have a functional microphone, whether it be the Kinect's microphone, or a headset.


    (2) If we play an objective mode, please play the objective. Don't treat every game mode as if it were TDM.


    (3) Don't apply for the clan if you're just looking for patches/camos/reticles/customizables, and plan on not helping us during clan wars. Anyone caught doing this will be kicked from the clan.


    (4) Please try to be online often. We expect to be playing along side you even if there isn't an active clan war. We're here to make friends, not form an army. As stated in the second line, we're all here to just have fun. After all, that is the point of games, right?

    Again, this clan is Xbox One only. Please make sure you're on the Xbox One.


    Drop your Gamertag below and we'll send you an invite.

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    I'll definitely agree that even though it's how I personally feel, I could have sugar coated it for the sake of discussion.

    I don't want you to leave the discussion as it seems you have much knowledge of it.

    Back to the discussion, I know leather said he didn't know why they picked certain weapons. Do you have any insight on that? I can maybe understand kill streaks. But why not allow the msbs? Or any of the dmrs?

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    Active Clan 'Bonded By Blood' looking for new fun and competitive players on PS4, serious players wanted, no clan hoppers. We are looking for players that are willing to play any game mode and have fun, but like to win.

    Bonded By Blood is not only a clan, we communicate daily on kik messenger and have a laugh. We also sometimes stream on twitch TV. We also play private matches & 8's.

    Clan info

    Name; Bonded By Blood

    Level 19

    K/D 1.45

    Gold Clan Tag; BOND

    Active members; 45

    Clan Leader; BigWonga82

    Lt Commanders; Karterking23




    Clan requirements

    K/D of 0.8 or higher required

    Party up with clan members as much as possible

    Ask if friends can join (don’t just invite them)

    Be active during clan wars (at least 2 hours a day),

    Have a mic, as this is how we communicate in game,

    Have the Call of Duty App

    If possible download kik messenger



    If you feel that you meet these requirements please apply at Bonded By Blood on the Call of Duty App or send  a message to two of the following, BigWonga82, Karterking23 and Lootsbrah with your PSN, stats and how active you are during clan wars.

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  • 03/28/14--19:59: Re: Was I in a Hack Lobby
  • ahahahha yes im sure

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  • 03/28/14--20:01: Re: Soldiers can invite??
  • I noticed the same thing makes it hard to control clan size hope it gets fixed soon we are a level 23 clan and have people inviting friends just to get kiss of death cameo

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  • 03/28/14--20:01: drop zone on ps4 monday
  • As the title says my source is infinity wards twitter

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    Your psn didn't work, you can add me at ZT_Richtofen

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    New Clan Just Started. We currently have 2 member's and are in need of more. Not worried about K/D or W/L. Just want to have a good time and win Clan Wars. If you would like to join look up xXxF8TExXx or post you Id on here and I will look you up. First person to contact me will be my second Lt. Commander. Thanks.

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    BUMP. I'm online now

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  • 03/28/14--20:08: The COD Ghosts Server
  • For two weeks now it's been offline, it's getting ridiculous. So for one, what is the problem, and two when is it going to be fixed? It's bad enough I lost me ghost MP preorder character when I upgraded from PS3 to PS4 and now this, looks like Xbox is the one getting all the perks activision has to offer almost wish I went with Microsoft.

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    gotsomestars wrote:


    I'll definitely agree that even though it's how I personally feel, I could have sugar coated it for the sake of discussion.

    I don't want you to leave the discussion as it seems you have much knowledge of it.

    Back to the discussion, I know leather said he didn't know why they picked certain weapons. Do you have any insight on that? I can maybe understand kill streaks. But why not allow the msbs? Or any of the dmrs?


    I'll be honest, I'm not sure as to their stated reasons. There are also different rule sets that exist per game. jeepchick might know more, but she's currently at Champs. She's actually our "eSports person" on the team. (Hence why she's there. )

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  • 03/28/14--20:13: Re: drop zone on ps4 monday
  • That will be awesome. I have seen evidence that the coding for that game mode was already written into the original game, along with hardpoint and others that were in previous CoDs.


    I think game modes like this will add some diversity to the larger maps and make them play a bit faster. Seige and stonehaven wont have time limit games in game modes like this.

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    new clan GoldbyDay

    no requirements to join

    message me if you want to join

    my xbox 360 live gamertag is SilverbyNite

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