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       Yea I am batman and oh before I forget banned

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    We are quickly growing and looking forward to the start of next clan wars! We will be gold division and earning our body count camo,  followed by the gear items.


    After recruiting a few people and seeing how things have gone I'm gonna ask that any future applicants be 18+, mature,  and ready to assist with future clan wars which will run Wednesday April 2nd- Monday April 7th. They will repeat on that schedule every 2 weeks. We will be a platinum level clan after the next clan war and once we get those 2 wins we will consider going Diamond division.


    Headsets are extremely helpful,  we have great teamwork and communication.

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  • 03/25/14--17:54: I'm looking for a good clan
  • Im looking for a ps3 clan that has a clan wars max plz my k/d is 1.98. Im always on just add me Zarroc_Snipeout. I hope you have everything unlock like winning 3 or more diamond div games




    thank you and i have a friend looking to join as well his psn is xTHat_ReflexX

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    Hey whats up everyone i'm looking for a competitive clan in diamond div. I have former top clan xp, i play obj for the most part. I am 20 years old, and have a mic.


    KD: 1.248

    WL: 1.080

    GT: Marz Vegeta


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  • 03/25/14--17:55: Re: Clan wars: DISCRIMINATES
  • He wants a loser no life division separate from his married guy division. Fails to see that Clan Wars is hardcore and only the most dedicated clans will unlock the stuff. Well, I have a full time job and family as do many in my clan. We play when we can and during clan wars, once the kids sleep, we grind it out to take a few nodes.

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    We are also a mature clan,  with many of us having kids and work as well.  It makes ita lot more fun having people to talk to with similar interests/maturity.

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    I don't know if its considered a tv show, but House of Cards is pretty awesome. It has episodes, so I guess it can be considered a show. Kevin Spacey is brilliant in it. I find myself rooting for the bastard.


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    Clan Name: STR8 GANGST3RS

    We are serious about clan wars and are looking for active players only. If you're accepted into our clan and become completely inactive a week or two later, we will dismiss you from the clan. But we highly doubt this will happen because EVERYONE loves playing Call of Duty because it’s extremely FUN and COMPETITIVE. So please don't waste our time. We would like players with skill at objective based games (preferably), but will accept/invite anyone that will benefit the clan. We are moving to the DIAMOND division next clan wars. We also understand people have LIFE'S, so we appreciate it when you can PLAY when you CAN.



    Our clan, STR8 GANGST3RS, is a level 17. We use the clan tag [WKUD] Our motto: We Kill........You Die........(it's that simple......)



    Our clan K/D is 1.21.



    We have 14 members (currently, but on the rise).



    Our only requirement is that you are active (minimum 24-48 hours) (This can also be averaged out if you and a friend would like to join). We also would prefer you to have the Call of Duty app, but it's not required. It's just easier to make plans for clan wars and communication.



    We’re trying to build a clan for clan wars that when they see our clan name in that clan war registration.....it puts FEAR into their Call of Duty hearts.



    So look up our clan (STR8 GANGST3RS) on the Call of Duty app and see if you think we'd be right for you and your friends and apply.



    If you are seriously interested and have any questions send me a message on the PSN, at quicksilver_07


    All we want to do is have FUN (NO DRAMA), but at the same time be very COMPETITIVE and WIN..........

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    Thank you really much hopefully I can get in touch with them! I will ask activision but where did you ask them through or how did you contact them?

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  • 03/26/14--18:34: Re: motd freez
  • Yes what he said..and do them one at a time, can't stress that enough. I know you may want to hurry up and download them all, but it will be worth the wait. I guess the downloading speed depends on your internet provider. I live in Texas and have Clear internet, it does take aprox. 2-3 hours to download maps and games to my PS3. They usually work fine after that.

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    MMy Whirlwind just disappeared & now says Level 0!

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  • 03/26/14--18:36: Re: Looking for a clan 360
  • I also sent you a clan invite so you can check that out also if you have the app. Your more than welcome to friend me on there too.  We play with other people often, it's all about having fun at the end of the day.

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  • 03/26/14--18:36: 2 player leader boards.
  • Looking for another person to go for 50+ on die rise,motd,and origins to make my two players sexy,I'm on 360 and my gamertag is Has Gone Down,prefferably knife+ and 14+ and must have a mic,message me on xbox.

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    were are lvl 18 with some good players were after over 15's NO SQEEKERS as most are adults MUST have 1.KDand be active every day and have a mic interestemsg me on xbox XxF1ASHBAN9xX

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    like i said its maxed out. the app show red tag but in game its still yellow.

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    My id: darkheart_vmp... k/d 1.408...

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  • 03/26/14--18:41: Re: looking for ps3 clan
  • Bump

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  • 03/26/14--18:42: Re: Looking for Xbox1 Clan
  • Hi there, my name is Jordan and I am the leader of a lvl 16 platinum xbox1 clan named [NWO] IFAILILIEIN. I am 32 years old and 3 of our 6 members are my real life friends and between the ages of 25-32. We are mature but also gamers at heart. We strive for a cohesive environment and enjoy to play. We just finished 2nd and 3rd respectively in the last 2 clan wars platinum division with basically only 2 of us active as 1 of our members was away and Titanfall has been stealing time for the other 2. We are actively searching members that will be online for clan wars especially and ready to compete! My battle tag is ieinidieir 007 so feel free to hit me up if you feel like we are right for you, if not, take care and good luck!

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    No, there isn't an option to do that, but there should be.

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